Review: Essence Nail Polish and Eyeshadow

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(Disclaimer: All products in this post were purchased using my own money and NOT sent in for review.)

Today I'm going to do a small review on 2 Essence nail polishes (and a swatch of their powder eyeshadow). I have often seen Essence nail polish swatches on various blogs but since it was not available in Malaysia, I could only drool at them in front of the laptop.

Update (10th September 2012): Essence cosmetics can be found in Watsons at the following locations - Sunway Pyramid, The Mines, Plaza Metro Kajang, Sungei Wang Plaza, Alpha Angle Shopping, PJ Old Town, Carrefour Kepong, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Taman Maluri Cheras, Endah Parade, Jusco Cheras Selatan, Berjaya Times Square, Cheras Leisure Mall & Tesco Ampang. The CociCoci outlets in Midvalley and Bukit Bintang have closed.
(Photos taken from COCiCOCi Malaysia's Facebook page)

These are my recent Essence purchases from COCiCOCi.

  1. Essence 'Colour & Go' in Ultimate Pink, 5ml (RM 6.90)
  2. Essence 'Colour & Go' in Can't Cheat On Me, 5ml (RM 6.90)
  3. Essence matt top coat, 8ml (RM8.90)
  4. Essence nail polish remover pen (RM 8.90)
  5. Essence mono eyeshadow in 24 Love Me (RM 7.90)
As you can see, all the items are very pocket-friendly. The 'Colour & Go' collection is the most affordable and comes in a wide selection of fun colours. Even better, the colours are really opaque, so if you have shorter nails, a single coat is enough. Of course, you can always apply 2 coats for a more even finish and to cover up any VNL (visible nail line) if your nails are longer.

(Click for larger image)
The swatches in the photo above are all done with 2 coats, and a layer of matte topcoat for the middle and pinky fingers. As you can see, Ultimate Pink is a glossy deep pink colour, while Can't Cheat On Me is a clear base with lots of grey-ish holographic micro-glitter. The nail line is very visible for Can't Cheat On Me, so I was pleasantly surprised at the effect of a matte topcoat on it, which makes it much less visible and gives it a frosty, shimmery look. ♥ I think Ultimate Pink is better left as it is, a glossy nail polish, because it pales in comparison to OPI's La-Pazitively Hot (Matte).

I also purchased their powder eyeshadow in #24 Love Me, which is a shimmery gold shade, in the hopes of it being a (temporary) substitute for the Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow mentioned in my previous post. Priced at RM 7.90, I reasoned that it could be worth a try.

I must say, it looked better when I swatched it on the back of my hand while in the store. Swatching it for the second time at home, I found that it is not very pigmented and the colour does not show up very well, even in direct sunlight, even though there is some reasonably visible gold shimmer when blended. Looks like I'll only be using this eyeshadow as a base/highlight shade.

Essence 'Colour & Go' Nail Polish
✓ Pros: Very affordable price, opaque in one coat, quick drying (if you do 1 coat), comes in a wide variety of fun colours.
✗ Cons: None? I love them, and would go and buy more!

Essence Matt Top Coat
✓ Pros: Cheap, dries fast.
✗ Cons: Not really a 'matte' finish., more of a satin-matte (to me, anyway).

Essence Mono Eyeshadow
✓ Pros: Cheap, large selection of colours, available in matte, shimmer and creamy textures.
✗ Cons: Slightly too hard and powdery, not very pigmented.

I highly recommend their polish polish, as it is very affordable and high quality, not to mention that you can choose from so many colours. Besides the 'Colour & Go' collection, they also have the 'Multi Dimension XXXL Shine' series, as well as their newest 'Metallics Magnetic' nail polish collection. That's the one I am most eager to try, because I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of using magnets to create nail art after reading about these nail polishes on All Lacquered Up.

Well, that's all for today. Hope you liked my review and swatches, and do leave a comment. :) Thanks!

Train Ride

(Photo from bearyari @ Deviantart)

Even before the train stops at the station, you scan the coaches as they pass by. Some are full, some have a few empty seats in between, some are almost empty. Do you harbour a little wish that the carriage that stops in front of you will be almost empty, with only a few passengers scattered in the corners and maybe a lone ranger standing by the doorway with his headphones on?

Take a step in and a gush of cold air brushes over you, bringing with it the unmistakable yet indescribable odour of the automated light rail transit train. It carries with it a whiff of electrical ozone and the intangible passages of the countless people who have passed through its automatic doors.

