Happy Tidings

ツバサ・クロニクル OST: Future Soundscape I

Today my cousin and his fiancée were going for their marriage registration, so I acted as photographer-of-the-day. I only had one class for today which ended early, so my parents picked me up at uni and we went straightaway to the registration department.

It was a long wait for the registrar to arrive, but the registration was carried out smoothly and the ceremony was finally concluded in less than half an hour.

Congratulations! ♥
After the ceremony, which was attended by family and friends, we proceeded to Pavilion's Wong Kok for lunch. Luckily they'd already booked seats for 30 people, two of whom were having their birthday that day. Birthday at Wong Kok means you get a super duper giant bucket of iced milk tea. The restaurant also gave our group extra 2 buckets when informed it was also a marriage registration party, so with 4 huge buckets, there was more than enough milk tea for the 30 of us.

The 'cake' - 24 peach buns (寿桃) with different fillings.
After lunch, our family party headed to Tokyo Street for a look around. (Everybody else had gone back to work.)

The giant lantern and Tanabana arches hung with wishing cards.
Ngek ngek ngek. This pass makes me feel so badass paparazzi-ish.
Hello Kitty = Japan. Don't argue with me on this.
This photo is purely to feed my inner otaku. :D
That's about it. Went back to my aunt's place and slept on the sofa killed time until it was time to go out for dinner. See my previous post about Tokyo Street if you want to know more about the place. :)

Oh yes, before I forget, let me show you the bags I ordered and finally received after 3 weeks of eager anticipation.

Cute fox bag. (Yes, a lot of people say it looks like an owl.)
Pink vintage satchel. Super love this one!
Both bags are sling bags with a long single strap. The fox bag is smaller than I expected, and the material is soft synthetic leather. It does not have any extra pockets and can be rather floppy. It also cannot hold much besides a wallet, compact, handphone and lip gloss, but the fox design is so cute that I can overlook these flaws, lol. The pink vintage satchel, I am happy to report, is quite large (though it can't fit A4 documents) and very sturdy. It can fit my pencil case, wallet, notebook, handphone, earphones and lip gloss; perfect for a day in uni! :) It's bright pink and white colour combo is very striking, and many friends have remarked that it is very "Barbie doll" and so me, lol.

These bags were ordered from TaoBao via Lux. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but after this shipment, I am super happy and satisfied with their service! Lux is a very friendly, helpful and efficient seller, so be rest assured that your enquiry/email will be replied ASAP.

That's it for today! Time for me to get some sleep. It's a public holiday for Selangor tomorrow, so no class. Wheeeee~


Hilda Milda™ said...

How did get the photograher pass? I also want xD the fox bag is really cute heee

Liz said...

The fox bag is super adorable! :D

Unknown said...

nice photos... i heard tokyo street is the next big thing. have yet to plan a trip to KL again. maybe year end :D

Joey said...

It's been so long since I went back to KL, that I don't even know about this Tokyo Street. It looks amazing, tho!

Btw, I love your pink satchel! So cute!