Review: JOJO Stereo Feminine Blush in #04 Salmon Pink

♫ Donghae & Eunhyuk (Super Junior) - Love That I Need ft. Henry

Blush! That's one of the most vital secrets for the perfect dolly makeup look, and you'll never go wrong with a sweet pink shade. I recently received this lovely little blush, JoJo Stereo Blush in Salmon Pink to review from kkcenterhk, so let's see how it'll help me achieve that sweet blushing pink look. (◡‿◡✿)

The packaging is pretty simple. The blush is housed inside a black plastic casing with a see-through faceted window, which makes it easy to see the colour of the blush. Although it is made from plastic and very lightweight, the snap closure is very secure, so you don't have to worry about it accidentally falling open. It does feel a little fragile (due to its lightness), so it'd be best not to drop it. (~。~;) The bottom of the casing shows the product name and expiry date. The blush shade does not have a name, only a number, which is #04.

JOJO Stereo Feminine Blush in Salmon Pink
This is what the blush colour looks like in the pan - a vibrant milky pink reminiscent of strawberry milk. The blush name Salmon Pink is pretty spot on, according to this definition, but for me, salmon usually brings to mind something with more of a coral/orange hue. (⌒_⌒;) Anyway, whatever its name, the colour is indeed very lovely and doll-like.

Mirror and brush compartment underneath!
One thing that got me pleasantly surprised was the compartment hidden underneath the blush pan, which contains a mini brush and mirror! I was wondering why the blush casing was so thick, then it occurred to me that maybe there was something under it. Tadaa! A nifty little hiding place was revealed. (¬‿¬)

Heavy swatch (using finger) and blended out
The blush is fairly pigmented, so you'll have to be careful not to overdo it when using a brush to pick it up. If you're very fair, a single swipe should be just right for each cheek. For me, 2-3 light swipes would be just nice after blending out.

Scratchy brush with quite a lot of fallout >_<
One thing to note: the mini brush included isn't very good quality (it feels scratchy and shed hairs), plus it creates a lot of fallout, so I highly recommend you use a proper blush brush for application instead.

In the pictures below, I used 3-4 swipes in order for the colour to show up better. (It actually looked super bright and pink, I had to blot my cheeks after taking the pics, lol.) As mentioned above, 2-3 light swipes is enough for that perfect pink flush.
✓ Pros: Pigmented colour, lightweight, comes with brush and mirror, small travel-friendly packaging, clear window lets you see blush shade inside.
✗ Cons: Plastic casing feels fragile, mini brush is no good.

You can purchase the JoJo Stereo Blush and a wide variety of other blushers and makeup from KKCenterHK.

Use code "LAURALEIALEE" for 10% off your purchase at! (◕‿◕✿)

*This item was provided by KKCenterHK for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.

Tutorial: Layer Cloud Manicure

♫ JYJ - Only One (인천아시아드송)

Hello again! It's time for another one of my (rare) tutorials! (≧∇≦)

I've been trying out some simple freehand nail designs lately, and this pretty 'cloud layer' look has been my most recent obsession. I first saw this design on Nailside (her designs are gorgeous!) but never got around to trying it. Now I've finally given it a try [thanks to this tutorial], and I'm amazed by how easy and pretty it! You just need a couple of complimentary nail polish colours; there's no need for any nail art brushes or anything!

First of all, you'll need to get your polishes ready. Here's what I used for this tutorial:
  • The Face Shop base coat
  • Etude House nail polish in SPK001
  • Revlon Top Speed nail enamel in "Pink Lingerie"
  • Holika Holika nail polish in #03
  • Random brand top coat
Now, let's begin!

For this nail art, I'd highly recommend you use colours that are opaque in one coat, as it involves several layers of nail polish. A fast drying top coat is vital too, as you wouldn't want to smudge the design. Below is a downloadable JPEG version of the tutorial. ^^

Right click and open in new tab to view full-size
The picture below is my first attempt, using white as a base colour. Turquoise clouds are on my left hand, pink clouds on the right hand. It turned out quite nice, but because I did it at night and went to bed before the manicure fully dried, I woke up with crinkles on my manicure. (>д<) I've tried to smoothed them out while editing the photo below, HAHAHA
Turquoise and pink clouds
This is my second attempt, which I did with a rainbow theme in mind. Instead of white, I used a sheer nude polish as the base, which helped to minimize drying time. If you have nice pink nails, you can just use base coat and go straight to the cloud layering. (^v^)
Rainbow layer clouds
Now you've seen my step-by-step tutorial on how to do layer cloud nails, will this be your next manicure project? I'd love to see your pics, so do leave me a comment below! ^^ Now, time for me to go play with colours again.... I'm thinking of a stormy grey cloud manicure. (¬‿¬)

The WISHTREND Website Renewal!