Most people will choose the corner seats. If there are none available, you weigh your options. Should I sit in the middle of a row with two (or more) strangers next to me, or would I rather stand in the small space next to the door? The carriage is empty except for the few people sitting in the corners, so you take you chances and sit right in the middle of that 5-seat row. You feel somewhat relieved to see that nobody is sitting opposite, so you can stare out the opposite window without trying to avoid eye contact.

Your luck runs out sooner than you think it will. The train reaches the next station and somebody takes the middle seat in the opposite row. You observe the person with some curiosity at first. Black trousers, black shirt with the top button undone, a black bag, black formal shoes, today's newspaper. A glint of gold around his neck and wrist, hair cut almost to his scalp and a serious expression.

Aha, your mind says. He looks like a gangster from some Hong Kong film. Imagination goes into overdrive thinking about the possible scenarios of reasons why this person is on the train. What's that in his bag? Is he going to meet somebody in a sinister place? Why use public transport? Did he just get off 'work'?

In reality, the man places his bag on the floor between his feet, smooths his hair, opens up the newspaper, and starts reading the news. You find yourself almost staring, and quickly look away, pretending to be interested in the scenery from another window. It's funny how our minds can stereotype and make up stories about people whom we know nothing about.

Two more stations pass. It's an interchange, and the passenger on your right gets off at that stop. So does the passenger on the man's right. It's strange, how you automatically move over to the just-vacated corner seat, and feeling slightly amused to see that he has done the same.

Now your view has changed. There's a different person sitting opposite you now. It's a fairly large man with his earphones on, playing with his handphone. He's so intent on his activity that you don't feel weird taking a longer look. You see him shaking his head to the beat of some inaudible music, and twitching the phone left, right, up, down, horizontal, vertical as (you presume) he plays some game.

Meanwhile, the man all in black turns another page, pulls out the Business section of the newspaper, puts on the empty seat next to him, and continues reading. From here, you find that he seems much more normal; just another commuter on the train.

Another stop. A lady with a child enters the coach. You can almost see her evaluating the situation. One, take the middle seat between the two men. Two, take the middle seat in between two women. She walks in your direction, and sits down in the middle seat while her child clambers up to the seat beside you. You smile at the kid, and then quickly look away.

Two more stops. Or maybe it was three? It doesn't matter. The train comes to a stop at another station, and the child sees something that makes him jump off the seat and drag the lady out of the train with him. Maybe he saw his father, or a beloved relative? Perhaps it was a familiar landmark, or just an attractive toy. You want to turn around and look, but it's too late, the train is already pulling out of the station. Nevermind. You continue staring at your hands.

(Photo by trappedinreality @ Deviantart)

The train passes a few more stations. You see people come and go, walk past on their way to other carriages. You see a high school boy walk past and choose a seat in the next coach. He pulls out a sweater from his backpack, puts in on, and then takes out an almost dog-eared paperback novel. It looks vaguely familiar, that scribble on the back cover looking like an Agatha Cristie autograph from one of the books in your bookshelf at home. You suddenly feel envious of the boy, and also the man with the newspaper, because they can read on the train without feeling dizzy or sick.

Then again, if your eyes were focused on printed material all the time while on any kind of transport, you wouldn't have the chance to people-watch, you tell yourself.

Four more stops from your destination. At the next stop, the man in black gets off. He stands up, folds up his newspaper, picks up his bag and walks out when the train stops. You suddenly notice that the guy with the earphones has disappeared while you weren't looking.

An elderly lady takes a seat in the same row. There's nothing particularly outstanding about her. Average height, average clothes, average face. She could be anybody, and you wouldn't have a single clue.

Three more stops. The phone rings, and you answer the call, telling the caller you'll arrive in about 10 minutes. The rest of the journey you spend looking out the opposite window again, seeing buildings and trees go past, sometimes slowly, sometimes in a flash of green or grey.

Suddenly you hear the final station being announced. That's your cue to make sure your bags are all there, cash card safely in your pocket. The train slowly comes to a halt at the station, and you stand up, eager to get off the train and be home sweet home.

That's enough people-watching on a train ride for today, you think to yourself.

(Photo by devilsmile @ Deviantart)

Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Liquid Eyeliner

♫ ST☆RISH - マジ Love 1000%

The lovely Dolly Wink Limited Edition Eyeliners are finally here! ♥

While walking around Isetan, The Gardens with YC before the movie (Harry Potter! Wheee~), I saw this table that made me go all starry-eyed...

