Dolly Girl by Anna Sui 2011 e-mook

Dolly Girl by Anna Sui 2011 e-mook
I picked this up at Kinokuniya KLCC (RM77.75 before 20% discount) on Sunday, when I went to the Book Fest @ Malaysia 2011 held at the convention centre.

The main reason I chose this over another GWP Anna Sui is because it of its size - it's a big tote bag. That, and because it can be flipped inside out and used. :D Plus, it's such a pretty colour.

Opened up. :)
As you can see from the next photo (below), it's made from synthetic leather with a sort of snake(?) skin print on it. I was really surprised at how sturdy the material was; it's even more tough than my fox sling bag!

Pattern on outside and inside.
The inside lining is waterproof, and you can flip it inside out to give it a whole other look and feel. The Dolly Girl by Anna Sui logo is printed on the inside as well.

It can fit A4 size documents easily if placed horizontally. The compartment on the outside can be used to put tissue and other small flat items. :)

If you place A4 sized documents upright, a bit will stick out. ^^" These Japanese magazine GWP bags seldom come with zippers, so that's about the only flaw with them. The price... well, it's super hiked up from the price stated in Japanese yen, but I guess that can't be helped. >_<

I still love the GWPs though, and I love browsing around Kinokuniya for them. Whenever I tell people I go to Kino to shop for books AND bags, they look at me like I'm crazy. This post is proof that I'm not..... right?

Food and Stuff from the Lion City

♫ All Time Low - I Feel Like Dancin'

Only in Singapore can you go down to the convenience store and buy pork flavoured instant noodles in the middle of the night.

I've been putting off continuing from my previous blog post about my Singapore trip, because I've been too lazy busy going out and about the last few days. And before that I was rushing 2 assignments in the same week. Anyhow, I'm back now, and it's about time I posted something (in case you guys miss me or my posts... or something). XD

Alright, so our second day in Singapore was all about shopping. I particularly love going into the local drugstores (Watsons and Guardian) because they carry way more brands with more variety of choices than the ones here in Malaysia.

Brought this around town. :P
I decided to bring along the fox bag to carry around my essentials during the trip because it was new and just too adorable to leave behind, even though it was pretty small. Surprisingly, it could fit everything that I needed to carry around! Think wallet, camera, phone, tissue, eye drops, lip gloss and compact powder. Yay-ness! ♥

Glossyblossom nail lacquers
So my first beauty purchase were these two bottles of Glossyblossom nail lacquers at OG. Priced at S$8.00 each, they were on a "Buy 1 get 1 free" offer, so I picked up a creamy nude (been looking for a colour like this for a long time!) and a shimmery creme pinkish coral.

After checking out, we headed to Orchard. Takashimaya has been like my second home since forever -_-" First pic below is a mooncake fair with lots of different mooncake brands. I still think mooncakes in Malaysia are tastier - and definitely cheaper.

Sorry, that last pic is deliciously non-halal. =X
Believe me when I say I went into every single Guardian and Watsons all the way and on both sides from Centerpoint to Ngee Ann City.

Biore Marshmallow Whip facial wash and Essential hair mask.
I was so happy to see the Biore Marshmallow Whip facial wash (S$13.90; refill pack S$10.90) at Guardian! I'd been dying to try it out ever since I got to know about it, but it's not available locally. :( I picked up the Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter hair mask (S$8.50) at Watsons because my dry hair needs some major nutrition. >_<

Jumbo Paul Frank Lip Smacker!
I love the scent of Paul Frank Julius' Strawberry Banana Lip Smacker (S$8.90) so much that I just had to get the jumbo version lip gloss. :D See how big it is compared to the normal sized ones!

Milkshake hair dyes, anyone?
While in Watsons, I saw these super kawaii milkshake-esque hair dyes by Liese on the shelves. So cute right? And the colours were really nice too. Tempted to buy one and try it, but I kept reminding myself that I was going for a highlight next week and didn't really need the extra hair damage. Also spotted were the Palty hair dyes which were slightly cheaper at S12.90, but I guess those will be my purchases for another day.

McDonald's Teriyaki Chicken McGrill burger
Shopping makes one hungry, so we stopped at a McDonald's to rest our feet and fill our tummies. I shared this Teriyaki Chicken McGrill burger with my dad, and it was really yummy! (Think juicy grilled chicken~) Sorry to all the GCB-lovers out there, but this one tastes so much better. I tried the GCB once, and all I could taste was bun and grilled skin. Urgh!

Then I saw this and the glutton in me was convinced to get it for dessert...

