Neal's Yard Remedies - My Introduction to Ethical Organic Skincare

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Today, I'd like to introduce you to Neal's Yard Remedies.
Neal's Yard Remedies flagship store @ The Gardens
The flagship store offers a wider array of products and services compared to their counters in Isetan
The very first Neal's Yard Remedies shop was opened in Covent Garden, England in 1981. Their products are produced in England, from picking the herbs/flowers to producing organic remedies, all the way to their signature blue bottles! Only the highest quality ingredients are used, and every item is checked by hand to ensure good quality and consistency.
NYR's British-made blue bottles are fired from Scottish sand, Yorkshire limestone and soda ash from Cheshire, and are 100% recyclable.
I'd previously read about Neal's Yard Remedies from UK blogs a few years back, but didn't have the opportunity to try any of their products. NYR has won numerous awards from UK and USA over the years; the list is so long that you'll have to check it out here to believe. The brand was launched in Malaysia only in March 2012, yet already has 5 items in the Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards 2013 winners list. ∑(O_O;)
Cruelty-free, safe and eco-friendly!
Neal's Yard Remedies' formulations are a blend of natural ingredients and innovative 'green science'. This means that NYR products contain:
  • NO parabens, EDTA, DEA, BHT, acrylates, carbomer or propylene glycol
  • NO synthetic fragrances
  • NO animal testing
  • NO mineral oils or silicones
  • NO phthalates
  • NO genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • NO nano technology
You must be thinking, organic skincare means it will expire faster than normal skincare products! Want to know a secret? NYR uses natural ingredients with preservative properties, such as rose or propolis extract. These ingredients help to prolong the shelf life of your NYR organic skincare, ensuring that you have sufficient time to finish using them. Oh, and the blue bottles also help keep the products fresher for longer by keeping light out.

NYR has more than a dozen different types of essential oils!
Even before you walk into the store, you'll be drawn in by the divine scent emanating from the aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Talking about essential oils, Kate Moss is a huge fan of their aromatherapy essential oils! Check out what she says about it below.
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While waiting for the other bloggers to arrive, I decided to start with the holistic facial session. Before that, they had to remove my makeup in order to determine my skin type and what products to use for my facial.
My skin is now normal/combination with some dryness, so it was decided that I would try out the Rehydrating Rose range. :D
Ready to begin the mini facial treatment
Trying out rose and white tea mask on my face. XD
Spread a thin layer on your face, wait for it to dry, then wipe/wash off :)
Two types of mask were used on my face, lol. The rose mask (brightening + firming) was applied to the right side of my face, but then I started to feel a slightly stinging sensation, so I requested the therapist to try the white tea mask (moisturizing + sensitive skin) for the left side. The uncomfortable sensation from the rose mask vanished after a while though, so I conclude that it was just my skin 'interacting' with the product. After wiping off the mask(s), it was evident that the rose mask was more effective on my skin than the white tea mask - my skin looked brighter and felt smoother and firmer compared to the white tea side.

Brighter, smoother and radiant skin after the mini facial (´∀`)♥
Here's the order of the products used for my mini facial session:
  1. Organic Eye Make-up Remover
  2. Rose Facial Wash
  3. Calendula Cleanser (to double cleanse because of the makeup)
  4. Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish
  5. Rehydrating Rose Toner
  6. Rose Formula Antioxidant Facial Mask
  7. White Tea Enriching Facial Mask
  8. Soothing Starflower Daily Essence
  9. Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisturiser
  10. Frankincense Hydrating Cream (NYR's best-selling item!)
All the products used for my mini facial session
After the facial session, there was also a hand pampering session for us to experience their hand and body products. The seaweed salt scrub was really unique (seaweed, black pepper and ginger, anyone?), but what I really liked was the melissa hand cream. Melissa is a type of plant, also known as lemon balm.
  • Geranium & Orange Shower Gel
  • Seaweed Salt Scrub
  • Nourishing Melissa Hand Polish
  • Wild Rose Body Elixir
  • Citrus Hand Softener
  • Melissa Hand Cream
The products used for our hand pampering session
Soft and smooth! Great for me because I often use nail polish remover and nail polish, lol
While the other bloggers were enjoying their mini facial, I took a walk around the store. The tester bar in the middle of the shop makes it easy to discover and test their products without looking high and low at the shelves. :D

Rejuvenating Frankincense collection - aging skin
Nourishing Orange Flower collection - dry skin
Rehydrating Rose collection - normal skin
They also have a Purifying Palmarosa collection (oily and combination skin) and Soothing Starflower collection (sensitive skin).
Hair and body range, baby soaps
This mini Rose & Geranium body set would be great as a present
1 litre bottles of shower gels!
Look at the difference between the 200ml (RM 100) and 1litre (RM 265) bottles (º_º)
They also sell organic tea in various flavours. Customers are served the 'brew of the day' at the store. ^_^
Neal's Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash (100ml; RM 132)
This Rose Facial Wash is hands down my favourite product in the store! I'm a total sucker for rose-scented products, and this baby works beautifully as both a mild makeup remover as well as facial cleanser. Unlike regular cleansers, it does not produce any bubbles even when lathered up, yet works to effectively cleanse skin. It smells absolutely divine, and my face doesn't feel dry afterwards. (✿ ♥‿♥) Definitely getting a bottle of this once it's restocked! (Yes, it sells out really fast like hotcakes!)

Wild Rose Beauty Balm (50g; RM 250)
The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is NYR's all-time customer favourite, and for good reason - it is 99% organic, can be used to cleanse face, gently exfoliate, deeply nourish face, skin and cuticles... and even used on hair! No wonder it's affectionately called 'magic balm' by the SA. :D
The ultimate multi-purpose balm! Imagine how useful it'd be for holidays...
I normally wouldn't be caught dead walking around The Gardens without any makeup applying at least some concealer, but after the facial session my skin felt so nice and refreshed that I hardly minded. Also because I usually don't bring along any makeup except for the occasional lipstick. (⌒_⌒;) My skin still looked and felt almost the same 5 hours later, which included having dinner under some pretty warm lighting.

If you want to win some sweet Neal's Yard Remedies goodies, there's good news! Neal's Yard Remedies Malaysia recently launched their Facebook page, and they'll give away 3 prizes to 3 lucky winners once they reach 500 'likes'! :D
Go and 'like' Neal's Yard Remedies Malaysia for a chance to win these goodies! :)
For more information about Neal's Yard Remedies and their products, you can visit their official website or Facebook page. :) You can also visit their counters at Isetan 1Utama and KLCC, or their flagship store in The Gardens to test out their products.


Ahleessa said...

I have never heard of this brand, and they won awards here. :/ They sound interesting and something that will be good for the skin.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be caught dead without makeup either, so you go girl!

But but but... your skin looks good without foundation, so IDK why are you caking those stuff on!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I had my first facial recently and I know what you mean. I was not wearing any makeup, but my skin felt so amazing that I really didn't care!

LauraLeia said...

Ahleessa: All their products are organic and smell wonderful! You should definitely test out a few :)

Blair: Hahahaha thank you! Well, sometimes my skin gets really red and bumpy, so that's when i need more coverage. Other days I keep it light with some concealer and some BB cream and i'm done. :)

Nancy: If only I could afford facials every week, haha! But unfortunately, I can't, so I can only out and see which products can help my skin. :D

Unknown said...

Hi Laura, I am wondering if you would mind me using one of your pictures from this post (the row of essential oils) for a compilation ebook I am creating about alternative therapies (mainly in Australia). I shall credit you for the photo. Thanks

LauraLeia said...

Hi Vivienne, yes of course, you're welcome to use my photos as long as they are properly credited. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks. I have applied proper credits! All the best

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