Eye of the Day: Pur-pink!

♫ Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

I've probably been listening to a little too much of Big Bang's new songs, especially Fantastic Baby, which always brings bright vivid colours to mind. I mean, just take a look at their outfits (and GD's hair wtf). Also, I cannot get "boom shakalaka" out of my head.

Music playlist repetition aside, I seriously love the combination of pink and purple. Add to that my current obsession with the various shades of mint/turquoise, and you get this "Eye of the Day" look, which I've named Pur-Pink (I know, not very original, but... meh). :P

I wouldn't dare to wear a combination of such bold colours out in public, so I only experiment with them at home. I usually keep my eyeshadow makeup neutral and toned down, unless it's for special occasions.

The colours I used are all from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. The eyeshadows are a dream to work with - they're so pigmented and buttery smooth! I was really attracted by the bright pink and purple eyeshadows in the palette at first, but after purchasing it, I found myself using more of the brown and gold shades instead.

Super love the sturdy metal packaging! ♥
Here are the colours I used in this look:

Clockwise from top left: Tainted, Junkshow, Deep End & Omen

With the exception of Blackout, which is matte black, all the other colours in this palette are shimmery. Normally I dislike shimmery/glittery eyeshadows, but these babies are just perfect! They apply with a nice sheen that isn't over-the-top.

A diagram because I'm too lazy to describe it, and I know people would prefer to see pictures. :P That dark purplish line on the upper lash line is actually black eyeliner; I applied the eyeshadows over it, that's why it looks purple. ^^" Hey, it doesn't look that bad, right? :D

The finished look. :)
I've been sporting candy pastel nails for the past few days. The weather has been pretty gloomy lately, so the bright colours always cheer me up.

Oh, and the pair of "kiddy shoes for adults" I've been wanting and then waiting for like forever finally arrived! ("Kiddy shoes" because they're straps instead of laces, lol ~_~) Couldn't decide between blue, green and pink, but in the end I decided that the blue was nicer. Yay for lazy peeps like me who can't be bothered to tie shoelaces. XD

The Body Shop L.E. Nail Colour in Twinkling Pink

♫ Joe Hisaishi - One Summer Day

You all probably know by now that I'm a sucker for anything pink. Today I have a lovely pink nail polish to share with you. :) As you might have seen from the title above, it's The Body Shop's limited edition nail colour in the shade 02 Twinkling Pink.

This nail polish is a part of The Body Shop Christmas 2010 collection, which includes 2 glittery nail polishes - Starry Night (black) and Twinkling Pink (pink). I first saw them around Christmas in 2010, and totally loved the colour when I tested it out at the store. However, I was extremely reluctant to fork out RM22 for a 5ml bottle, considering the fact it had so little product and there weren't any other TBS nail polishes to compare with. Luck was with me a few weeks later though, because I got  a RM20 rebate from a gift purchase, so I quickly went back to The Body Shop and snapped up this jewel for only RM2! *grins*

I am really glad I picked up this colour, because it's absolutely beautiful. ♥ See the photos below to find out why. :P

In the photos above, I only applied 1 coat of Twinkling Pink (along with a top coat). 2 coats would make it completely opaque, but I as you can see from the first photo, it covers well enough with just a little bit of the nail line visible. I'm afraid the colour in the photos is a bit off though; it's actually closer to the first 2 photos, maybe a bit darker.

Why I love this particular nail polish? The colour is gorgeous, and unlike the other nail polishes I own. It's a soft pretty pink with fine shimmery glass flecks, which in some lights make it look sort of metallic. Application is a breeze too, as the formula is smooth and even, plus - if you don't mind a bit of VNL - it covers really nicely in 1 coat. (Also helps me save the nail polish; it is only 5ml and limited edition, after all.) A lot of people like pink but shy away from Barbie-esque pink shades, so I think this kind of pink would be perfect. It's girly sweet and subtly edgy at the same time.

Would you rock this nail colour? :)

I have the other TBS nail polish, 01 Starry Night, which is black with uneven silver glass fleck glitter, but that will be a post for another day.

Out And About

♫ Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)

Looks like I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. Didn't really know what to blog about besides haul posts, and frankly, I feel kinda weird blogging about hauls and not showing how I utilise/wear them in everyday life. Or maybe I'm just weird like that. =/ Anyway, for today's update, I'm gonna post up random pictures of places I've been and stuff I've purchased recently.

Enjoy the pictures! :)

Lunch at Coliseum last week with dad, mum and aunt. Super love the quaint vintage look and feel of this (nearly) century-old eatery. My favourites from the menu? Their signature chicken cordon bleu and fresh orange juice.

Snapped this in the childrens' section at IKEA one night after a late dinner. A carrot reading a book before bedtime, how cute is that? :D

Dolly Wink mascara + Diamond Lash eyelashes + Luminous Change eyelashes! My brother went to Hong Kong for a holiday last month, so I asked him to pick me up some stuff from SaSa. I'm a total novice at putting on false eyelashes, so I'm using these to practice. :P I wanted the Dolly Wink limited edition mascara + eyeliner set, but my bro told me he couldn't find any. >_< Anyhow, the mascaras alone are still way cheaper than in Malaysia.

Also bought in Hong Kong by my brother. Now my camera finally has a proper casing that makes it look even more vintage! ♥

Food from Neway CEO's happy hour tea-time buffet (weekends only). Ruth and I even had second helpings!

Outfit for that day. Thank goodness for the blazer; it was pretty cold inside and raining when we came out after 6 hours of karaoke. O_o

Pack of 10 more than 14 emery boards for RM7 at Forever 21. I didn't know F21 had expanded into lingerie and personal grooming until I went in to look around that day. O_o

This was love at first sight, I kid you not. Didn't buy it that day, but I snapped a photo of it and it just kept calling out to me. And the best part? All the pairs left on the shelf were exactly my size. Fate or what? Gave in to temptation and got these babies a few days later. :P

More pictures because I just cannot get enough of them. Two-way fleece lined heeled combat boots - fold them down or pull them up for different looks!

I've been trying to perfect my carbonara-cooking skills the past couple of months. I must say, I do make a pretty good plate of carbonara now. :P Can't say the same for my aglio olio though. Still haven't gotten the hang of that recipe yet.

Currently on my nails is Elianto's new mint green nail polish, from their latest spring collection. I am totally in love with mint green, and this nail polish is just awesome. RM5.50 a bottle, and it's opaque in one coat! (I still did two coats out of habit though.) All the colours from the collection are so sweet and perfect for spring/summer!

Hauled some stuff from Stage at Midvalley today. I love their lip liners, and wanted to try out their eyeshadows. It may look like a MAC store from the outside, but trust me, you'll love their prices. :D

Used up RM50 from my 1Malaysia book vouchers at Borders today. :) Abandon from Meg Cabot and The Last Four Things (sequel to The Left Hand of God) from Paul Hoffman.