Diabolical Coincidences

This is totally random and totally out of sync with the rest of the posts in my blog, but I just have to re-post this article.

I saw this post by Thought Catalogue on Facebook right after I'd exited my newly-installed, extremely old Diablo II (Expansion version, of course), and in my head I was like "HOLY CRAP! This is just way too freaky!" because it was just too... you know, freakishly coincidental.


My Level 99 Sorceress Will Destroy You (And Cut Off Your Ear)

She runs across the open moor with her hair flying wildly behind her. Lithe yet purposeful, there is a primal sensuality in her murderous power. She is being pursued; and a young girl, hidden from sight, watches in awe as the woman spins in a cloud of skirts and hair, lifts her orb above her head, bows, and kills all the monsters in the clearing with one foul blow.

The monsters were an inconvenience, mostly. The impact of their thudding sideswipes and shooting darts did minimal damage to her life (if they even managed to catch her) and regardless, it replenished instantaneously. But they were irritating in their persistence, and besides, she had to think about the rest of the team.

The Barbarian was most vulnerable. He was a level 20 and was slowing them down. Whoever was commanding him wasn’t dexterous enough with their mouse—they were leading him astray and distracting the sorceress from her task. Even the Necromancer was more useful, and that’s saying something. The young girl sighs; she hopes rushing these fools will be worth it when Mephisto drops his load.

And so the young girl spent the majority of her after school hours—and so the Sorceress got stronger and stronger. It wasn’t her first Sorc—she had distributed the skill points haphazardly on her first Sorc, and even at level 99 she hadn’t been formidable enough. But this Sorc—the new one—she was a masterpiece, the young girl’s Sistine Chapel. She was unbeatable, even in Hell Cows, and had some amazing rarities in her inventory.

Sometimes, yes, every now and then, the young girl would hate her Sorceress. As proud as she was of her creation (she’d battle her boyfriend’s 99 Barb online and often times she’d win, despite his superiority to her in knowledge of the game), she sometimes wished she were at the mall with the cool girls, shoplifting lipsticks from cosmetics counters and flirting with football players. We all want these things sometimes, she’d say to herself, but where would we be if we all had all the things we wanted sometimes, when wanting is so fleeting?

So she curated her Sorc to near perfection, and she imagined the gaping mouths of her gamer friends when she blazed trails for them through the various levels of Diablo II with the ease of a diety. She reveled in the deaths of all the monsters plaguing upon the earth, the wonderful treasures she withdrew from the loins of battle and the romance of magic and fantastical violence.

Now, grown older (but not bigger or taller) the young girl occasionally pangs for her Sorceress. From the intoxicating thrill of gaming, the way she used to lose herself entirely in the frenzy of fantasy—Diablo II had been a hoot. It didn’t define her youth, nor did it consume it, but it was always her little escape, her oasis away from the world, like reading books or watching movies. So now she wonders, what’s a lady in her mid 20s to do when she discovers Diablo III? To play, or not to play?

(by Kat George)

While my preferred character class isn't the Sorceress (I stubbornly stick to Druids), I completely understand where Kat is coming from. Plus, I am still unsatisfied because I didn't get to kick Diablo's ass that time in primary school because mum was yelling at me to get off the computer because it was late and I had an exam in the morning wtf.

So... Diablo III? HELL YES.

Review: OCC Lip Tar in Anime

I've been fascinated by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' (OCC) Lip Tars ever since I found out about them from Serendipity: Cult Beauty Discoveries.

Since they were having their Serendipity's OCC Lip Tar '30 Day Colour Obsession' throughout the month of June, with a single colour being discounted each day, I decided to get myself a Lip Tar in Anime, which is a bright, hot pink. (Also, I love Japanese anime.)

Got mine for RM40! (NP: RM60)
After reading through various reviews, raves and swatches, I wanted to do my own review of this amazing lip product. :)

You will need: 
  • a lip balm
  • a lip brush
  • OCC Lip Tar of your choice
I used Paul Frank Lip Smacker in Clancy's Cotton Candy as my base lip balm. ^o^
Apply lip balm to prep your lips.
It is advisable to prep your lips with a moisturizing lip balm before applying the lip tar, as any imperfections can be easily seen, and it can be a bit drying when applied directly on the lips.

Squeeze a small bit of lip tar (just a bit is more than enough!) onto your lip brush, then brush it over your lips. Use a lip liner if you're afraid it will feather or go out of line. I don't use lip liner because I'm too lazy. =/

Squeeze out a small drop.
Even a dot like this is slightly too much.
Bright anime pink indeed!
The OCC Lip Tars are very, very pigmented, so they also act as lip stains. If you think the colour is too over the top, you can press your lips on a piece of tissue paper to make it less shocking. The lip tar also has a slight peppermint flvaour, so those who are allergic or dislike it should take note. :)

It goes on glossy but dries to a matte/satin finish, so if you like glossy pouts, just add some lip gloss or another layer of lip balm to make them shine!