Koji products!
So naturally I went over and was delighted to see the limited edition Dolly Wink eyeliners on display there. I asked the sales assistant and she told me they were having a promotion for them, and those on display were the only ones left. Being the kiasu type to be suckered in by cute limited edition items, I couldn't resist.

Limited Edition Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, RM49 (Normal retail price RM55.90)
Plus, I figured it would match the pencil eyeliner I bought last year, which is from the Koji Lash Specialist Limited Edition Black Mascara + Pencil Eyeliner set. 

Koji Lash Specialist Limited Edition set
These 3 make such a cute set omg
I haven't opened the new liquid eyeliner yet because I'm still using my current one from Empro, but I can show you how the pencil eyeliner and mascara from Koji Lash Specialist look like. The pencil eyeliner is the retractable type.
(click for larger image)

I love the deep black colour of both the eyeliner and mascara. I do not often apply mascara, but whenever I do put this on, it gives my eyelashes more volume and adds a bit of length. As for the eyeliner, it was quite creamy when I first opened it, but now it has hardened slightly. Normally I like to use liquid eyeliner to achieve a more accurate and thin line. However, this is my go-to eyeliner for days when I want a thicker line and want my eyeliner to stay on all day, or to get that natural/'smudged' eye makeup look. :) And when I say all day, I mean all day. This pencil eyeliner definitely has some staying power! 

I was sorely tempted to get the Dolly Wink cream eyeshadow in 01 Gold as well, but since it wasn't on promotion, I decided to skip it for the time being. They also had a "Buy 2 Free 1" promotion for the Dolly Wink nail polish, but I'd already bought the colours I wanted before CNY with the same promo, AND they don't allow Malaysia to bring in the pastel green for some weird reason. (Plus I was running on limited funds that day. >_<) 

If it's one makeup product I cannot live without, it's eyeliner.

Convinced myself to buy it so that it'd match the pencil eyeliner LOL

Lancôme Loves Colours!

(click on photos for larger image)

Yesterday I was at Pavilion KL to attend a blogger experience event by Lancôme, which JQ had invited me to join. It was the first day of the "Lancôme Loves Colours" roadshow, which will be held from 18th - 24th July at the Pavilion Concourse area.

Their roadshow decor is so in-trend with the current colour block fashion right now!

The session was scheduled to start at 2pm, but we were early so they gave us a skin analysis while waiting. :) The analysis results? I have normal combination type skin, with some pigmentation and fine lines (gasp!) problems. >_<

We also went around to snap photos of the roadshow and some outfit inspirations by Jaspal.

Guess which is my fave outfit there? :P
When the event organizers arrived, each blogger was given a goodie bag and a press release with information about the roadshow and products.

Goodie bags!
Once everybody was assembled, the introductory session started. Jess volunteered to be the model for the demonstration and makeover. ^_^

First of all was the "2 Minute Aura" touch-up process, which consists of 3 products. It is recommended to put a small amount of the product on the back of your hand to heat it up, blend it and then gently pat it onto your face.

3 steps for 2 Minute Aura!

Step 1: Lancôme Genifique - this serum helps to restore your skin to its natural youthful state. It can aid in evening skin tone, improve texture and gives you that much sought-after healthy radiant glow.
Step 2: Lancôme UV Expert (SPF 50) - as the name shows, it is a sunblock. It is BB based, meaning that it is (slightly) tinted and will blend in with all skin tones. An important step in our skincare and makeup regime!
Step 3: Lancôme Teint Miracle - the finishing touch of this 3-step process. It is an ultra lightweight foundation that gives you a naturally flawless complexion. 

The best thing about the 2 Minute Aura is that besides giving you that inner radiant glow, you can use it before OR after doing your makeup! That's why it's called a touch-up process. :P 

Zam showing us the 2 Minute Aura process, and the super kawaii Limited Edition lipgloss!

Jess' makeover :)

See the mascara he's using? It's the Hypnôse Precious Cells mascara, which can help regenerate stronger lashes, dramatically magnify volume and increase length of our eyelashes. I will do a review later on this product once I have used it a few times. :)

After that, the rest of us went to have our own mini makeovers.

Thanks to Alicia for the great makeover! ♥
Love the pink eyeshadow and white shimmer. There's a bit of blue too, but it's not very visible.

The makeup still looking good even after 6 hours (without any touch-ups)!
As you can see, my lashes are not very long and tend to slant downwards. The mascara definitely helped add volume and some length to them, but I have to really use an eyelash curler on a daily basis to make them look nicer (which I am too lazy to do every day T_T).

