Libresse Barometer - What's Your Mood Today?

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Hello! What's your mood today? ;)

I bet everyone is feeling relaxed and happy after the long weekend due to National Day! :D I can't help but feel a little sad though, because I'm coming down with the flu, and need to finish writing a report to be handed in by Monday. Nevertheless, I'm glad for the extra day to relax, enjoy myself and rest before gearing up for a brand new week!

I am not one to keep a diary, because I'm just lazy that way. This blog is probably the closest thing I have to actually keep track of my moods or thoughts, and they're not particularly consistent. ^^;; Well, thank goodness I've found a fun new application by Libresse to help me keep track of my moods, and also spark some ideas for me to discuss, either here in my blog or with my friends on Facebook!

The Libresse® Barometer app is an online/Facebook utility for users to express their feelings, mood and opinions; a unique platform to converse, share and express their views on various topics like makeup, fashion, technology, food, relationships and a whole plethora of other issues. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Libresse Malaysia will post 3 different questions on a single topic for users to answer, and if you find it interesting, you can go to the app, choose your current mood icon, and answer the question!

For example....
(Psst... This week's topic is all about makeup, so you can be sure that I'm ready with my answers! :P)

And here's my answer:

"How does it work, and how do I join?"
Well, it's easy! :)

Just head on over to the Libresse® Barometer app, and you will see this cute image show up.

Step 1: Select an emoticon that best represents how you feel about this week’s topic
Step 2(a): Type in how you feel in relation to the question(s) displayed
Step 2(b): Record your voice message and select an effect you would like to have applied to it
Step 3: Click the SHARE button, and you're done!

Here, I'll share my moods and answers for this week's topic with you guys. :D

What's your makeup routine?
Tinseltown is rocking red lips. Which makeup trend do you like most? (I now realize my answer is kinda... unrelated, LOL)

There's a surprise for users of this app too! Every week, 3 users (1 most active, 2 with the most interesting thoughts) who have shared their wonderful thoughts via the Libresse Barometer app will be selected to receive little surprises from Libresse. I hope that I'll be picked for one of these 'little surprises', because I'm curious to know what kind of gifts/events Libresse will arrange to improve my mood. :P

Let's turn that frown upside down! :)


Sabrina said...

Libresse is my favorite *wink wink* of all time!

LauraLeia said...

Sabrina: Hehe~ That's great! :D Then you should go check out their app and maybe you can win some Libresse goodies! :D

FiSh said...

omg nice bow cuff there! :) lovely

Latest: Bird's Nest Mooncake: Best of The Year!

LauraLeia said...

FiSh: Hehe... thanks! :)

Ahleessa said...

What a cute app! I love the drawing and your bow bracelet. :)

Carolyn Tay said...

Libresse is so comfortable, I used once and never gone back to others :x Hahaha

xox, c