I use this Maybelline Lip Smooth Lip Balm in Strawberry.
✓ Pros: A little bit goes a long way, very long lasting, amazing colour(s), can mix your own lip colours using a mixture of other OCC Lip Tars.
✗ Cons: May cause stains, have to remove with makeup remover, squeeze-tube packaging is not user-friendly.

It may be on the pricey side, but considering how long one tube can last, and the endless possibilities you can create by mixing with other lip tars, it's worth every dollar. The colours are lovely, and they last really long too. Definitely a must-buy!

P/S: You can purchase them from Serendipity.

Tying Up My Laces

♫ Shontelle - Say Hello To Goodbye

Or rather, typing up all my lace-related stuff into one post so the pics aren't cluttering up my desktop. *has desktop OCD*

Lately I've been slightly taken over by the lace craze.

Ultra-comfy Uniqlo laced tees.

My DIY black lace bracelet.

 The ALDO lace bracelet I got for a steal!

Well, those are the things I've got in my inventory. 

These here are the lacey things I've been drooling over a while now.

Lace peep-toe pumps.

Lace PG bag from Taiwan.

Honestly though, if I got the heels and the bag and matched them together with my tee and bracelets, that would totally be lace overkill. I still prefer the lacey items to be an accent rather than a theme, don't you think? ;)

Summer Break

♫ Travie McCoy - We'll Be Alright

Today marks the official end of my second year in degree, and the beginning of the semester break holidays. In reality, I've been chillin' since Tuesday.

Damon agrees.

So anyway, before I go off topic talking about how hot Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore is other stuff, there's some stuff I need to post to remind me of what went on this semester.

Expectations: normal study stuff.
So this is what is expected from hardworking communications students, right? Papers, notes, newspapers, journals, etc. Looking 100% normal and student-ish.

And then you have this type of reality going on in lectures half the time.

I never said I was an artist.

We hone our drawing skills (which still suck), instant message each other via scribbled notes, and when we have origami paper on our hands, we fold an army of paper cranes.

Yup, that's about it - badly-drawn unicorns, jelly ink rainbows and an army of paper cranes.

May the Force unicorns cranes rainbows be with you.

Review: Baviphat Apple Lip Scrub

♫ Bii - 켠 후 (转身之后 韩语版)

Today I'll be doing a review *gasp* on Baviphat's Apple Jelly Lip Scrub.

Like I mentioned at the end of my previous post, I'd found out about this product from another blog, and decided to get one for myself to see if it was any good.

(Photo from Baviphat's Facebook page)

When I stopped by Sephora KLCC last Saturday, I was really fascinated by the Baviphat display there. It was so cheerful and colourful, especially with the extremely eye-catching fruit-shaped containers that are their signature products.

The Apple Jelly Lip Scrub (6g) is priced at RM19.90 and packaged in a cute little green apple-shaped screw top container. It's so tiny, it can fit snugly into the palm of your hand. O_o It has a very nice scent of apples which is not too overpowering.

Contains sugar, rice and apple extracts that moisturizes the lips while gently removing dead skin cells. Nourishes your lips to keep it moist and soft. Regular exfoliating of lip keratin improves overall staying power of lip gloss and lipstick and prevents feathering of lipstick.

After using the lip scrub.

After using the scrub a few times over the past few days, I must say that the initial effects are quite good, but I seem to find that 1 or 2 days after I use it, my lips go back to (almost) their original condition. Maybe my lips are drier than I thought, or perhaps the hot weather is a factor.

Anyway, the thing I dislike the most about this jelly lip scrub is that it is very hard to remove. Normally I use my index finger to scoop out a small amount and rub it all over my lips. However, when it comes to washing it off, it leaves a sticky texture on the skin that can only be fully removed using makeup remover. The stickiness isn't like glue either; it's the kind of sticky and water-droplets-will-stay-on-it kind of oily, like some lip gloss. Really, really dislike it.

✓ Pros: Effectively removes dry, flaky and dead skin from lips, leaving lips feeling smooth and soft. Comes in a small, travel-sized container.
✗ Cons: Less effective when scrubbed on wet lips. Hard to remove with normal soap, best way is to use makeup remover.

All I can say is, even though the packaging is cute and the scent is nice, I probably won't repurchase this item. It's too much hassle to remove every time I use it.

Retail Therapy


That's exactly what happened. Retail therapy between final assignments. I swear, communications students in my school are the most relaxed people I've ever had the honour to know.

After having our brains well and thoroughly squeezed dry by the stress of handing in 3 assignments on Friday and the imminent doom of one last research essay on Monday, Ruth (who was staying over at my house) and I went to Pavilion-Fahrenheit88-KLCC to get some retail therapy.  