Crème Brûlée Mcflurry (S$2.90) with free Oreo Star
Crème Brûlée Mcflurry aaaaaaaahhh! I'm probably going to die of sugar overload from this, but I didn't really care at that time because it tastes so nice! At first when the guy handed me the cup, I was like "Eh, this just looks like regular Oreo McFlurry." So I went back to the counter and asked if they'd given me the wrong order. He reassured me that it was the correct one; the crème brûlée taste was actually just from the syrup, which you can't really see after it's all mixed up with the ice-cream and Oreo bits. Sweet, sugary, toothache-inducing bliss indeed. :D (If it looks anything like the one here I think I'd have died from a coronary right then and there.)

My folks were feeling pretty tired by then, and it was almost time to meet up with my cousins for dinner, so I decided to pop over to Somerset 313 to get the Kosé Junkisei stuff.

Kosé Junkisei Prime Cream Wash and Lotion
I've been using the Kosé Sekkisei range for about 2 years now, but I've never seen the Kosé Junkisei range here before, so I decided to get the Cream Wash (S$9.95) and Lotion (S13.95) because they were on sale at Guardian. The reason I had to dash to Somerset 313 was because all the other Guardians only had either the wash or lotion in stock, and the one nearest to McDonald's didn't even label them as a sale item! *piff*

So anyway, that's about it for this trip. Didn't really go shopping for clothes, even though I did go into a few shops to look see. I badly wanted to buy a pair of chunky heeled pumps in the newly-opened New Look store, but they had no more in my size. T__T

I can't wait for my next trip there! AFA'11 I'm waiting for you~! :)

A Singaporean Affair

♫ 福山潤 - 君にありがとう

(As usual, click for bigger images)

Over the weekend, I went down to Singapore to attend a wedding dinner. My dad's good friend from Singapore had invited us to his daughter's wedding, so mum and I came along for the trip. :)

The dinner was on Saturday night, so after spending a night in Johor, we went into Singapore on Saturday afternoon. It was lunch time and we were pretty hungry, so dad brought us to have chicken rice.

(Zheng) Swee Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
It was not bad, but it still couldn't beat the chicken rice in Seremban. That one is omfgwtfawesomesauce delicious like you wouldn't believe until you've tried it yourself. I would compare this to our local Nam Heong chicken rice.

Stomachs filled, we went to check in. Dad had booked the 'family room' at a small little hotel; we didn't expect it to be so big! I still miss the Le Méridien and Pan Pacific though T_T

My private lil corner in the room. :)
I was so happy to see that they had a small corner with a bed! No sleeping on the floor this time! The awesome-yet-weird thing is that it's divided from the main room by a sliding wooden partition. Makes it look like I'm in a cage or prison wtflol

Took a short rest until about 5pm, then we walked the short distance to find my 2 cousins, who were working nearby. I almost couldn't recognize them and they almost couldn't recognize me, haha! Well, it has been quite a few years since I've seen them. We talked for a while then went back to the hotel to change into our dinner clothes and freshen up. Didn't expect it to rain so heavily as we were heading out, and only managed to get a taxi by the roadside after several tries by the concierge to phone for a cab. >_<

Finally arrived! And we weren't late at all. :D
So cute right?
(click for bigger image)
It was the usual schedule for wedding dinners held at hotels, with the cocktail party before going to our seats in the ballroom, then the entrance of the bride and groom. What I didn't expect after that was the buffet dinner part though, because here in Malaysia it's always been 10-course dinners. Is it usual for Singaporean wedding dinners to be buffet-style instead of sit-and-dine? I'm interested to know. :D

What amused me the most was actually the ending part. The ballroom was turned into a club (sorta) after all the food was consumed, and everybody started getting up and dancing, even the older ones! So amazing la. Maybe it's because most of the guests are Eurasian (both bride and groom are Eurasian btw) and perhaps Singaporeans are more outgoing? :D Over here, probably only the younger ones would join in and the elders would start leaving or something.

This bubbly chandelier caught my eye as we were leaving the hotel. O_o
That's about it for Saturday. Will blog about more food and shopping haul from Sunday in my next post!

Happy Tidings

ツバサ・クロニクル OST: Future Soundscape I

Today my cousin and his fiancée were going for their marriage registration, so I acted as photographer-of-the-day. I only had one class for today which ended early, so my parents picked me up at uni and we went straightaway to the registration department.

It was a long wait for the registrar to arrive, but the registration was carried out smoothly and the ceremony was finally concluded in less than half an hour.

