Dolly Girl by Anna Sui 2011 e-mook

Dolly Girl by Anna Sui 2011 e-mook
I picked this up at Kinokuniya KLCC (RM77.75 before 20% discount) on Sunday, when I went to the Book Fest @ Malaysia 2011 held at the convention centre.

The main reason I chose this over another GWP Anna Sui is because it of its size - it's a big tote bag. That, and because it can be flipped inside out and used. :D Plus, it's such a pretty colour.

Opened up. :)
As you can see from the next photo (below), it's made from synthetic leather with a sort of snake(?) skin print on it. I was really surprised at how sturdy the material was; it's even more tough than my fox sling bag!

Pattern on outside and inside.
The inside lining is waterproof, and you can flip it inside out to give it a whole other look and feel. The Dolly Girl by Anna Sui logo is printed on the inside as well.

It can fit A4 size documents easily if placed horizontally. The compartment on the outside can be used to put tissue and other small flat items. :)

If you place A4 sized documents upright, a bit will stick out. ^^" These Japanese magazine GWP bags seldom come with zippers, so that's about the only flaw with them. The price... well, it's super hiked up from the price stated in Japanese yen, but I guess that can't be helped. >_<

I still love the GWPs though, and I love browsing around Kinokuniya for them. Whenever I tell people I go to Kino to shop for books AND bags, they look at me like I'm crazy. This post is proof that I'm not..... right?


Xue Ren said...

woots! anna sui bag! =D

Mandarin 1 2 3 said...

wow, the bag look awesome ! :D i want to buy emook too but they are too expensive... D:

HitomiNeko said...

ooo that’s so cute.. <3 <3

I want one 2 =)

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

LauraLeia said...

Xue Ren: Hehe ^^ You can go and check them out at Kinokuniya.
Maii: Yeah, they're so expensive over here in Malaysia. :( Maybe because of the shipping and tax and stuff. ><
HitomiNeko: Yes, it's really cute! :) Can you get these e-mooks/Jap mags over in the US where you live?

Diana Libunao said...

i have this one too & it's really cute!!!!