Review: Hada Labo Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash

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Healthy beautiful skin begins with clean skin. Regularly cleansing your face will help to remove impurities, dead skin cells, accumulate dirt and sebum - all which lead to dull, lifeless skin. Last year, Hada Labo launched a new range of facial cleansing products to target specific skincare concerns.

Hada Labo face wash for different skin problems
The Hada Labo face washes come in 3 variants to target different skin concerns:
  • Deep Clean & Blemish Control Face Wash: for oily and acne-prone skin
  • Hydra & Whitening Face Was: for dry and dull skin
  • Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash: for visibly large pores and oily skin
The one I've been using is the Deep Clean & Pore Refining face wash, as I often apply makeup (need to deep clean) and concerned about clogged and enlarged pores (hence pore refining sounds good).

Hada Labo’s new face wash products are formulated with Bentonite Clay that has over 70 traces of minerals from the natural volcanic ash sediments. The clay that is included in the face wash formulation effectively absorbs excess dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. Despite its fine texture, the clay is able to exfoliate dead skin, thus cleaning up the pores and improving the skin’s texture.

Just like any other Hada Labo products, Hyaluronic Acid is also a key ingredient. It has excellent moisture retention capacity and is able to replenish the skin’s essential moisture while preserving the optimum moisture balance while it cleanses, allowing the skin to stay hydrated and plump.

Ingredients list
The face wash has a soft, creamy, slightly tacky (sticky) texture due to the clay component, but it lathers up nicely into a thick foam with a little bit of water. Unlike most other facial cleansers, the foam takes a bit more effort to rinse off because of its tacky texture, but the result is smooth, refreshed and moisturized skin.

Soft, creamy, slightly tacky texture
Lathers up nicely with a little bit of water
The Hada Labo face washes are pH balanced and free from alcohol, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil, making them suitable for all skin types.

I don't use this in the morning (I prefer a milder cleanser for morning) but I like to use this in the evening after a day out. My face feels smooth and clean without that tight feeling that you get with some cleansers. I highly recommend using this in the shower, as the foam is easier to rinse off using warm water. Oh, and this cleanser goes really well with the Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion that is used as a toner after cleansing. :)

The Hada Labo Face Wash (100g) range retails at RM 20.90 each, and is available at all leading pharmacies outlets nationwide.

*This item was sent to me by Mentholatum Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Camy said...

it looks very good eh!

Charmaine Pua said...

Great cleanser! Am planning to get Deep Clean & Pore Refining face wash too. But does it really help in pore refining?

LauraLeia said...

HerYuan: It's not bad. Can give it a try. :D

Charmaine: I've used it for a while, and while there doesn't seem to be very visible results, I like how it feels after cleansing - very clean, smooth and not tight, lol

Unknown said...

If I use hydra & whitening face wash it's suitable for me to use milk peeling lotion....

Unknown said...

Saya guna face wash yg ni juga. Tapi muka saya rasa pedih2... normal ke atau itu tnda kulit saya tak sesuai dgn face wash ni?

Unknown said...

Nor Kamilah....Kalau muka rasa pedih dan kelihatan merah lepas pakai mungkin sebab kulit anda sensitif terhadap produk ini.Adalah dinasihatkan untuk berhenti menggunakan sekiranya masih berlaku setiap kali pakai.Jika hanya terasa pedih dan tidak mengeluarkan tanda merah,rasanya tiada masalah sebab saya juga mengalami perkara yang sama ketika pertama kali pemakaian.Tetapi selepas 2-3 kali ianya sangat berkesan.

Unknown said...

This is a great website, so many people need this information, thanks for providing it. I love your color scheme too!


Unknown said...

Can it be used for removing blackhead too? As far as I know, blackhead happens when I have some pores that open, right? correct me if I'm wrong. I've been survey about Hada Labo lately, when you write this blog and give a review about refining pores, would it be suitable with removing blackhead too?

LauraLeia said...

Hi Shahirah,

This cleanser does help to clean pores, but it's meant more for daily cleansing of your skin after a long day outside and not targeted for blackheads. If you're trying to remove blackheads, I don't think this will help much as blackheads are clogged pores that need more specific products/techniques to remove. I would recommend blackhead melting gel, nose pore strips and (for really stubborn blackheads) perhaps a facial for blackhead extraction. :) I'm not an expert on this though, so you should get a consultation from somebody who knows more about dermatology. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

does the hada labo mild peeling lotion good for pores and oliy skin ? how about the hydrating lotion ?