Review: Colourvue Glamour Honey Contact Lens

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In my previous post, I shared my shopping experience at As promised, here's my review of one of the lenses I chose - Colourvue Glamour Honey!

Colourvue Glamour Honey
The Colourvue Glamour range offers a more vivid colour change with a black outer circle for a more defined eyes. The lens carries a slight Aztec design which enhances the overall effect and gives a glamorous look. The colours work well on both light and dark eyes.
Colourvue front packaging
Mr Lens sticker on the back
Both Colourvue contact lenses that I ordered came with the same box design, so the only way you can differentiate the different lens type is by looking at the sticker on the side of the box. (ー_ー ) There's also a Mr Lens sticker with contact information on the back of every contact lens box.

Colourvue Glamour Honey
One box contains an instruction guide and a pair of contact lens that can be used up to 3 months. The lenses are individually sealed in blister packaging. Unfortunately, they did not include any lens case with my order.

Colourvue Glamour Honey close-up
This is how the Colourvue Glamour Honey lens looks like. 'Honey' is a vivid orange-brown shade, and has a black outer ring  as described.
With and without lens
Kinda reminds me of vampire Bella's tawny golden eyes, lol
With a diameter of 14mm, it doesn't provide any enlargement or 'dolly' effect when worn. The black outer circle, which normally gives a slight enlargement effect, doesn't really show up here. The colour is pretty vibrant, and shows up well on my dark eyes. It's good, but a bit too vibrant for me, as I prefer my brown lenses to be less obvious and more natural. The first thing that popped into my head when I wore it was 'Wow, this would be great for some Twilight vampire-inspired makeup!' (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Skipped the vampire makeup coz I was lazy so this is how it looks like when I have my 'no makeup' makeup on. (^_^;) However, this is under bright sunlight. I think it'll look much nicer in dim/shaded areas. The lens itself was pretty comfortable, and I hardly needed to apply eye drops after a few hours of wear.

Colourvue Glamour series
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content:  45% H2O   
Material Content:  Hydrogel Terpolymer
Power: 0.00 to -8.00
Colours: Grey, Blue, Honey, Aqua, Green, Violet

You can purchase Colourvue and many other branded contact lens from

*This item was sent to me by for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own. Special thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this opportunity.


Unknown said...

prettay lens... huhu so sad i cant wear it.. hikhik

Twenty Two - When 2 Meets 2 said...

I've bought my contact lens from Mr Lens b4, very good service and great efficiency!

Josarine said...

The colour and lense design looks like freshkon.

Jane Fong said...

the color looks great!

The Baker said...

I do agree that it looks similiar to Bella eyes! =)
I love the colour. Too bad I can't wear contacts cuz my eyes easily get irritated. =(

LauraLeia said...

Amyma: Aww that's too bad >_< But wearing them for too long also isn't good. ^^;;

比比: Yes, they service is pretty good. :)

Joanna: Haha yea, i think most contact lenses have more or less similar designs.

Jane: Yes, it's great to see that the colour really shows up on dark eyes. :D

Nadia: Awww >_< There's good and bad to not being able to wear contact lens la, haha~ Just need to look at the positive side. :)

cindy said...

i cant wear this color make my eyes look like wolf..hahaha