Didn't really buy anything in Pavilion  except some food to munch on. Window shopped a while around Tangs, then we headed to the entrance to cross the road to Fahrenheit88 - except that we were temporarily distracted by the DC Comics roadshow.

They even changed the carpet to green for The Green Lantern, lol.
Everybody's favourite hero and villian.

Next stop was Uniqlo in Fahrenheit88, where I wanted to get my hands on the limited offer cotton blouse(s). After searching high and low (well, ground and first floor), I finally found them! 

The two (above) I grabbed were the last ones in size S in the pile! :O

I know, I know, I'm still kinda shocked at the sizing. Let's just say that I am a large L I can't fit into a normal size S to save my life in normal situations. Makes me wonder what the S-sizers/petites would wear. XS? XXS? O_o Anyway, I was really delighted to get them, because the lace detail on the bust and sleeves are lovely, the material is super comfortable, and they were only RM24.90 each!

Syiok sendiri pic in the fitting room. Pardon the Hello Kitty censored face.

Ruth managed to haul more than me there. She bought a really cool grey hat with zipper details, sunglasses from Uniqlo and a brown hairband from Muse Accessories. Stopped by Sephora Starhill, picked up the Baviphat lip scrub then put it back again. Decisions, decisions.
We then went back to Pavilion and walked to KLCC. First thing we saw when we emerged from the 'tunnel' - SEPHORA! So damn happy I tell you. I zoomed right in, and the both of us went around testing and criticizing the products there before heading to the cashier with my Baviphat apple lip scrub and our deliciously scented bath cubes.

Sephora's house brand bath & body collection is so colourful, and comes in a variety of heavenly scents!
Sephora is in Malaysia!
Left: Baviphat apple lip scrub; right: Cranberry-Lychee and Chocolate bath cubes.

So after that, we were pretty tired and decided it was time to go home. After retail therapy, we need sleep therapy to recharge for the final assignment of the semester.

Review of the Baviphat apple lip scrub coming up soon! (Psst... I got to know about it from Wileen's blog. She always buys awesome stuff and does great reviews!)

Big Bookshop Clearance @ The Atria

Today is the last day of Big Bookshop's clearance sales at The Atria Shopping Center, and I managed to persuade mum and bro to go there with me to haul some books back because I'm seriously in need of new books to read.

It's pretty quiet in The Atria most days. On weekends, there are usually more people, mostly families with small children having a meal or buying groceries. We found a parking spot without any hassle and headed straight for the 1st floor where the clearance was. Quite surprised to see so many people there, but it wasn't very crowded or unexpected since it was a Sunday and also school holiday for the kids.

50% discount on all books store-wide!

I tell you, it's like candyland for bibliophiles. Imagine looking at stacks and stacks of all kinds of books, then imagine looking at the price tags of RM9.90 to RM 49.90 which is before the 50% discount.

Kids were picking up books from the children's section, aunties were snapping up cookbooks, uncles were browsing through biographies/travelogues, and the younger ones were going through rows and rows of fiction.

I can see at least 4 vampire-related books in this row alone.

There were so many vampire-related novels there. Like, everywhere. To be honest, I loved this genre when it wasn't so mainstream. Now everybody's writing about bloody hot vampires and most of the stories suck so bad (pardon the puns).

I don't have more pictures to post because my phone decided to have a glitch and the last few ones I took didn't show up. >_<

It was a great haul of books for me today. Here's what I got (prices stated are before discount):

Hardcovers on the left, paperbacks on the right.
  1. The Demon King, by Cinda Williams Chima (RM19.90)
  2. The Carrie Diaries, by Candace Bushell (RM19.90)
  3. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, edited by Christopher Tolkien (RM29.90)
  4. Tess of the D'Ubervilles, by Thomas Hardy (RM9.90)
  5. Wicked: Resurrection, by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié (RM15.00)
  6. Wicked 2: Legacy and Spellbound, by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié (RM15.00)
  7. Dracula: The Un-Dead, by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt (RM12.00)
  8. Jane Slayre, by Sherri Browning Erwin, based on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (RM15.00)
 Total: RM68.30 (after 50% discount)

I know, I have several distinctly vampire-ish books in that pile, but I've had my eye on Dracula: The Un-Dead ever since I saw it in Kinokuniya a while back, and Jane Slayre is just one of those classic literature parodies that I just cannot resist. Wicked was those "to take or not to take" titles, but in the end I just took them (2 for RM15, how could I not?!). So yeah.

You can pretty much guess what I'll be doing during my semester holidays. :)

D.I.Y. - Black Lace Bracelet Tutorial

♫ Charice - As Long As You're There (Glee Cast version)

Today I'm going to show you how to make a simple DIY lace bracelet (or bangle, if you want to be specific).

From plain to pretty!