Summer Break

♫ Travie McCoy - We'll Be Alright

Today marks the official end of my second year in degree, and the beginning of the semester break holidays. In reality, I've been chillin' since Tuesday.

Damon agrees.

So anyway, before I go off topic talking about how hot Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore is other stuff, there's some stuff I need to post to remind me of what went on this semester.

Expectations: normal study stuff.
So this is what is expected from hardworking communications students, right? Papers, notes, newspapers, journals, etc. Looking 100% normal and student-ish.

And then you have this type of reality going on in lectures half the time.

I never said I was an artist.

We hone our drawing skills (which still suck), instant message each other via scribbled notes, and when we have origami paper on our hands, we fold an army of paper cranes.

Yup, that's about it - badly-drawn unicorns, jelly ink rainbows and an army of paper cranes.

May the Force unicorns cranes rainbows be with you.


Adrian said...

You have a sexy lips :)

Same Shit Different Day

chiwayu said...

suddenly, i duno what r u studying OAO!!!!!
but ur doodles are pretty *___*

LauraLeia said...

Hahahahaaha! Sometimes I myself also dunno! LOL
Wayu ar, my doodles really worse than small kid de. (Compared to yours lagi no face T_T)