Vanity Trove Malaysia - Obsessive Beauty (June 2013) Edition

♫ 임창정 (Lim Chang-jung) - 오랜만이야 (It's Been A Long Time)

Hello lovely peeps! We're halfway to July already, can you imagine that? ⊙▂⊙
I received the June VanityTrove earlier this month, but didn't have the time to unbox it until this weekend.

VanityTrove M'sia June 2013 - Obsessive Beauty
Editor's note
I think that everybody, to a certain extent, cares about their appearance, so it's only natural for us to want to look good every day. :) Well, this month's trove claims to feed our beauty obsession, so let's check out what's inside!

Inside the June 2013 VanityTrove Malaysia
There were quite a number of items inside the June trove, with a total of 8 items compared to previous troves which had about 5-6 items.

L'Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo (deluxe sample size)
L'Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Masque
(deluxe sample size)
This range promises to repair and smooth the thickest and most rebellious of hair. Wow, just this claim is enough to make me want to try it out the next time I shampoo my hair! The shampoo contains argan and olive oils to soften and nourish, while the masque helps to protect hair against humidity and frizz.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (sample size)
Gently removes the heaviest of eye and lip makeup without tugging. Suitable for sensitive skin and lifts makeup instead of melting it (no rubbing required). I've read some really good reviews about this makeup remover, so I'm looking forward to using this. :D

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream (deluxe sample size)
This is a reparative hydrating cream that has anti-pollution and deeply replenishing properties for normal to dry skin. I like that it has a floral scent, just like the name indicates. However, as I'm going through an oily-skin phase at the moment, I probably won't be using this cream.

Celeb Beaute Celeb Lash
Green lashes! :O
Celeb Beaute Celeb Lash in "Avril" (full size; 1 pair)
I received this Celeb Beaute eyelashes in the style "Avril". When I first saw the lashes, I thought the green glints were just a trick of the light, but a closer look revealed that indeed, there were green lashes mixed with the black ones! Pretty cool eh? Celeb Lash(es) come in a variety of styles and colours.

Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil (sample size)
To be honest, I have no idea how I'm going to use this body oil. (^_^;) The description says that it can be used as a luxurious moisturiser, massage oil and skin repair treatment with potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax and Vitamin E (full size, 4g)
The packaging looks simple, but the lip balm smells quite nice, and very natural (as in, you can smell the raw natural ingredients, lol). Suitable for everyone, and keeps your lips moisturised, soft, and kissable. (¬‿¬)

Payot Pate Grise Purifying Care and Speciale 5 Drying and Purifying Gel (1 sample sachet each)
This wasn't included in the info card, so I guess it's an extra 'member' of the June trove. The Pate Grise cream helps to accelerate the maturation of minor spots, while the Speciale 5 gel activates and dries mature minor spots. According to the instructions on the back of the packet, they are supposed to be used in sequence (first the cream, then the gel the next day).

Of course, what trove would it be without vouchers? :P Included in the trove is a Natural Wellbeing/Soap Artisan RM5 voucher, and also a Decleor facial voucher.

I appreciate that the Obsessive Beauty trove had so many items for us to try, but again, I was disappointed by the lack of colour cosmetics. I mean, with obsessive beauty as the theme, you'd expect at least ONE lipstick/eyeliner/eyeshadow or something along those lines, right? (x_x) Anyway, I was really glad to see the L'Oreal shampoo and masque set, as well as the Bifesta makeup remover.

What are your thoughts on the June 2013 trove? Let me know in the comments! (^v^)

*This item was sent to me by VanityTrove Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Carolyn Tay said...

I LOVE BIFESTA <3 <3 Yay now got travel size!!

Sabrina Tajudin said...

the eyelash looks pretty! would love to wear lash like that!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Heheh we love the same stuff! Shampoo, masque and the eye make up remover :D Hopefully the July trove will be even better!

LauraLeia said...

Carolyn: I haven't used it yet, but a lot of ppl told me it's really good! :D

Sabrina: Haha yeah! The subtle green lashes look very unique. And the lashes design look really special too.

Hilda: Yay! *high 5* :D

little miss smexy said...

Well I guess what 'obsessive beauty' means getting the best for your skin? cuz skincare > makeup haha! But I get what you mean! I'm a makeup kind of girl so I would love to see some makeup products in their boxes! :D

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: Hahaha maybe? It's just that I find the lack of coloured cosmetics in recent beauty boxes rather disturbing, lol

Anonymous said...

I'm fussy about my cosmetics, I like them to be from certain brands etc (makeup snob hahahaha) So, them giving me skincare makes me happy hahaha >.<