Wish With Zalora Malaysia

(This is a guest post.)

You will laugh like mad after watching this TV commercial. Srsly.

You might be wondering what all that screaming is about; well it’s none other than shopping craze fever that we all have!

With fashion as our lives, we tend to do everything and anything to make sure that we look good, stunning, stylish, fashionable, elegant…. blah blah blah... as the list can go on and on when it comes to describing fashion. Any girl can go beyond expectations and get swept off their feet easily when it comes to shopping.

We can go head over heels for this as it is something so close to our heart - I am sure you all would agree with this. If any girls out there speak Prada or Gucci language, then you will know much impact the fashion world has in our lives.

Apart from that, life can’t always be that pretty, as time doesn’t seem to be on our side for us to visit the malls as there are no 24-hour malls around to suit our busy lifestyles. It is a dreadful and devastating feeling when you don’t have that privilege yet, and let’s not forget the tired feeling of rushing to the mall and the rounds and rounds you have to do just to get that perfect shoe. Hmmm... *big sigh* This can be a total turn off for girls and in addition, don’t forget the girl responsibilities we have back home. *bigger sigh* Only women will understand this pain that we go through - we shop to release this tension and it’s “a girl thing” that no guy can understand (and maybe they never will).

Wish there could be something that can help and that god will answer your prayers? Well, guess what - there is an online shopping site that has landed to save all women! Free deliveries, returns and cash on delivery are a dream come true for any woman, and that one place will be Zalora Malaysia where you can shop 24x7 from different brands and do all the comparing you need to do.

For more information, visit us at

By Kathy, Writer at Zalora Malaysia. She likes messing around and jamming around with the flow of life and living every moment of it as how it is.

Out and About 4

♫ Boys Like Girls - Be Your Everything

Which issue are you? ;)

Oh hey, it looks like my occasional "Out and About" posts have turned into a monthly occurrence! I figure I'd better make it a permanent feature on my blog, sort of like a round-up of my hauls, activities, food, etc throughout the month. :D

WH brought this back for me all the way from UK because I'd requested her to keep an eye out for them. (谢谢! ♥) These are Ciaté nail polishes made exclusively for Marie Claire UK, and were the freebies for the June issue. The purple one, "Purple Sherbet" is definitely the prettiest out of the 3!
Ciaté for Marie Claire UK

2 pairs of shoes that I ordered from Taobao arrived about a week after my book bag, and they are really gorgeous! Okay, so the quality isn't too great, but they're sturdy enough, and the sky blue one is super comfortable to wear even for long hours at the mall. I haven't worn the beige pair yet; the heels are a solid 4 inches *gulp* but they feel quite comfortable during my 'test runs'. XD For that price, I have no regrets except for not getting them in more colours. =/
Nude bow heels and nautical sky blue wedges

3rd September 2012 - the due date for my final assignment/report for university! I cannot believe that 4 years have passed by so quickly. A quick walk through the campus that day makes me feel so nostalgic for some reason. The next time I'll be there will probably be for graduation. 
Wow, I feel old.
At Block C Level 9 to submit this paper
Malaysia flags in the background coz it's just after Merdeka Day
Attended a good friend's graduation couple of weeks back, then headed to Midvalley for a product briefing and also to grab some items from the Beauty and Makeover Expo held there over the weekend. Trying to channel the hipster geek chic look, not sure if success or fail. =S
Hipster geek wannabe =X
Sampar and Gamila product reviews will be up next month! :)
A "date" at Godiva with Ruth! :P Like, finally. We'd promised each other that we'd spend our first paycheck on a Godiva milkshake, and this is it. Thank goodness they opened a cafe in Pavilion so that we could sit back and enjoy our afternoon tea (instead of taking away from the store in KLCC). 
Godiva Chocolatier Cafe @ Pavilion KL
We were both in chocolate heaven after taking the first sips of our drinks (her dark hot chocolate and my strawberry with white chocolate ice-blended), as well as the rich,creamy, solid slice of dark chocolate cake. This particular tea-time outing seriously merits a post of its own, but we didn't take a lot of pictures because we were too busy feeling blissful with all the yummy chocolate wtf.
Dark hot chocolate & white chocolate with strawberries ice-blended
Dark chocolate cake
(^_^)v Notice the heart-shaped strawberry syrup?
After that, we headed to the Havaianas store to make my very own customized pair of Havaianas flip-flops. They were having a "Make You Own Havaianas" event where you can choose the colours and decorations to make your very own customized pair. :D I had a 15% discount from Plus Size Kitten's blog so I just had to get a pair (even though they're so expensive for just a pair of flip-flops... lllorz). You can check out her awesome designs/custom flip-flops here
Sugar Coral (LE) sole and Rose Pink straps ^^
Added some bling! Silver for left side, gold for right side.

Last week was mum's birthday, so we had a small party at home, with home-cooked food. And of course, cake. This year we bought 3 cakes to celebrate her birthday: a large Cappucino Walnut cake from La Manila, mini rainbow cake from Bisou and jelly mooncake from Q-Jelly. Who says the cake is a lie? :P
1 big cake, 2 small cakes, 3 birthday cakes in total ;)
Rainbow cake and rainbow jelly!

I also bought some plastic organizers to tidy up and organize my makeup stuff. Daiso sells so much cute and quirky items, I can stay in there and browse for hours.Well, at least I got my stuff all organized.

And the highlight of the month? Definitely the "Avengers pizza party" with friends. A satisfying dinner and movie afterwards (on my laptop with Ruth's speakers, lol) is the perfect way to spend a day over the long weekend. ;)

That's about it for my roundup of the month. Till next time, have a good weekend ahead! ♥

Libresse Barometer - What's Your Mood Today?

♫ Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time

Hello! What's your mood today? ;)

I bet everyone is feeling relaxed and happy after the long weekend due to National Day! :D I can't help but feel a little sad though, because I'm coming down with the flu, and need to finish writing a report to be handed in by Monday. Nevertheless, I'm glad for the extra day to relax, enjoy myself and rest before gearing up for a brand new week!

I am not one to keep a diary, because I'm just lazy that way. This blog is probably the closest thing I have to actually keep track of my moods or thoughts, and they're not particularly consistent. ^^;; Well, thank goodness I've found a fun new application by Libresse to help me keep track of my moods, and also spark some ideas for me to discuss, either here in my blog or with my friends on Facebook!

The Libresse® Barometer app is an online/Facebook utility for users to express their feelings, mood and opinions; a unique platform to converse, share and express their views on various topics like makeup, fashion, technology, food, relationships and a whole plethora of other issues. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Libresse Malaysia will post 3 different questions on a single topic for users to answer, and if you find it interesting, you can go to the app, choose your current mood icon, and answer the question!

For example....
(Psst... This week's topic is all about makeup, so you can be sure that I'm ready with my answers! :P)

And here's my answer:

"How does it work, and how do I join?"
Well, it's easy! :)

Just head on over to the Libresse® Barometer app, and you will see this cute image show up.

Step 1: Select an emoticon that best represents how you feel about this week’s topic
Step 2(a): Type in how you feel in relation to the question(s) displayed
Step 2(b): Record your voice message and select an effect you would like to have applied to it
Step 3: Click the SHARE button, and you're done!

Here, I'll share my moods and answers for this week's topic with you guys. :D

What's your makeup routine?
Tinseltown is rocking red lips. Which makeup trend do you like most? (I now realize my answer is kinda... unrelated, LOL)

There's a surprise for users of this app too! Every week, 3 users (1 most active, 2 with the most interesting thoughts) who have shared their wonderful thoughts via the Libresse Barometer app will be selected to receive little surprises from Libresse. I hope that I'll be picked for one of these 'little surprises', because I'm curious to know what kind of gifts/events Libresse will arrange to improve my mood. :P

Let's turn that frown upside down! :)

A Book or A Bag?

♫ G-Dragon - 그XX (That XX)

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that I love all things cute and quirky. And by 'cute and quirky', I mean stuff that looks like one thing but is actually something else entirely...

This is an iPhone casing.
This is a real camera.
...like my iPhone casing. It has so far managed to successfully deceive more than 9 people (and counting!) into thinking that it is a vintage camera. Apparently it looks more convincing than my LX5, which is the real one I use to take pics, and also looks pretty vintage. Good job, my dear casing. *pats fondly*

But I digress.

Today I'm showing you something similar, although from the post title, I'm sure you can pretty much guess what it is already. XD

Look, it's a notebook! No, it's a novel!
Nope, it's neither a notebook nor a novel. It is, in fact, a bag.

A glossy red bag that looks like a book, to be exact - complete with gold lettering and sling chain.

