Hamleys Is Now Open @ 1 Utama!

♫ THSK (東方神起) - Very Merry Christmas

If you've come across my preview post, you'll probably know that Hamleys has officially opened the doors to its Malaysian flagship store at 1 Utama today. ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆

The pre-launch event was a pretty big affair attended by lots of media and guests. The Hamleys store is located at the 1st floor of 1 Utama's new wing (next to Parkson and formerly MPH Bookstores), so you can imagine how big it is!

The entrance to Hamleys
Once you step inside
I like this cute little bridge, haha!
Which way would you go first? ;)
Stepping inside the store, you'll probably be slightly overwhelmed by the size of the store and the sight of toy displays that seem to stretch into the distance (lol). Be prepared to spend at least a couple of hours inside just exploring the different sections and joining in the fun activities conducted by the friendly Hamleys staff. Before that, you might want to grab a shopping bag. XD

Grab a big red Hamleys bag for your shopping!
Come and Play!
There are lots of 'Come and Play!' areas dotted around the store, where friendly Hamleys staff will demonstrate the various toys to visitors. Join in, and you may be able to bring back a special gift from them! :)
Train tracks
There's also an area where children (and big kids lol) can play with the toys e.g. this toy train track setup.
Look at that pak cik happily testing out the racecar lol
Trains not your type? Well, maybe this racing area will pique your interest instead.

Art corner
Corner for baby and infant toys
What's a toy store without some adorable cuddly soft toys, eh? There's a cute little animal safari area with lots of animal soft toys, as well as a whole wall full of teddy bears!
Hamleys Gingerbread teddy
Animal (soft toy) safari!
Wall of bears. Literally.
Spending RM80 and above entitles you to purchase this super soft and furry Hamleys Gingerbread teddy bear at RM49 (usual price RM109). It's so soft and furry, even Hattie bear wants to bring one home!
Bring me home!
Can you count the number of teddy bears in this picture? XD

In the Boys section, you have...
The ever popular Transformers toys
Gundam (for the big kids haha!)
Marvel superheroes
NERF shooting range - definitely for the big kids!
A Hamleys favourite - air blaster!
There are lots more toys for boys, from building blocks to racecars and everything in between.
For the girls, you have...
My Little Pony
Hello Kitty
Sylvanian Families
So cute omg
Fancy making some pretty desserts?
Disney Princess
There are so many other things that it's pretty impossible to take photos of them all. There's even a beauty section with kid-friendly makeup and nail polish. Even I'm tempted, okay? XD

You can take lots of pictures with the characters walking around the store too!
Hamley & Hattie bear
Upin & Ipin
Cute bunny from Sylvanian Families
Used my RM50 voucher to buy this Tokidoki x Sanrio plushie. I was just looking at it online the day before, and then I saw it at Hamleys, so I decided it was fate and bought it. (`∀´)Ψ *coughexcusescough*
Thank you Hamleys for the voucher! ^^
Cuteness overload! O(≧∇≦)O
 Of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to take some photos while at the event. (◕‿◕✿)

I, uh, don't know how to pose LOL
They are so cute and furry and fluffy omg

Furthermore, in conjunction with the toy shop's opening, you can see (and explore) for yourself a real London double-decker bus (shipped all the way from England!), which will be located at 1 Utama until Sunday (1 Dec 2013). It's the latest model, not the old-fashioned kind you see in movies lol.  
The London bus is really huge!
Legit from London yo :P

Time to bring your kids out for some fresh air and the chance to play to their hearts content at the finest toy shop in the world! ;)

Pastel Purple High Top Sneakers with Crochet Back

♫ K.will - Love Blossom (러브블러썸)

I'm not normally a sneaker kinda person, but sometimes you see something that totally changes your mind. Well, this is one of them (along with this baby), which made me practically broke even before the end of October.
Pastel purple high-tops
In my own defense, I needed a practical yet cute pair of shoes for my Singapore trip, hence the purchase(s).