Did I mention that all of us also got a free photo after our makeovers? :) We grabbed the colourful Sereni & Shentel headbands and posed for the camera.

Me and JQ.
Jess and I.
My photo ♥
These are the items from their Love Colours range. I particularly love the pink and blue palettes. :D

You can join in the fun too! This Lancôme Loves Colours roadshow is ongoing at Pavilion Concourse until 24th July, where you can get a free eye makeover and instant photo! After that they will have a Trésor In Love Anniversary event at Suria KLCC from 23rd - 31st July. There are lots of prizes to be won, including 2 tickets to Paris, France!

Click image to view details. ^^
Click image for details.

Big thanks to Lancôme for giving us this fun opportunity to try out their items! :) Also thanks to JQ for inviting me to the event. ^^ One last pic before I end this post. :P

Have a lovely, colourful day! :)

I Caught A Lightning Bolt!

♫ 林宥嘉 - 想自由

I wanted to put "Pottermania" as my post title, but then I decided I want to use it for my real, honest-to-goodness, all about Harry Potter blog post. It'll be up after 1) I've watched the movie and 2) taken inventory of the insane amount (to me, anyway) of stuff I have which are related to The Boy Who Lived.

So basically this is just a shopping item post. lol *is whacked because of unrelated blog post title* It's true, though. Kinda. I mean, I did manage to 'catch' a lightning bolt while shopping today. :P

See, see! I wasn't kidding when I said I 'caught' a lightning bolt!

I got this long necklace with a lightning bolt pendant at Metrojaya, The Curve for only RM5! It was the last one hanging on the display, so I grabbed it quick. Even though it was a teeny bit tarnished, I figured I could go home and clean it up. Viola! It's now bright and shiny. Although I'm kinda baffled at the small little Vivienne Westwood-ish charm hanging next to the lightning bolt. O_o

Photo of an original Vivienne Westwood logo pendant. See what I mean?
Besides the lightning bolt necklace, I also got a double-chain long necklace with cute little bow pendants.

Both necklaces at RM5 each.
Both the necklaces are from Ruscoe & Co. and priced at RM5 each. They also have many other types of long necklaces priced at RM5 on the two displays, as well as pretty earrings, beads-and-lace scrunchies, bracelets, bangles and much more ranging from RM5 to RM 20 (those on sale, I mean).

Of course, for me, a trip to The Curve/Ikano/IKEA is never complete without a trip to Daiso! :) I dislike going there on weekends though; it's way too crowded and stupid parents people tend to push their baby strollers into the store, making it even more congested. Don't get me started about the sheer amount of kids running around everywhere. So glaringly obvious that I am not a kid-loving person lllorz

The actual colours look much sweeter, and you can see the shiny gold thread(s) in it!

This is like the cutest bow hair tie ever! I don't normally tie my hair into a ponytail, so I intend to wear it as a bracelet, lol.

In conclusion. XD

In Pictures

♫ GD & TOP - Baby Good Night

I feel like I haven't posted anything new lately, and I'm super lazy to type a lot, so I guess I'll just let my photos and captions do the talking. All these are from my 1st July weekend with high school friends. ♥

Highlight was definitely the Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 Preview held at Taylors' Lakeside campus.

Karaoke with WH at RedBox Sunway before going for the concert.
Open air stage next to the lake.
Tickets included snacks + a drink.
Sausage in pastry, french fries and iced peach tea.
Opening performance by Taylors Symphony Orchestra.
Intermission: Sakae Sushi mini dance contest. The frog mascot is so cute!
Followed by Paddy Keenan (guy in the middle) from Ireland.
The evening ended with the Victor Valdez Trio of Mexico.
The best performance was definitely the last one. These guys just had so much energy, and the music they played was so lively! This is the first time we've seen a real mariachi band. =) They came complete with sombreros. Must've been really hot in those outfits, but they really wow-ed the crowd.

The lifts at Viva Home are good for photos. :P

We woke up around noon the next day and then went for brunch. Lazed around until quite late then went to Viva Home, then had dinner at Sakae Sushi. The dinner was.... gross. After that we went to Look Out Point to enjoy the scenery. :P

KL city spread out before us.
Found a small ladder to use as a camera stand, lol
I spent one more night at WH's house before going home the next day. Her dad treated my parents and I to dim sum when they came to fetch me. Thank you, uncle! :)

These arrived on Monday. I had been expecting them since Friday when the seller informed me they had arrived and sent out.

Color Club Wicked Sweet collection and China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat.