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Looks like I've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. Didn't really know what to blog about besides haul posts, and frankly, I feel kinda weird blogging about hauls and not showing how I utilise/wear them in everyday life. Or maybe I'm just weird like that. =/ Anyway, for today's update, I'm gonna post up random pictures of places I've been and stuff I've purchased recently.

Enjoy the pictures! :)

Lunch at Coliseum last week with dad, mum and aunt. Super love the quaint vintage look and feel of this (nearly) century-old eatery. My favourites from the menu? Their signature chicken cordon bleu and fresh orange juice.

Snapped this in the childrens' section at IKEA one night after a late dinner. A carrot reading a book before bedtime, how cute is that? :D

Dolly Wink mascara + Diamond Lash eyelashes + Luminous Change eyelashes! My brother went to Hong Kong for a holiday last month, so I asked him to pick me up some stuff from SaSa. I'm a total novice at putting on false eyelashes, so I'm using these to practice. :P I wanted the Dolly Wink limited edition mascara + eyeliner set, but my bro told me he couldn't find any. >_< Anyhow, the mascaras alone are still way cheaper than in Malaysia.

Also bought in Hong Kong by my brother. Now my camera finally has a proper casing that makes it look even more vintage! ♥

Food from Neway CEO's happy hour tea-time buffet (weekends only). Ruth and I even had second helpings!

Outfit for that day. Thank goodness for the blazer; it was pretty cold inside and raining when we came out after 6 hours of karaoke. O_o

Pack of 10 more than 14 emery boards for RM7 at Forever 21. I didn't know F21 had expanded into lingerie and personal grooming until I went in to look around that day. O_o

This was love at first sight, I kid you not. Didn't buy it that day, but I snapped a photo of it and it just kept calling out to me. And the best part? All the pairs left on the shelf were exactly my size. Fate or what? Gave in to temptation and got these babies a few days later. :P

More pictures because I just cannot get enough of them. Two-way fleece lined heeled combat boots - fold them down or pull them up for different looks!

I've been trying to perfect my carbonara-cooking skills the past couple of months. I must say, I do make a pretty good plate of carbonara now. :P Can't say the same for my aglio olio though. Still haven't gotten the hang of that recipe yet.

Currently on my nails is Elianto's new mint green nail polish, from their latest spring collection. I am totally in love with mint green, and this nail polish is just awesome. RM5.50 a bottle, and it's opaque in one coat! (I still did two coats out of habit though.) All the colours from the collection are so sweet and perfect for spring/summer!

Hauled some stuff from Stage at Midvalley today. I love their lip liners, and wanted to try out their eyeshadows. It may look like a MAC store from the outside, but trust me, you'll love their prices. :D

Used up RM50 from my 1Malaysia book vouchers at Borders today. :) Abandon from Meg Cabot and The Last Four Things (sequel to The Left Hand of God) from Paul Hoffman.


♥ Clara said...

Meg Cabot! I love the cover of "Abandon", stunningly beautiful, would definitely buy it some day :) Your boots and camera case are lovely <3

toshi said...

Wah...I wanna taste ur pasta! when will I be able to do it? XD

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha i love that you take random things and that carrot is so cute!! Seriously though, the boots are cute but so inappropriate for our weather..!

little miss smexy said...

Owh!!! So that is the boots you were talking about! Too naiss already gatalll LOL. and the Lumix casing is really nice too! Only HK we will find cute accessories for our cameras, it is so hard to hunt one simple cute casing in Malaysia >__<

LauraLeia said...

Clara: Aww.. Thank you! :) Meg Cabot books are great for light reading, haha!

toshi: Buy the ingredients and then i'll go to ur house to cook. :P Or we can have a house party when WH is back and have a cookout party thingy. :P

saltvinegar: I was totally LOL-ing when I saw that carrot! There were even a couple of other carrots placed in the kiddy beds like they were sleeping, with blankets over them! XD The fleece in the boots make them look pretty winter-y, huh? XD

Nicole: Yes,those are the pair! :D My brother said I'd go crazy if i went to Hong Kong coz the shopping there is awesome!

Unknown said...

OMG a carrot reading a book! So cute ;)

That is so nice of your brother! I would love to know what you think of the Dolly Wink mascaras~
Oh lashes! I also only learned how to apply them a few months ago and I sucked at it really bad. But I think I can apply them decently now.

chiwayu said...

Ilove that carrot XD"
didnt got go ikea for quite some time XD"

Charlie said...

the carrot reading the book so cute, love the boots too!!!

LauraLeia said...

Nancy: A very quirky scene that I couldn't help but snap a pic of! :D I will do a review on the mascara later on, maybe not soon because I seldom use mascara and still have a few hardly-used ones. :)

wayu: Hahahah cute right the carrot! XD Go IKEA walk walk also fun leh, and the ice cream is yummy!

Nath: Everybody loves the carrot! XD I love the boots too, just can't seem to find the right occasion/time to wear them out. >.<

Camy said...

the carrot reading book is so cuteee! and i love ur shoeeee

Cindy said...

The carrot reading a book... haha, so kawaii!


Merryn said...

Wow your nail polish matches your blog! :D

LauraLeia said...

Camy: Thank youuuuu :D

Cindy: It looks like the carrot is really popular, haha!

Merryn: I didn't even notice that! XD Thanks for pointing that out~ :P

Merryn said...

I forgot to say something.. "Your brother bought you eyelashes?" Cool max your bro!!

Joey said...

Oh I love haul posts hehehe I like having a nosey at what others have bought.

You're right, make up and skincare is so much cheaper in Hong Kong. I was shocked that HK was selling My Beauty Diary masks for like half price!

Love those new boots you bought :)

Btw, is that a LX5? Same! haha

LauraLeia said...

Merryn: I gave him a list, complete with photos! Haha!

Joey: Thank you for the follow! :D Yay for LX5-ers! *high 5* I love the boots, but haven't worn them out yet because I haven't been out anywhere nice lately.

Unknown said...

lovjng the pastel nail polishh!!

check out my blog when u can! :D

Isabel said...

omggggggg you got the luminous change falsies T_T