Anyway, long story short: I saw this on Carousell, but the price was a little steep for my liking. Went online to search for it, and found it on Zalora Malaysia. There was only size 39 left (I'm usually a 38) but I figured socks would help, so I again went to search for discount codes and found one with free shipping plus discount. Score!  (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Crochet detail at the back
Pretty good buy at RM40 with free next-day shipping, eh? (¬‿¬) Plus they fit me perfectly, although I'm not sure whether it's because of my feet or the sizing. (⌒_⌒;)

I have no complaints about this pair of high top sneakers, and I'd probably rate it as one of the best purchases from Zalora so far. The pastel purple is absolutely lovely, and the crochet back adds some 'cute' (or is it kitsch?) to a pair of otherwise plain sneakers. I could walk comfortably in them for hours without pinching or hurting my feet. Good buy? Definitely.

These Something Borrowed Collection High Top Sneaker with Crochet Back are currently sold out on Zalora Malaysia, although they may still be in stock in other regions (Philippines and Indonesia).

WonderBox November 2013 (Christmas Edition)

♫ 五月天 - 回來吧

It's been several months now since my last beauty box review. I haven't subscribed to any for the past few months, mainly because many didn't interest me, and I have more than enough samples and deluxe samples to last me at least a whole year. (Pssst... Time to follow my Facebook page for an upcoming giveaway! :P)
WonderBox Christmas 2013 edition
Well, WonderBox Malaysia announced not long ago that they would be temporarily stopping their monthly subscription service after the November Christmas edition and will instead be transitioning to a new subscription model, so I decided to redeem a box using my WonderPoints. I loved the Christmas 2012 edition, so I was curious to see what surprises await me in the 2013 version.

Classic black and white
I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not, but I love how this last (for now) WonderBox came with a classic black ribbon bow, just like the debut WonderBox back in October 2012. Ah, memories.

And these are the contents of the box, which include 6 full-sized products and 2 deluxe samples. Not bad at all. The Christmas edition also came with a Santa hat, which was a nice touch but honestly too small for adults. (×_×;)

Disclaimer: Christmas decorations in the photos below are my personal property and not included in the WonderBox.

L'Oreal Mademoiselle Infinium by Charlie Le Mindu (full size)
Extra strong hold professional hairspray. Patented formula for finishing a hairstyle: Extra strong, instant fixing of a section or long-lasting overall hold. Optimal shine. Anti humidity action. No residue.

I don't really use hairspray (more like never) but I appreciate that it's a full sized limited edition product.

EverSoft Whitening and Hydrating Facial Cleanser (full size)
Made with 100% mulberry extract, a powerful antioxidant ingredient rich in Vitamin C and Amino Acid that works effectively to boost, revitalize and protect skin's natural fairness. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to preserve long-lasting hydration to moisturize and soften skin.

Another full size product! I probably won't start using this until I finish my current cleansing products, which might take a while, lol.

Essence Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara (full size)
Covers every single hair with carbon black pigments for intense colour and sensational volume.
Oooh, mascara! Makeup products always make me happy, and I love Essence products, so this is definitely a thumbs-up from me.

Bio-Essence Nourishing Foamy Cleanser with ATP & Royal Jelly (30g small full size)
Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream with ATP & Royal Jelly (10g)
Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP & Royal Jelly (5ml)
Enriched with Royal Jelly and ATP, the Shape V Face series has double the effects to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation to renew and repair skin. Helps restore skin suppleness, radiance and firmness to achieve a youthful V-shaped facial contour.

I'm not a big fan of Bio-Essence products, so while the trio seems pretty good, I don't think I'll be using it.

Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula mask sheet (full size - 2 pcs)
Tahitian Pearl contains minerals to improve skin appearance, and penetrate deep into skin to repair damaged skin and lighten pigmentation. Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract nourishes skin, regulates skin condition, maintains skin elasticity, clam, soften and soothe skin. 

This is definitely one of my favourite items from the box. The masks sheet(s) were underneath the other products, so I was pleasantly surprised to see not one, but two sheets of this Beautymate mask. (⌒▽⌒)☆

Merry (early) Christmas!
Not sure if it's because I haven't gotten any beauty boxes for a while, but I'm quite satisfied with the products in the November 2013 Christmas edition WonderBox. With more than half of the products being full-sized, it's definitely value for money, and would make a great Christmas gift too!

In the meantime, do 'like' my Facebook page as I'm preparing a really awesome giveaway for December! (◕‿◕✿) Hint: It's a beauty box too! ;)