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Only in Singapore can you go down to the convenience store and buy pork flavoured instant noodles in the middle of the night.

I've been putting off continuing from my previous blog post about my Singapore trip, because I've been too lazy busy going out and about the last few days. And before that I was rushing 2 assignments in the same week. Anyhow, I'm back now, and it's about time I posted something (in case you guys miss me or my posts... or something). XD

Alright, so our second day in Singapore was all about shopping. I particularly love going into the local drugstores (Watsons and Guardian) because they carry way more brands with more variety of choices than the ones here in Malaysia.

Brought this around town. :P
I decided to bring along the fox bag to carry around my essentials during the trip because it was new and just too adorable to leave behind, even though it was pretty small. Surprisingly, it could fit everything that I needed to carry around! Think wallet, camera, phone, tissue, eye drops, lip gloss and compact powder. Yay-ness! ♥

Glossyblossom nail lacquers
So my first beauty purchase were these two bottles of Glossyblossom nail lacquers at OG. Priced at S$8.00 each, they were on a "Buy 1 get 1 free" offer, so I picked up a creamy nude (been looking for a colour like this for a long time!) and a shimmery creme pinkish coral.

After checking out, we headed to Orchard. Takashimaya has been like my second home since forever -_-" First pic below is a mooncake fair with lots of different mooncake brands. I still think mooncakes in Malaysia are tastier - and definitely cheaper.

Sorry, that last pic is deliciously non-halal. =X
Believe me when I say I went into every single Guardian and Watsons all the way and on both sides from Centerpoint to Ngee Ann City.

Biore Marshmallow Whip facial wash and Essential hair mask.
I was so happy to see the Biore Marshmallow Whip facial wash (S$13.90; refill pack S$10.90) at Guardian! I'd been dying to try it out ever since I got to know about it, but it's not available locally. :( I picked up the Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter hair mask (S$8.50) at Watsons because my dry hair needs some major nutrition. >_<

Jumbo Paul Frank Lip Smacker!
I love the scent of Paul Frank Julius' Strawberry Banana Lip Smacker (S$8.90) so much that I just had to get the jumbo version lip gloss. :D See how big it is compared to the normal sized ones!

Milkshake hair dyes, anyone?
While in Watsons, I saw these super kawaii milkshake-esque hair dyes by Liese on the shelves. So cute right? And the colours were really nice too. Tempted to buy one and try it, but I kept reminding myself that I was going for a highlight next week and didn't really need the extra hair damage. Also spotted were the Palty hair dyes which were slightly cheaper at S12.90, but I guess those will be my purchases for another day.

McDonald's Teriyaki Chicken McGrill burger
Shopping makes one hungry, so we stopped at a McDonald's to rest our feet and fill our tummies. I shared this Teriyaki Chicken McGrill burger with my dad, and it was really yummy! (Think juicy grilled chicken~) Sorry to all the GCB-lovers out there, but this one tastes so much better. I tried the GCB once, and all I could taste was bun and grilled skin. Urgh!

Then I saw this and the glutton in me was convinced to get it for dessert...

Crème Brûlée Mcflurry (S$2.90) with free Oreo Star
Crème Brûlée Mcflurry aaaaaaaahhh! I'm probably going to die of sugar overload from this, but I didn't really care at that time because it tastes so nice! At first when the guy handed me the cup, I was like "Eh, this just looks like regular Oreo McFlurry." So I went back to the counter and asked if they'd given me the wrong order. He reassured me that it was the correct one; the crème brûlée taste was actually just from the syrup, which you can't really see after it's all mixed up with the ice-cream and Oreo bits. Sweet, sugary, toothache-inducing bliss indeed. :D (If it looks anything like the one here I think I'd have died from a coronary right then and there.)

My folks were feeling pretty tired by then, and it was almost time to meet up with my cousins for dinner, so I decided to pop over to Somerset 313 to get the Kosé Junkisei stuff.

Kosé Junkisei Prime Cream Wash and Lotion
I've been using the Kosé Sekkisei range for about 2 years now, but I've never seen the Kosé Junkisei range here before, so I decided to get the Cream Wash (S$9.95) and Lotion (S13.95) because they were on sale at Guardian. The reason I had to dash to Somerset 313 was because all the other Guardians only had either the wash or lotion in stock, and the one nearest to McDonald's didn't even label them as a sale item! *piff*

So anyway, that's about it for this trip. Didn't really go shopping for clothes, even though I did go into a few shops to look see. I badly wanted to buy a pair of chunky heeled pumps in the newly-opened New Look store, but they had no more in my size. T__T

I can't wait for my next trip there! AFA'11 I'm waiting for you~! :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

Why does Singapore have more awesome stuff than Msia? T_T I've been wanting to get hair products from Essential but yeah none can be find here. Woots cute looking paul frank lip smacker!

Isaac Tan said...

Singapore does have better stuffs XD


Cassy said...

like the milkshake hair dye ;)

Nava K said...

like the colors of the nail polish.

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