Rainbow Feather Ear Cuff

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My most recent purchase is one that instantly cheers me up whenever I look at it. I can't help it, because it's just so colourful and pretty! :)

This rainbow feather ear cuff was purchased from Luccacal, an online blogshop that specializes in selling fashion accessories from ASOS, H&M, Topshop, Forever21, Diva, Betsey Johnson, Claire's, SIX and more, as well as cute and quirky ones sourced from Korea, Taiwan, and China.

I was browsing through their website after seeing Traclyn post a photo about her purchases from Luccacal, and when I caught sight of this colourful ear cuff, I just knew I had to have it.I made my order on 21 August, and it arrived at my house on the 24th. Pretty fast, since the postal service was stopped for a few days due to Hari Raya.

The ear cuffs were expertly packed in a zip lock bag, safely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed within a DIY box made from mounting board. I am impressed. :D

The item looks exactly the same as the pictures in their website. The synthetic feathers are vibrant and sturdy, with no stray strands. The metal cuff part is also very solid, and the clasps connecting the feathers to the metal hooks are very firm, so I have no worries about them falling off when messing around with my hair, lol.

All in all, I think it was a great first purchase from this online shop! Their prices are reasonable, and the items are of really good quality, although I'm not too sure if the items are authentic. Nevertheless, their customer service is commendable, and the website is easy to navigate and browse to search for items. I will definitely be stalking their website from time to time for latest updates. ;)

Picture taken from Luccacal
The Multi Color Feather Drop Cuff can be found here on the Luccacal website @ RM 17, with postage of RM6 for West Malaysia.


Psyche said...

Looks cool.XD I like the MINI SPIKE EAR CUFF.


saltvinegar said...

Gosh its cute!! But only the young like you can pull this off!

Unknown said...

This is SO cool! Love how unique and different it looks ;D

Merryn said...

Ooooooo i like this!!

LauraLeia said...

maly: They got some really cool stuff there, right? :D :D :D

saltvinegar: Hahahaha no la, i think it's suitable for most ages. Of course, it probably won't go that well with a power suit. XD

Nancy: Thanks! I love it because it's so colourful. XD

Merryn: Thank you! ^^

Xue Ren said...

wow! really colourful weyy! *thumbs up

LauraLeia said...

Xue Ren: Thanks!! ^^

Unknown said...

Saw some ear cuffs from padini concept store, but I love yours with rainbow feather!

Cominica said...

omg sooo cuteeeeee >__<

LauraLeia said...

Cheryl: Oooh really? Maybe I should go check those Padini ones out.. :D Thanks! ^^

cominica: Yeah, I think so too! :D Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment~ ^_^ super love your blog and the pretty dresses you make.

EveryPrettyDesire said...

Wow thats so cool <3 it!


sadee said...

woww this is the exact same :) thank you honey for the lovely comment on my blog