♫ EXO - Black Pearl
Remember my post about WISHTrend? They are constantly updating their products and improving their services, so you can be sure that they're also working hard to optimize their website to better introduce us to more and more amazing Korean skincare and beauty brands.

After browsing their site for the past few months, I'm glad to announce that the brand-new, revamped and renewed WISHTrend website is finally here to greet you!

The renewed WISHTrend website has become even more sleek, sophisticated and user-friendly. You can check out their newest and featured products at a glance. A single click takes you to their New Arrivals and Best-sellers page, while you can also navigate to your favourite categories (skincare, makeup, fragrance, etc). There's even a special section for Men, which can provide you with some great gift (and makeover) ideas. :P

For me, the first place I always visit is the Make Up section, where I can see what are the latest and best-selling cosmetics. You can also easily navigate within each category, as they have various sub-categories that help you find specific products. Of course, there's also the handy "Search" button to help you out. :)

WISHTrend's various social media outlets and information
WISHTrend stands out from many other websites that claim they are the 'experts' in Korean skincare, because you can see how they focus on quality, both in the products they sell online as well as their customer service. Don't expect to see the likes of Etude House or Holika Holika here, as their main focus is to introduce many other amazing brands to the world. I love how their staff are always ready to answer your questions, as well as their useful tips shared on Facebook. Most of all, I love browsing their revamped website (which is now even easier to navigate, not to mention professional and chic) just to look at all the exciting new brands from Korea! (◕‿◕✿)

WISHTrend website
WISH Company Facebook page
WISHTrend Twitter
WISHTrendTV Youtube channel

Out and About 6

♫ G-Dragon - 늴리리야 (Niliria)

It's been more than half a year since my last "Out and About" update wtflol (≧Д≦)

I'm annoyed at myself too
Unlike the previous installments, I figured I'd start with the most recent, and also focus on the (somewhat) more memorable ones that I haven't blogged about. So, let's go!

Bii 大型音乐会
National Day (31 August) this year was pretty memorable because I got to attend Bii's 大型音乐会 at Studio Lounge, Tropicana City Mall with my BFF. :D Thanks to Xuan (where I also won the TVXQ tickets), I won 2 passes as well as an album, which I managed to get autographed by Bii himself after the music session. ♡^▽^♡ I was still fangirling over him a couple days after the event, lol.

PY suggested using this painting as background lol
Met up with PY for lunch before she went back to Moscow to continue her studies. *coughfuturedoctorcough* It's been almost 5 years (?) since I last saw her, back when we were in high school. Time flies! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Signature 8-Flavour Xiao Long Bao
Finally got to try the much talked-about Signature 8-Flavour Xiao Long Bao from Paradise Dynasty after buying the deal from Groupon. I bought 2, so my mum and dad shared one, while I had one all to myself (because I wanted to try all the flavours, lol). My personal opinion: Good - original, crab roe, cheese; So-so - black truffle, ginseng, foie gras; Horrible - Szechuan, garlic. I seriously nearly gagged on the garlic one, it tasted so strongly of garlic and nothing else.

Volunteer appreciation dinner at 天后宫 (Pic from WH's Instagram)
My high-school-until-now buddies having dinner at Thean Hou Temple about a month after we did volunteer work at the blood donation drive. It was nice to just have a simple meal and keep up with each other's news. :)

Me and Nicole
Klair's products! I've reviewed their blemish cream here.
Nicole and I went for Cosmobeauté Asia 2013 at PWTC in July. We didn't buy much, but we definitely got to know more about various beauty and cosmetic brands. I even managed to meet up with a primary school friend I haven't seen in 10 years! I also visited the WishTrend booth there, and they gave us some really awesome stuff to try once they knew I was one of their WishTrend bloggers. :D 감사합니다, Lisa and Mr CEO! (✿◠‿◠) Will be reviewing these products soon, so stay tuned! :)

