StrawberryNET Cosmetics Mini Haul + Review

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This post is like super overdue, but what the heck. First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates lately. I haven't had much time or energy to blog over the past week, what with falling sick, my cousin's wedding and assignments. So, back to the topic, I recently bought some items from StrawberryNET with the Groupons I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

I had heard about and visited the website a few times before, but didn't buy anything; online window shopping, if you will. :) So when I saw the offer on Groupon, I quickly grabbed the chance to get some nice items. There were some hiccups with the ordering/purchasing process, but it was solved in the end and I got my items all safe and sound (as you can see from the first photo).

3 separate boxes carefully packaged to prevent damage to the items.
I was really impressed by their packaging,. The parcels were all nicely tied with ribbon on the outside, and the box was stuffed with styrofoam packing peanuts to protect the items inside. With the exception of the lip gloss, the other two items were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and holographic paper. It felt like I was opening presents on my birthday or Christmas, lol.

Now on to the items!
Top: Dolce & Gabbana Lip Gloss in #60 Nude (unboxed)
Middle: Givenchy Shadow Show eye shadow in #03 Stylish Grey (unboxed)
Bottom: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Personnel lipstick in #19 Brun Chic

These aren't exactly the newest products, but they were from brands I normally couldn't afford to buy from the departmental store counters, and I really wanted to try them out. Yes, I plead guilty to being a brand whore most of the time sometimes.

Dolce & Gabbana Lip Gloss in #60 Nude

The first item is a sheer, shimmery lip gloss from Dolce & Gabbana. Totally love the simple yet elegant design of the tube. Even though the colour stated is Nude, in reality it has a pinkish sheen to it. The lip gloss is a subtle pink shade with pink, gold and purple microglitter in it. Its consistency is a bit on the thick side, so I normally layer it over lip balm or lipstick. This is my current favourite lip gloss.

Givenchy Shadow Show eye shadow in #03 Stylish Grey
Left: heavy swatch; right: light sweep with applicator.
Next up is the Givenchy Shadow Show mono eyeshadow in Stylish Grey. The casing for this tiny pan is so pretty; it has the signature Givenchy logo on top of a holographic grey background. The eye shadow colour itself is an almost-matte grey with superfine holographic shimmer, which is not noticeable unless you look closely. The texture is very smooth, and you can build up the colour from light to dark, perfect for subtle and intense smokey eye makeup. I've been using this on its own and also with the UD 15th anniversary palette for the past couple of weeks. Definitely a keeper, this one. ♥

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Personnel in #19 Brun Chic

Last but not least is this YSL lipstick in Brun Chic. Yup, it's brown. A slightly red-toned brown, but still brown nonetheless. The colour doesn't really suit me, as my lips are quite pigmented and the colour doesn't show up when I apply it. Maybe it will look better if I use some lip concealer under this first. Not as creamy as I expected, and needs quite a few swipes to build up some colour. A hit-and-miss for now, but I'll see what I can do with it.

I ♥ these two! :D

Okay, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the review(s)! :)

10 comments said...

i like the lipstick color! ;D

LauraLeia said...

Wow, really?! Not many people will like brown-ish lipstick, i think, lol. :D

Nava Krishnan said...

I like all of the products as I have the same taste of color, from the light tint of the gloss to the strong color of the lipstick.

As long as we know which is appropriate for the occasions, its a good purchase.

Henry Tan said...

izit really cheaper? lol

Unknown said...

The Givenchy shadow is soo cute!

LauraLeia said...

Nava: *high 5!* :D Yup, it's important to know what to do/use for different occasions.
Henry Tan: Yeah, it's definitely cheaper than buying it from the counters.
Nancy: IKR! I can't help staring at it, haha

Xue Ren said...

i like the colour! so pinky!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow i love the packaging and love those goodies!
fab picks hun!!
i want to order soon at straberrynet ^^

Qi Wen said...

I bought the voucher from Groupon too.. I love your lipgloss! I got myself Clinique toner. StrawberryNET definitely way cheaper :D

LauraLeia said...

Xue Ren: Hehe, my favourite colour! ;)
Dev: Thanks! :)
Diane: Glad you found my post useful. :D
Qi Wen: It was a great deal, right? :D Groupon is awesome but really deflates my wallet, lol.