Review: Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black

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You couldn't have possibly expected me to leave you hanging after teasing you with a glance at this one after the previous Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue review, could you?
Wait, don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question.

In any case, I'm too excited about these pretty mask sheets to keep them to myself, so I'll be sharing with you my experience using another mask from the same range - Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black.

Pearl is effective on moisturizing and anti-aging, can protect and revitalize the damaged skin as well as improve the skin problem. The mask uses advanced fiber material with high transparency and 3D cutting, it uses a special dye which is harmless, even at high temperatures of 95°C there is no staining or discoloration. Its safety formula combines care and beauty, bringing a new concept of visual mask!
Similar to the blue variant, the mask is very thin and fully saturated with the essence. I had to be extra careful when unfolding the mask because it was quite difficult to find its edges, and its thinness made me worry that my long nails would accidentally tear it. However, despite seeming very fragile, I am happy to report that it remained intact before, during and after application.

This was taken after use.
The material of the mask retains moisture very well; it was soaking wet when I first took it out and it didn't dry up even after having it on my face for well over 30 minutes. That's more than enough time for me to take an unnecessary amount of selfies, ha!

The main functions of the Dress Code Black mask are moisturising and whitening, so let's find out how it fares. From the ingredients, you can see that niacinamide - mainly used in whitening products - is one of the main components (like the Secret Key Snow White Cream), in addition to cocoa, pearl, honey, caviar, propolis, royal jelly, licorice and sesame. (Wait, all that actually sounds pretty delicious. O_o) Having had some bad experiences with royal jelly skincare products, I was a bit wary at first, but decided what the heck, I'd already bought the masks and they deserve to be used. To my relief, my skin did not have any adverse reactions to the mask. (≧∇≦)

The Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black has a pretty nice but subtle scent (although I still prefer the scent of Dress Code Blue), and also doesn't feel as hydrating as the blue variant. For the whitening claims, I'd probably have to use it regularly for at least a couple of weeks to see results. It worked well to boost moisture, but somehow it was a little disappointing to find that the slightly cheaper blue version had the same effect, if not better. The Dress Code Black mask also seemed a little too wide (my face is already quite big lllorz) and the gap around the eye area left a good part of my skin exposed.

Oh, did I mention that the black version is slightly more pricey? For some reason, the black variant of these Dress Code masks is slightly more expensive than the other variants. It could be due to the more luxurious ingredients (caviar, anyone?), or perhaps because of these...

Yes, rhinestones! Plastic ones, but still. The glittering red rhinestones definitely add a luxe element to these (already) elegant sheet masks, and it really does make the whole experience just a little more special. Of course, there's also the internal conflict involving the decision whether to throw away the mask after use. #TheStruggleIsReal

So, there you have it. In a nutshell, the Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black mask is definitely prettier than all the others in the range, and it works wonderfully to moisturize my skin in one use (while its whitening properties can only be commented on after several regular uses). However, since I am able to compare it to Dress Code Blue, I feel that the blue is much better for hydration, and smells really nice to boot. The black version is comparatively a bit more expensive, but if you're a sucker for novelty pretty and quirky things like me, then by all means, go ahead.

You know you want to. ;)


Jenny said...

One word to describe this mask: Gorgeous!! Thanks for the detailed review! I will check it out haha
Btw you are so pretty~

Ahleessa said...

Oh mi gosh this mask is so cute! I love it. Just the design will make it fun to wear... hehe~

sadee said...

This mask look so cute