AIA K-Pop Concert in Malaysia
B2ST intro video
B2ST having fun on stage
Thanks to my bro's gf, I got the chance to see B2ST, 4Minute and perform live at the AIA K-Pop Concert back in June. I'm not really a fan of any of the three, but I do like some of B2ST's songs. (¬‿¬)

CD&DL August 2013 issue with 东方神起
Had dinner at Kino with Ruth and grabbed this copy of CD&DL magazine with TVXQ on the cover. There were a couple other mags with the duo on the cover but this copy was one I'd wanted since it was announced (东方神起! ✪‿✪) and it had a HUGE double-side poster of the boys. Score!

EXO 'Growl' (1st Album XOXO Repackage)
Luhan ver. B photocard
The EXO 'Growl' (XOXO Repackage) album that I bought from Qoo10 finally arrived a few days ago! Laura's tip: ALWAYS buy the repackaged version because they're always more awesome than the first version. The album looks like a thick spiral-bound notebook with glossy cards of the members and their handwritten messages. (✿♥‿♥) I was kinda hoping for the Sehun card but I'm fine with getting Luhan too coz he's equally cute. :3

Pink-red gradient geometric nails
I posted this picture of my pink-red gradient geometric nails on Instagram more than a week ago. It's not perfect (my freehand drawing is still bad) but it looked pretty nice, if I do say so. *self praise lolwut* I'm really liking the colour combination though. I'll be doing a blog post on my recent nail art manicures, so do keep a look out, hehe~ ^^

Review: NAF METO Super Black Waterproof Eyeliner

♫ B.A.P - Hurricane

You know me, I'm a total liquid eyeliner maniac. Today I'll be testing a cute little liquid eyeliner, NAF METO Super Black Waterproof Eyeliner, which was kindly sent by KKCenterHK for review.

NAF METO Super Black Waterproof Eyeliner - Glitter Black
The illustration in the plastic packaging is super eye-catching and cute, with a rockstar bunny and two man tou-like characters in front of a bright yellow striped background.

Although the product is made in Taiwan, the wordings on the back are in Japanese, with a Chinese translated sticker on the back.

Look at the cute designs on the tube~
The eyeliner itself is a sleek black plastic tube that has cute metallic pink designs printed on it. Just look at the cute little bow, hearts, stars and other kawaii girly patterns on it!

Size comparison
The eyeliner tube is quite small and travel-friendly, about the size of a regular tube of lip balm.

There are two variants of this eyeliner, and I happened to receive the one in Glitter Black. The front of the packaging claims that it is waterproof, long lasting (up to 36 hours?!), quick drying and can be layered for full opacity. Gotta find out if it's true!

Fine brush applicator
The brush applicator is attached to the cap of the eyeliner tube. Pretty standard; the brush is soft yet firm enough to create a cat-eye flick.

Heavy swatch (left) and single swipe swatch (right)
NAF METO Super Black Waterproof Eyeliner in Glitter Black is exactly just like its name describes: a deep shiny black eyeliner with fine micro-glitter. The micro-glitter is multicoloured, but gold is the prominent one that can be seen, which gives the eyeliner a slight dark brown tinge. Very pretty indeed. (✿◠‿◠)
However, I don't think it really lived up to its various claims (except the opacity). Take a look at the 'test results' below.

Test time!
The left swatch (thick) was several layers, while the right was only one swipe. It took more than a minute for the single layer to dry. Once it dries, it is smudge free, but it will flake off if you rub with more pressure. I also tested its waterproof claims and it doesn't fare well - it rubbed straight off when it came into contact with water.

✓ Pros: Deep shiny black eyeliner with pretty micro-glitter, cute travel-friendly packaging, doesn't smudge (after fully dry), great for evening or party makeup looks.
✗ Cons: Not waterproof, takes time to fully dry, easily rubbed off.

You can purchase the NAF METO eyeliner, and a wide variety of other eyeliners and makeup, from KKCenterHK.

Use code "LAURALEIALEE" for 10% off your purchase at! (◕‿◕✿)

*This item was provided by KKCenterHK for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.