Review: GEO Big Grang Grang Brown Lens from

♫ Yes933 online radio

Once you've worn circle lenses, you (almost) never go back to normal contact lenses, purely because circle lenses make your eyes look super nice and pretty. I love wearing violet or green lenses, but sometimes you just need to take a break from the vibrant colours and go with a nice natural brown, thus my favourite is definitely the GEO Grang Grang series. ❤


Review & Giveaway: Kosé Sekkisei Lotion Mask

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Edit: This giveaway has officially ended.

Have you heard about KOSÉ? If you’ve been anywhere near skincare/beauty blogs and Facebook, I’m pretty sure you have. ;)

Review: Topshop Lipstick in "Straight Ace"

♫ Zedd - Clarity (cover by Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider)

A few weeks back, I was out having some retail therapy with Sarah and picked up this lippie on a whim at Topshop because it was on sale the purple shade looked interesting.
How interesting? Read on to find out!(^∀^)


I dreamed of being a pilot when I was little.

A frequent flyer when I was a kid, I was always in awe and a little in love with the handsome pilots in uniform that I saw walking past me in the airport. They seemed so confident, striding through the terminal with an air bordering on arrogance, while the stewardesses with their perfect smiles and modelesque figures seemed like celebrities walking on a runway.

I wanted to be one of them. Not one of the pretty stewardesses, but one of them - the flying elite, the pilots.

Years have passed and so do dreams. Looking at all the news regarding the missing flight MH370, my heart goes out to all those on board the flight and their family members.

There are many who are starting to blame the pilots of MH370 for being incompetent and useless, but put yourselves in their shoes and you might have a different perspective. I imagine this situation is every flight crew's worst nightmare, something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives if they manage to survive while others didn't. For some passengers, it might have been their first flight; for others, it might have been their n-th time on a plane, same old same old. We never expect things like this to happen, (almost) literally a bolt out of the blue.

It's been 3 days since the plan went missing. Now it's hoping against hope that MH370 and all onboard will be found soon.

Review: Etude House Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow in RD301

♫ 陶晶莹 & 方大同 - 是爱

I'm normally not an eyeshadow person, but I've been making an exception for this particular eyeshadow lately. It's Etude House's Look At My Eyes eyeshadow range, in the shade RD301.

February 2014 Shopping Haul

♫ Imagine Dragons - Demons

While listening to Imagine Dragon's "Demons", I'm more than a little convinced that shopping, retail therapy and impulse purchases are legit demons. Well, since 'I can't escape this now', I might as well embrace it while I can and share with you some of my purchases in February.

Red cropped cardigan from Cotton On (RM 30) and H&M skater skirt (RM 15). That skirt is seriously bargain-hunting at its best - good quality and fits perfectly. I really need to wear skirts more often. (⌒_⌒;)