KC Annual CNY Lunch

Last Saturday we had our annual KC Chinese New Year gathering, which was held at Rakuzen G-Tower this year.

Which of course, means having our "Yee Sang" tradition! 

Our Japanese yee sang.
Lou ah!!

My set lunch. I was super hungry la 'kay? I burnt my mouth on the claypot udon, but it was so darn good I don't really mind. (My meals for 2 days after that were agonizing though. >_<)

Claypot udon and sashimi rice.
 A lot of them couldn't make it because of classes or balik kampung or prior appointments, so this is all of us there that day. =)

Everybody look here and look pretty! XD

Even though we couldn't get as many ex-classmates to attend as we had hoped, we still had a good time catching up with each other. ♥  Thanks to Yng for organizing the whole thing! ^^

I'm looking forward to next year's gathering. Hopefully more people can join in, then it'll be a proper reunion!

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