I was browsing through TaoBao again one day (yes, I am more than a little addicted to it) when I happened across this bag. Needless to say, I was like 'I need this bag in my life, right now!' because the super awesome-looking ones from Yumetenbo were way out of my budget.

Yup, these. So pretty, but oh so pricey. T_T *sobs*
Anyway, back to the topic. The one I saw on Taobao was 25yuan including Chinese domestic postage, which converts to roughly RM 12.50. I straightaway messaged my TaoBao shopping service provider, and the total amount I had to pay added up to RM23 (inclusive of Poslaju). Not bad, considering that international shipping can be pretty expensive.

Gold embroidered L on the front.
3 weeks later (delayed due to Hari Raya), my parcel finally arrived on the same day as the Rainbow Feather Ear Cuff. I had read the reviews before buying it, but was still pleasantly surprised to see that the bag was really very sturdy, and that the letter "L" on the front was embroidered with gold thread, making it look more elegant than if it was just printed on in gold, and won't fade over time. MOST IMPORTANTLY...

L is the initial of my surname, and also for Laura! It's like I was meant to have it! I swear, the alphabet was just a coincidence. I might not have bought it if it was another letter though.

It opens up just like a spiral bound notebook if you flip it vertically, like in the pictures above. :D
The surface of the bag is glossy red, while the bottom is white with black polka dots. Admittedly, stripes would have made the deception more complete, but I guess the polka dots are kinda cute. The main body and flap of the bag is made from a hard, cardboard-like material (wrapped with glossy PVC), while the polka dot part is soft, allowing it to expand a little bit when items are placed inside.

Interior of the book bag
The inside of the bag, however, is quite small, and not very flexible. It has 2 inner pockets: a small one that is credit card size, and a bigger one for slipping in pieces of folded paper. As you can see from the pictures, the bag is pretty much full when containing only my wallet and phone, with a little extra space for perhaps a packet of tissue and a lipstick or bottle of eye drops. It cannot be stuffed too full, otherwise the bag won't be able to close with its magnetic closure.

Back | Front
Just try to ignore the weird text on the back of the book bag. "To the delicious woman who inspired this book.." *raises eyebrow* Yeah, okay, whatever you say. It's not grammatically incorrect, exactly, just... weird, like really bad lyrics from a really bad song, lol.

Basically, it's good enough for me to use for going out for a casual meal or shopping trip, since I just need my purse and phone with me. :) The small confines of the bag make it slightly difficult to reach for things if you're in a hurry though, especially if it involves taking out your phone every so often to check messages or grabbing some cash to pay for purchases, so it's still more a fashion accessory than a practical item.

The bright red bag definitely makes my boring old tee-and-shorts monochrome outfit look a little bit more unique. ;)

Rainbow Feather Ear Cuff

♫ 张雨生 - 天天想你

My most recent purchase is one that instantly cheers me up whenever I look at it. I can't help it, because it's just so colourful and pretty! :)

This rainbow feather ear cuff was purchased from Luccacal, an online blogshop that specializes in selling fashion accessories from ASOS, H&M, Topshop, Forever21, Diva, Betsey Johnson, Claire's, SIX and more, as well as cute and quirky ones sourced from Korea, Taiwan, and China.

I was browsing through their website after seeing Traclyn post a photo about her purchases from Luccacal, and when I caught sight of this colourful ear cuff, I just knew I had to have it.I made my order on 21 August, and it arrived at my house on the 24th. Pretty fast, since the postal service was stopped for a few days due to Hari Raya.

The ear cuffs were expertly packed in a zip lock bag, safely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed within a DIY box made from mounting board. I am impressed. :D

The item looks exactly the same as the pictures in their website. The synthetic feathers are vibrant and sturdy, with no stray strands. The metal cuff part is also very solid, and the clasps connecting the feathers to the metal hooks are very firm, so I have no worries about them falling off when messing around with my hair, lol.

All in all, I think it was a great first purchase from this online shop! Their prices are reasonable, and the items are of really good quality, although I'm not too sure if the items are authentic. Nevertheless, their customer service is commendable, and the website is easy to navigate and browse to search for items. I will definitely be stalking their website from time to time for latest updates. ;)

Picture taken from Luccacal
The Multi Color Feather Drop Cuff can be found here on the Luccacal website @ RM 17, with postage of RM6 for West Malaysia.