Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015 #BBWKL2015 - Preview Day Haul

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I know, it's been ages since my last blog post! (╥_╥) ごめんなさい!

This year, I was extremely fortunate to win a preview pass - one pass admits 2 people - for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2015, which means I get to enter the sale one day before it's open to the public. ψ(`∇´)ψ Also means that I had to sacrifice one of my precious annual leave days, but I guess it was worth it. #workinglifewoes

The Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Book Sale 2015 is currently ongoing at MIECC @ The Mines from 4 - 14 Dec 2015. It's held non-stop 24 hours a day for the whole duration, so yes, it is perfectly acceptable (and fun!) to head there around midnight, spend the night there browsing in your pyjamas, and then head home at 6am for breakfast and bed.
Love the carnival ticket design of the preview pass! :D
Anyway, since the preview sale was open from 10am to 10pm that day (3 Dec), and it's quite a distance to The Mines from my house, dad and I decided to head out a little after 10.30am in order to avoid the morning traffic as well as the rush to get in the sale. Arrived at MIECC about 11am and the crowd was fairly well dispersed around the sale area by then.

This year BBW went with a retro theme.
Every BBW sale in MIECC is pretty much similar; the entire hall is filled with tables and books as far as the eye can see, and there are banners indicating the different sections/categories, making it easier to locate your preferred genre.

I spent a good 3 hours in there, mainly browsing around the Fantasy/Fiction area and taking a look through the extensive Cooking section. Started feeling pretty hungry around 1pm (the smell of food from upstairs didn't help, lol) so we left at about 2pm for our favourite restaurant nearby - Restoran Leong Ya which is famous for its yong tau foo and paper-wrapped chicken.

So, on to my haul a.k.a. what I managed to grab during the #BBWKL2015 preview day.

Top photo:
  • Cupcakes & Cake Pop set (only RM25 and it includes a bunch of baking and crafting utensils omg)
  • Elizabeth Smith's Fast-Track Japanese
  • The Hobbit-Lord Of The Rings box set
  • The Hunger Games trilogy
  • Set of sticky notes in a tin case
  • Set of 3 notebooks
Bottom photo:
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld
  • Malice by John Gwynne
  • Valour by John Gwynne
  • The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Cima (I forgot I already have this T_T)
  • Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff
  • Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav
  • Legion and The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson
  • Paper Towns by John Green
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (hardcover with a metallic blue jacket omgwtflol)
  • Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
  • Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
Total damage: A little over RM200 for the entire lot

The odds were in my favour at this year's BBW
I'll admit, I head to BBW every year for the sole purpose of getting my hands on Brandson Sanderson's book(s), and this year was no exception. The odds were in my favour, as evidenced by the photo above, but what made this year even sweeter was the fact that I managed to get a copy of Lang Leav's Love & Misadventure too - for only RM8!

The story: I was sorting through my first pile of books at the sorting corner, when I noticed that a couple behind me had Lang Leav's Lullabies on top of their stack, so I asked them where they had found it. The guy said they'd picked it up at the Literature section, but then handed me the book because they had taken extra. I very buay paiseh and asked if they could give me their unwanted copy of Love & Misadventure instead, since I'd already bought Lullabies earlier this year. Score!

P/S: I went around to the Literature section after that but didn't see any more copies of Lang Leav's books.

However, due to budget reasons, I had to leave behind a few other interesting reads...

I had no idea so many people wanted #GIRLBOSS lol
Overall, it was definitely a fun experience, and I highly encourage everybody - no matter if you're a hardcore bibliophile or casual reader - to visit this annual book sale. Admission is free, and there are seriously a LOT of books to cater to all ages and interests. It's a good way to instill a love for reading in children, and a fun activity for families and friends to enjoy. (。✪‿✪。)ノ


Rikajue said...

Went there around the same time also. But mostly following my brother to get his books at the reference, picture books sections.. Got the hobbit-lord of the rings and hunger games set at their last year sale so I was actually not sure what to get this year. But your sticky notes and notebooks are tempting me now, which section are they? I'm going back this Sunday with bff.

LauraLeia said...

Rikajue: Ah, the notebooks were at the notebook table (?) within the hall, while the sticky notes were from outside (Curious Corner, outside the hall after you leave the inside cashiers). :D

Merryn said...

I went once last, last year coz I received the preview passes in my mailbox. Then last year they contacted me saying I won preview passes too but this time I will have to collect them from Amcorp Mall. I got busy and eventually forgotten about it until it is too late so I did not go.. huhuhu.