A Book or A Bag?

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If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that I love all things cute and quirky. And by 'cute and quirky', I mean stuff that looks like one thing but is actually something else entirely...

This is an iPhone casing.
This is a real camera.
...like my iPhone casing. It has so far managed to successfully deceive more than 9 people (and counting!) into thinking that it is a vintage camera. Apparently it looks more convincing than my LX5, which is the real one I use to take pics, and also looks pretty vintage. Good job, my dear casing. *pats fondly*

But I digress.

Today I'm showing you something similar, although from the post title, I'm sure you can pretty much guess what it is already. XD

Look, it's a notebook! No, it's a novel!
Nope, it's neither a notebook nor a novel. It is, in fact, a bag.

A glossy red bag that looks like a book, to be exact - complete with gold lettering and sling chain.

I was browsing through TaoBao again one day (yes, I am more than a little addicted to it) when I happened across this bag. Needless to say, I was like 'I need this bag in my life, right now!' because the super awesome-looking ones from Yumetenbo were way out of my budget.

Yup, these. So pretty, but oh so pricey. T_T *sobs*
Anyway, back to the topic. The one I saw on Taobao was 25yuan including Chinese domestic postage, which converts to roughly RM 12.50. I straightaway messaged my TaoBao shopping service provider, and the total amount I had to pay added up to RM23 (inclusive of Poslaju). Not bad, considering that international shipping can be pretty expensive.

Gold embroidered L on the front.
3 weeks later (delayed due to Hari Raya), my parcel finally arrived on the same day as the Rainbow Feather Ear Cuff. I had read the reviews before buying it, but was still pleasantly surprised to see that the bag was really very sturdy, and that the letter "L" on the front was embroidered with gold thread, making it look more elegant than if it was just printed on in gold, and won't fade over time. MOST IMPORTANTLY...

L is the initial of my surname, and also for Laura! It's like I was meant to have it! I swear, the alphabet was just a coincidence. I might not have bought it if it was another letter though.

It opens up just like a spiral bound notebook if you flip it vertically, like in the pictures above. :D
The surface of the bag is glossy red, while the bottom is white with black polka dots. Admittedly, stripes would have made the deception more complete, but I guess the polka dots are kinda cute. The main body and flap of the bag is made from a hard, cardboard-like material (wrapped with glossy PVC), while the polka dot part is soft, allowing it to expand a little bit when items are placed inside.

Interior of the book bag
The inside of the bag, however, is quite small, and not very flexible. It has 2 inner pockets: a small one that is credit card size, and a bigger one for slipping in pieces of folded paper. As you can see from the pictures, the bag is pretty much full when containing only my wallet and phone, with a little extra space for perhaps a packet of tissue and a lipstick or bottle of eye drops. It cannot be stuffed too full, otherwise the bag won't be able to close with its magnetic closure.

Back | Front
Just try to ignore the weird text on the back of the book bag. "To the delicious woman who inspired this book.." *raises eyebrow* Yeah, okay, whatever you say. It's not grammatically incorrect, exactly, just... weird, like really bad lyrics from a really bad song, lol.

Basically, it's good enough for me to use for going out for a casual meal or shopping trip, since I just need my purse and phone with me. :) The small confines of the bag make it slightly difficult to reach for things if you're in a hurry though, especially if it involves taking out your phone every so often to check messages or grabbing some cash to pay for purchases, so it's still more a fashion accessory than a practical item.

The bright red bag definitely makes my boring old tee-and-shorts monochrome outfit look a little bit more unique. ;)


Charmaine Pua said...

OMG I saw my bag using this bag and I was so in love with it!

Very flashy and nice! <3

Unknown said...

Really looks like a book! o.o

little miss smexy said...

Seriously Laura, teach me how to use Taobao. Until now I have no idea how to use ><


Jessying said...

Nice!!!! I cant read mandarin or else i already haul like nobody biz from taobao :((((

Xue Ren said...

OMG! seriously is a bag?!!

LauraLeia said...

Charmaine: Oooh your friend has a similar one too?! :D Thanks for the compliment! ^^

Angeline: Hehehehe it's a disguise! XD

Nicole: Already PM-ed you on Facebook, lol. IKR That's why I love stuff that looks like one thing but is actually something else. Not sure what that says about me, but i don't really care HAHAHA XD

Jessying: Trust me, it's probably a good thing coz once you start you can't stop.... >__< Coz everything is like so cheap compared to the prices in blogshops here. @@

LauraLeia said...

Xue Ren: Yes, it really is! :D Can't put much though, as you can see from the pics. XD

Camy said...

wow i seriously thought that u own a vintage camera and a book O.o

Isabel said...

dafug.. I thought it was your camera AGAIN in your bag =_= n omfg that bag is dam nice okay! I would go stalk it if not for the fact that I would have the same bag as u if i buy it LOL

synical said...

I only noticed the Philippa Gregory book in one of the pictures - she's my guilty pleasure reading....

LauraLeia said...

Camy: Well, technically I do own a vintage-looking camera and lots of books. XD So i guess it counts, right? lol

Isabel: Hahahahahaha you can always get the one in black! XD

synical: Unfortunately, I've never gotten round to reading that particular book yet, even though I bought it quite a while ago. >__< Need to catch up on my reading!

Joey said...

You and I need to meet up. I love quirky things, too!
I wanted that bag when I saw it on a friend, but I left Uni and I don't know when I'll have the chance to use it seeing as I've already got so many bags my mum's already nagging about lack of space.

Huda said...

Great post, hun, and LOVELY blog! Oh my gosh, I love quirky things lol Though I'm also quite gullible sometimes, and the products definitely had me fooled. I think those types of cases are so freakin' cool! You are really cute, by the way! :)

Unknown said...

OMG this is so awesome! I am a huge bookworm, and this is totally awesome. <3

saltvinegar said...

Rofl.. U are too cute! Agreed! It's totally meant for u! Not sure anyone else will appreciate the Big L on the bag though.

LauraLeia said...

Joey: Hahaha sure no problem!! Would love to have tea with you. :D Oh well, i think we girls can always convince ourselves that we need more bags/shoes/clothes.... XD

Huda: Awww.. thank you so much! :D Yeah, I like stuff like that because I like the reactions I get from people when they discover it, haha!

Nancy: We totally have the same tastes and interests! :D

saltvinegar: Yeah, the big L might be a put-off for some, but for me it's an awesome coincidence. :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

Oh wow, first time seeing this kind of bag. Pretty unique! :D And I have the same bedsheet as you, from Ikea one right? HEHEHE :3