So after 3 months (more or less) of holidays, I finally set foot in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus for the first time this year.

As usual, only lectures this week, which means that I only have classes this Monday and Friday. Was almost late for the second lecture because we were at the wrong classroom, lol.

Funniest thing that happened today (besides rushing 2 floors to get to the correct lecture venue) was when Rhea, Ruth and I were walking towards Old Town to yumcha and get a bite to eat. We saw Mr Winston walking towards us, so we waved and said hi. First thing he asked me was "Did you go for plastic surgery?"


So I told him I was insulted by that, even though I know he meant it as a compliment (sorta). XD

On a completely unrelated note, I finally managed to pick up my Sushi Tei card in Tropicana City Mall just now, and signed up for the Borders card as well.

Looks like it'll be me, my bed and the first Assassin's Creed novel tonight. Since I can't play the actual game itself, I can pretty darn well read the story!


Reminds me of my high school Chinese textbook. O_O Reminds me how much I disliked Chinese literature.
(Translated text taken from Ruth Chen ^^)

KC Annual CNY Lunch

Last Saturday we had our annual KC Chinese New Year gathering, which was held at Rakuzen G-Tower this year.

Which of course, means having our "Yee Sang" tradition! 

Our Japanese yee sang.
Lou ah!!

My set lunch. I was super hungry la 'kay? I burnt my mouth on the claypot udon, but it was so darn good I don't really mind. (My meals for 2 days after that were agonizing though. >_<)

Claypot udon and sashimi rice.
 A lot of them couldn't make it because of classes or balik kampung or prior appointments, so this is all of us there that day. =)

Everybody look here and look pretty! XD

Even though we couldn't get as many ex-classmates to attend as we had hoped, we still had a good time catching up with each other. ♥  Thanks to Yng for organizing the whole thing! ^^

I'm looking forward to next year's gathering. Hopefully more people can join in, then it'll be a proper reunion!