Hi, Heels

Long ago, when I was in kindergarten, my mum bought me a pair of really cute shoes. They were made from shiny black leather with buckles and had rounded toes, and I absolutely loved them. I called them my "shiny shoes". At that time, a lot of other children were wearing similar shoes, but the tips of their shoes were pointed. I asked my mum why she bought the rounded ones for me, and she told me it was to prevent my toes from being pinched together. (I still wonder if it's true or not, lol.)
Something like this.

When I started my formal education, well, there wasn't much choice in way of regulation footwear. My favourites were the triple strap ones that look like Converse high tops, but those were pretty hard to find, so I took really good care of them.

 Then a few years back, I started falling in love with shoes. Shoes with heels, to be exact. That was around the time I started going to college/university and could wear whatever I liked to school. I'd usually match my shoes with my outfits, so they usually ended up being black, white or something in between. Since then, I've acquired more than a few pairs of shoes/heels. Every time I step into a shoe shop, my dad stays as far away as possible. LOL

I call them my "strappy sandals".
↑ Clockwise from left: Vincci slingbacks, Twins floral wedges, VKI braided wedges, Sembonia kitten heel sandals

These my booties and heels.
↑ Clockwise from top left: Forever 21 booties, unnamed brand booties, unnamed brand white ribbon bow heels, Rubi red Mary Janes, Pull & Bear peep toe pumps, unnamed brand black velvet ribbon bow heels

While these are under the "comfy shoes" category.
↑ From top: Sketchers "Daddy's Money" mary janes, Nike Air 'Bling' limited edition, Adidas maroon high tops

These days, although I'm fond of wearing wedge sandals, I still favour Mary Janes over other kinds of 'covered' shoes. Being approximately 158cm, I also dislike wearing flats or slippers.

But I do make exceptions.

Pink folding flats
These pink folding flats from The Little Things She Needs were bought all the way from Singapore, and I have to say, they have saved my poor feet on many occasions! (e.g. walking around in booties/high heels for more than 4 hours.) These extremely comfy foldable flats come in a handy pouch which is small enough to put in my bag, super convenient. :) The sole is made from very sturdy rubber, so I have no worries about walking through puddles or soft grassy surfaces. Even if they get dirty, a quick wash with soap and water does the trick.

Here's a bit of advice before concluding this post:

...so that you have enough space in your shoe rack! =P

I'll probably send out a text like this and then feel really stupid the next day.
Oh well, that's okay. :)

Charles Worthington Launch, Celsius @ Fahrenheit88

Last Tuesday (5 April 2011), I had the opportunity to attend the Charles Worthington product launch at Celsius @ Fahrenheit88. It was organized by Watsons and I managed to snag an invite via a contest they announced on their Facebook page.

First, who exactly is Charles Worthington?
Charles Worthington is an award-winning hairdresser from London who has developed and produced a range of high quality hair care products. He has won many international awards as a celebrity hairdresser, and is one of the most in-demand stylists around, constantly on call for red carpet events, from hair partner of the BAFTAs to Cannes, the Golden Globes and the Oscars. He and his team are among the UK's top professional hairdressers.

Okay, so that was my (correct) answer for the contest. LOL

I arrived there around 3 p.m. and by 3.30 p.m. it was already full of organizers, media, and guests. Pretty exciting yet nerve-wrecking, as it was my first time attending such an event and I didn't know anybody there.

The products on display.
The main area.
More and more people.
Once everybody of consequence had arrived by 4 p.m., the launch officially started. The only VIP I could identify was Xandria Ooi, and I also heard the MC refer to a handsome guy named Jym whom I assume is Jym庄靖毅

The VIPs.
So after introducing the VIPs, they had a demonstration by a hairstylist on how to use the products. There was also a speech + interview with the CW representative (the tall blonde lady) about their products, which I sorta tuned out because I was getting bored more interested in the finger food.

Bar where the drinks come from.
Rice rolls served in a spoon.
Satay in a glass.

I left the event around 5p.m. as it was starting to rain quite heavily. The other fellow winners and I got our goodie bags from the Watsons representative, who thanked us for coming to the event. :) They also got one of the photogs to snap some photos of us with the CW products and our goodie bags. Publicity, it's everywhere!

Who doesn't like goodie bags?
You can touch them, open them, sniff them...
...and of course, take photos of them (but can't smuggle them out).

It was definitely an interesting and memorable experience for me. Being a media student, I feel that it's an even more meaningful experience as I get to see and feel how an event like this works.

Bonus: I get to use the products before they're sold in stores! Wheeeee~

So these are the contents of my goodie bag:

  • Two Watsons facial masks
  • A bottle of CW Frizz Free Salon Finish Ultimate Serum (30ml)
  • A set of CW Frizz Free Salon Results Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml).

I just used the shampoo and conditioner yesterday, so I can't say for sure how effective it is yet. I probably have to go through a couple more washes to gauge the "salon results".

A Furry Tale

Alright, I admit I've had my eye on the fox fur tail trend in Japan since last year, but never really wanted to get one of them until today. It's pretty rare to find people sporting the fur tail fashion around here; I only saw it on a young woman's jeans/bag that one time on Christmas Eve in a cafe at Pavilion.

It probably started with Louis Vuitton's 2010 Spring/Summer collection, which featured colourful foxy fur tails on their bags. Then there were the spreads in Japanese magazines which showcased all the different types of accessorizing outfits with the fur tails.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a bunch of these fur tails in a wholesale mall in Klang! The ones sold in Minimaos were RM49 , while those sold in Muse by Alvin Tay (I saw them in Fahrenheit88) retail at RM99. Hmmph, daylight robbery!

My faux fox fur tail.

It measures approximately 30cm and is attached to a gold-tone carbine hook, which makes it easy to transfer to different bags. It's also super soft and fluffy! I don't think I can resist stroking it every few seconds if I hook it to my bag or shorts. >_< I also bought a smaller version (about 12cm) in a black-brown shade. It can double as a bag or handphone accessory, although knowing me, it'll be missing chunks of fur if I hook it to my phone. Better not risk it.

Up next: Charles Worthington launch party.


I realize this place has been sadly neglected, due to the lack of willpower and inspiration to blog every time I visit.

About a couple of weeks ago, I won myself an OPI hamper via their Facebook page.

Today, I got a call (and e-mail) from Watsons telling me I'd gotten an invite to the Charles Worthington product launch at Celsius @ Fahrenheit 88 tomorrow. I had completely forgotten about the entry I sent in less than a week ago.

I don't know. It feels like my luck might have taken a turn for the better, but exactly why and for how much longer is beyond me. I can only cross my fingers and hope that it lasts.

P/S: Will update some pics from the event soon! :)