Congratulations! ♥
After the ceremony, which was attended by family and friends, we proceeded to Pavilion's Wong Kok for lunch. Luckily they'd already booked seats for 30 people, two of whom were having their birthday that day. Birthday at Wong Kok means you get a super duper giant bucket of iced milk tea. The restaurant also gave our group extra 2 buckets when informed it was also a marriage registration party, so with 4 huge buckets, there was more than enough milk tea for the 30 of us.

The 'cake' - 24 peach buns (寿桃) with different fillings.
After lunch, our family party headed to Tokyo Street for a look around. (Everybody else had gone back to work.)

The giant lantern and Tanabana arches hung with wishing cards.
Ngek ngek ngek. This pass makes me feel so badass paparazzi-ish.
Hello Kitty = Japan. Don't argue with me on this.
This photo is purely to feed my inner otaku. :D
That's about it. Went back to my aunt's place and slept on the sofa killed time until it was time to go out for dinner. See my previous post about Tokyo Street if you want to know more about the place. :)

Oh yes, before I forget, let me show you the bags I ordered and finally received after 3 weeks of eager anticipation.

Cute fox bag. (Yes, a lot of people say it looks like an owl.)
Pink vintage satchel. Super love this one!
Both bags are sling bags with a long single strap. The fox bag is smaller than I expected, and the material is soft synthetic leather. It does not have any extra pockets and can be rather floppy. It also cannot hold much besides a wallet, compact, handphone and lip gloss, but the fox design is so cute that I can overlook these flaws, lol. The pink vintage satchel, I am happy to report, is quite large (though it can't fit A4 documents) and very sturdy. It can fit my pencil case, wallet, notebook, handphone, earphones and lip gloss; perfect for a day in uni! :) It's bright pink and white colour combo is very striking, and many friends have remarked that it is very "Barbie doll" and so me, lol.

These bags were ordered from TaoBao via Lux. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but after this shipment, I am super happy and satisfied with their service! Lux is a very friendly, helpful and efficient seller, so be rest assured that your enquiry/email will be replied ASAP.

That's it for today! Time for me to get some sleep. It's a public holiday for Selangor tomorrow, so no class. Wheeeee~

True Story, Bro

So bro was gonna take a shower and he turned on the bathroom light.
Me: "Broad daylight still need to on the light meh?"
Bro: La~ La~ La~ *closes door*
Me: (typing typing) *suddenly notices that it's super bright*
The wall light was on in my own bedroom. FML

End of true story for today.

Timetable Tizzy

♫ 周杰伦 - 雨下一整晚

(click for larger image)
Ah, the famous Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. So pretty, right?

Well, don't judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, a university by its freaking large campus (lake, hotel and commercial block included). If you live in the Klang Valley and haven't heard of it, I applaud you. It means you've really managed to evade the clutches of all known media in Malaysia.

By night.
Today marks the end of the second week of this semester, and the timetable for our course (and presumably the other Communications courses as well) is still in a major mess. We've had at least 4  revisions of the general timetable and it's still not finalized yet. Classroom clashes, grouping woes, confusing personal timetables and all-round chaos thanks to the fucked up schedule has been getting on everybody's nerves the past couple of weeks. Remember the 7-hour break I mentioned before? That's just the beginning of our long-standing frustration with the school and its administration troubles.

The only other thing worth mentioning about this place - besides the glaringly obvious lake - is the library. It's a nice place to chill, read books and hang out with your laptop, if you don't mind the subzero temperature inside. The only problem is finding one of the many elusive plug points during lunch hour, half of which are faulty and might electrocute anybody trying to plug in their electronic device. =/

Also, we have a cozy little sound recording studio. It's even more fun to hang out inside here, because it's private and soundproof and you can blast "Like A G6" however loud you want and have a party inside. Unfortunately, access to this room is quite strict, so if you haven't gotten a lecturer's permission or valid reason to use it, NO ENTRY, sorry.

Chatime @ Taylor's
The best thing that happened to the commercial block (a.k.a. Syops @ The Boardwalk) is the opening of Chatime. If you've been there, you're probably saying "But what about all those restaurants there?!". Let's just say that I've almost resorted to having a basket of potato wedges (RM4.20 w/ tax) for lunch because it's one of  the cheapest items there.

I'll be a nice person and break it down for you. Dear potential future students, if you're considering taking business or communications courses, by all means, JOIN US. See how effective their advertising is and how much business they're raking in. If you're interested in culinary arts, please take a look too. There are at least 4 restaurants operated by the university itself. Other courses... well, may the Force (and finance) be with you.

Okay, end of rant. Time to sleep.


 Sneak peek!
Stay tuned to catch these 2 cuties in my upcoming posts. :)

What Time Is It?

