Pokémon x Its' Demo Cosmetics Haul

清水翔太 (Shota Shimizu) - Love

As a huge fan of Pokémon back in the 90's and 00's, I watched the animations, played the game (on an emulator), and collected a bunch of merch. So imagine my excitement when I got wind of the new Pokémon x Its' Demo collection, which not only includes cosmetics but also stationery and household items. Long story short, when the collection launched online in May, I quickly placed an order through a Japan-based shopping service to get several items, which promptly arrived at my doorstep two weeks later.

I know you're here to take a peep at what I snagged from the collection, so let's cut straight to the chase. These are the items in my Pokémon 💓 Its' Demo haul:

Pokémon x Its' Demo Cushion Foundation - Pikachu

I'm a self-confessed cushion foundation freak, so naturally this was the first item that caught my eye when the collection was announced. Also, not many Japanese (affordable) cosmetic brands have come out with cushion foundations, so I was excited to try it out - until I found out that it's actually a repackaged Missha Magic Cushion. 😅 Still a bit bummed that the cushion is actually Korean in origin, but the design is cute and Missha's cushion foundations aren't too bad, so I'm okay with it. *shrugs*

I nearly bought all three designs but logic (and my budget) dictated that I only pick one to add to my cushion collection, so I decided on this super cute Pikachu casing. 😙

Pokémon x Its' Demo Multi Palette - 901 Grass Pokémon

I'm not much of an eyeshadow person, but the siren song of this multi palette was too kawaii to resist. Look at those adorable little Pokémon frolicking among the bushes, and that pretty pink gradient background; just look at it! 😍 The palette contains highlighter, blush and eyeshadow, along with two mini brushes and a big mirror. Very handy if you want a palette that has everything in one place.

There are three variants of this palette, each with different cover art and slightly different shades. It was a difficult decision to make, but in the end I settled for the 'Grass Pokemon' palette because the combination of a mossy green shade with the brown and burgundy ones really stood out. (The softer shades on top are fairly similar across all three palettes.) Might be doing a review on this soon, so keep an eye out!

Pokémon x Its' Demo Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner - Rich Black

Wait, forget what I said about being a cushion foundation freak. My one true passion - and must-have makeup item when stranded on a deserted island - is most definitely eyeliner! Of course I had to get one, because Japanese eyeliners are totally magical and I'd seen plenty of good reviews about Love Liner. I chose the Rich Black shade because I wanted something really pigmented, and black eyeliner goes well with any eyeshadow colour. It is also available in Dark Brown and Noble Brown.

Not sure yet if I'll be reviewing this any time soon. Besides the limited edition packaging, it should be similar to the regular Love Liner liquid eyeliners, so I won't rush to post a review on this.

Pokémon x Its' Demo Hand Cream - Pure Savon (Soap)

To be honest, a couple of years ago I couldn't imagine myself using hand cream at all, let alone finish up a tube every couple of months. 😐 Ah, the joys of working life in an air-conditioned environment. To be honest, I only purchased this because I wanted to reach the minimum purchase amount for free Japan domestic shipping. 😅 There are two other scents (grapefruit and floral) in three other designs; this was purchased purely because I wanted something with the three starter Pokémon. 😂

A lot of items are already sold out, but you can check out the official online store to see what's currently available from the Pokémon LOVE Its' Demo 2017 collection.

Lots of Asian beauty brands are coming out with themed/collaboration makeup and skincare items lately. What are the collaboration makeup and/or skincare items that you're looking forward to the most? For me, I'm hoping to get my hands on some The Face Shop x Marvel items, particularly the Captain America cushion compact! *ignores the fact that it's marketed towards guys*


Isabel said...

So cuuuuteee and yess that Captain America one!

Absolute Yana said...

omg!! super cute!!! super like this!

LauraLeia said...

Isabel: Must. Get. That. Shield!

Yana: Yes!! It was to cute to resist! XD