A Singaporean Affair

♫ 福山潤 - 君にありがとう

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Over the weekend, I went down to Singapore to attend a wedding dinner. My dad's good friend from Singapore had invited us to his daughter's wedding, so mum and I came along for the trip. :)

The dinner was on Saturday night, so after spending a night in Johor, we went into Singapore on Saturday afternoon. It was lunch time and we were pretty hungry, so dad brought us to have chicken rice.

(Zheng) Swee Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
It was not bad, but it still couldn't beat the chicken rice in Seremban. That one is omfgwtfawesomesauce delicious like you wouldn't believe until you've tried it yourself. I would compare this to our local Nam Heong chicken rice.

Stomachs filled, we went to check in. Dad had booked the 'family room' at a small little hotel; we didn't expect it to be so big! I still miss the Le Méridien and Pan Pacific though T_T

My private lil corner in the room. :)
I was so happy to see that they had a small corner with a bed! No sleeping on the floor this time! The awesome-yet-weird thing is that it's divided from the main room by a sliding wooden partition. Makes it look like I'm in a cage or prison wtflol

Took a short rest until about 5pm, then we walked the short distance to find my 2 cousins, who were working nearby. I almost couldn't recognize them and they almost couldn't recognize me, haha! Well, it has been quite a few years since I've seen them. We talked for a while then went back to the hotel to change into our dinner clothes and freshen up. Didn't expect it to rain so heavily as we were heading out, and only managed to get a taxi by the roadside after several tries by the concierge to phone for a cab. >_<

Finally arrived! And we weren't late at all. :D
So cute right?
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It was the usual schedule for wedding dinners held at hotels, with the cocktail party before going to our seats in the ballroom, then the entrance of the bride and groom. What I didn't expect after that was the buffet dinner part though, because here in Malaysia it's always been 10-course dinners. Is it usual for Singaporean wedding dinners to be buffet-style instead of sit-and-dine? I'm interested to know. :D

What amused me the most was actually the ending part. The ballroom was turned into a club (sorta) after all the food was consumed, and everybody started getting up and dancing, even the older ones! So amazing la. Maybe it's because most of the guests are Eurasian (both bride and groom are Eurasian btw) and perhaps Singaporeans are more outgoing? :D Over here, probably only the younger ones would join in and the elders would start leaving or something.

This bubbly chandelier caught my eye as we were leaving the hotel. O_o
That's about it for Saturday. Will blog about more food and shopping haul from Sunday in my next post!

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