"Hey. It's 9.23 p.m. where I am now. What time is it for you over there?"

Do you ever wonder if there's a person out there, somewhere in the world, who is doing the same thing as you, thinking similar thoughts, right at that very moment?

Maybe I have too much time to think idle thoughts. Perhaps I feel bored without having anything to focus on, be it an activity, problem or rhetorical question. Most likely it's because I lack the capacity to get riled-up over an issue for long, at which point I go back to scrolling endlessly through my news feed and bookmarks looking for new things to catch my interest.

I don't hate; I seldom love. If I do, then please, take it as a compliment. Being a silent spectator is my forte; it doesn't mean I am snobbish or not paying attention. I am simply too shy to speak out, or waiting for my turn to talk. If you want to steal the show, go ahead, I won't stop you. I will forgive, but I don't often forget.

All that sounds so morbid, doesn't it? I hope you understand that there's also a lighter side to me. Laughter is my best friend. They tell me I have a weird sense of humour, although I don't think it's particularly weird. It's not hard to make me smile, or laugh. Pull out all the stops when telling a joke or funny story, and I guarantee you'll have (one of) the best audience in me. Pardon me if my funny bone is hot-wired to my sarcasm glands. I do try to reduce the dosage when actually talking to people.

I have a weak spot for cute stuff, although 'cute' is subjective. I love pink, but I wear black and white. I dislike most stuffed toys, but more than half a dozen share my single bed. Mary, Mary, Laura, Laura, quite contrary, where did your train of thought go?

Lost, that's where. In the middle of Nowhere.

Tokyo Street & Neway CEO

♫ I.M.C. - 星の在処

Once again, I'm on a 7-hour break between classes on Monday. Taylor's, if you're seeing this, I (and the rest of my coursemates) am saying this is absolutely ridiculous!

That aside, since there's nothing much to do, I shall blog about the usual mundane stuff I did over the weekend. Well, Saturday, to be exact. Which basically consists of walking around the newly-opened Tokyo Street in Pavilion KL and hanging out in the super blinged-out Neway CEO karaoke lounge.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL (Level 6)

It's a pretty cute place, with stereotypical Japanese style mini shops and decorations. One side consists of all the food and beverage outlets, while the rest is a mix of snacks, beauty and miscellaneous shops. The end of the 'street' is dominated by a huge Daiso. Which isn't large at all when you walk into it. -__-"

Bumped into some friends there! :)
Cafe Takahashi - one of the Japanese style cafes in Tokyo Street.
I was the first to arrive, so I was walking around when I bumped into Yee Ching and her sister, who were meeting up with Yvonne. Decided to have a bite with them first, since the others were going to be late. I ordered a banana chocolate parfait because we were supposed to meet up for lunch later.

Oyaki by The Loaf
I'd heard about the oyaki sold in Tokyo Street, so I bought some back to eat. They were having a promo, 6 for the price of 5. Oyaki is essentially a Japanese dumpling made from fermented buckwheat dough wrapped around a stuffing of Japanese vegetables, fruit, or anko bean paste and then roasted on an iron pan. (Sorry, I got that from Wikipedia. XD)

Then we (this time meaning WH, Carina and I) walked over to Neway CEO which was located opposite in Fahrenheit88. Supposed to have more people joining us but they FFK us couldn't make it, so the 3 of us went ahead and used the RM50 cash voucher. :P

Lobby of Neway CEO.
I was almost blinded when I stepped out of the lift. The lobby itself was just... bling. Bling everywhere. Glittery floor, reflective walls, huge glittery chandeliers, bling decorations... This place could put those sparkly vampires to shame. Well, it's supposed to be fancy, hence the name, lol.

Very bling yet very TRON at the same time. O__o
Freaking huge party room.
So while waiting for our room to be cleaned prepared, they gave us this room as a waiting room of sorts. It's one of the super big rooms meant for big parties, and the inside was super plush! See that humongous chandelier and the velvet sofa? O__O

Our box room. Why do I keep seeing TRON references here...
Our room was tiny in comparison, lol. We took the tea-time buffet session which is one drink each + buffet, so there was lots of food. Looked more like lunch to me. The food was quite good, and there was a large selection, from salads, mains, cold dishes and dessert. 3pm to 7pm, enough for us to eat for 1 hour+ and sing to our heart's content.

Teresa Teng song. Our parents would be so proud. :P
Would I go back there for another k-session? Absolutely! It's more expensive than the normal Neway or RedBox rates, but with such a buffet spread and awesome decor, it's definitely worth the price.