Happy Halloween!

♫ My Chemical Romance - Helena

Hey, it's the end of October already, so I'd like to wish all my readers......

For some reason, besides the usual bats and ghouls, Halloween always reminds me of My Chemical Romance, especially their music videos "Helena", "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "I Don't Love You". Now that I think about it, "Welcome to the Black Parade" probably started my love for young men with cropped white hair military jackets.

Yup, this was it.
Am I going off tangent there? Anyway, since I'm not really the partying type, I decided to clean out some stuff in my room and managed to dig out some costume headbands from past years.

It's all a mix of Halloween, Christmas, and anime convention hairbands I've collected over the years. My favourites are definitely the cat ears and angel wings, because they are pretty unique and remind me of the good times I had while attending the conventions. :)

This pair of kitty ears and matching bracelet cost me a bomb, but they're totally worth it! I got these from Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) last year, and they are really well-made, from the soft white (synthetic) fur to the intricate golden bells, which really do ring and can be slightly annoying, I might add. ^^"

As for these angel wing  hairbands, they were bought from Comic Fiesta 2008 (left) and Comic Fiesta 2009 (right) respectively. The girl who sold these hand-made them herself, so it was slightly expensive. Nevertheless, they are really cute!

Had some free time before going for the wedding function, so I used them to take camho pics put a couple of them to good use. :P

Suddenly noticed that the two photos above are like total opposites, for some reason. Maybe because of the dark/light difference? O_o

Oh well. Even though it's not a festival we celebrate here in Malaysia, I'm sure many people will be out partying and having fun playing dress up. To those who are, make sure to trick your friends, or better yet, scare them silly! :P As for those of us who prefer to stay at home, we'll just treat ourselves to some scary movies and lots of candy, aye? ;)

Once again, Happy Halloween, everybody!

Review: Rimmel Lipstick, The Face Shop Lipstick and Burberry Lip Glow

(All items reviewed were purchased using my own money, unless stated otherwise.)

Phew, that's a long title. This time I'll be doing a quick review of 3 lip colour products - two lipsticks and one lip gloss.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick and The Face Shop "Face & It" All About Lipstick (Crystal)

Yup, another mouthful just for the product name. Anyway, I wanted to get a red lipstick because my Revlon one broke T_T (*cough*excuse to shop*cough*). I'd read quite a few reviews on the Rimmel London lipsticks, so I decided to get one. :) As for the TFS lipstick, I wasn't intending to get anything from there when I walked in, but it was on promotion so I got one in a shimmery nude shade.

I just realized both tubes are purple. O_o

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 160 Rose Passion 4g (RM24 after 10% discount); made in England
The Face Shop "Face & It" All About Lipstick in Crystal BR801 3.5g (RM20 promo price); made in Korea

The Rimmel lipstick comes in a reflective purple tube, which stands out from the crowd and looks really awesome, especially if you're a purple-lover like me. The TFS lipstick is packaged in a transparent plastic tube that is more of a violet-blue shade rather than purple.

As you can see from the swatch above, Rimmel Rose Passion is quite a bold red shade. One swipe is enough to give your lips a pop of bright colour, so I suggest you go easy with it. :P I really like it because it has a slight scent of roses, but some people might not like it. Not as moisturizing as the name suggests; I normally apply it after lip balm. The colour payoff is amazing though, so I'm not complaining. I'm going to get another one in Vintage Pink, which is a soft pink shade and apparently quite popular among reviewers. ^^

✓ Pros: Great colour payoff, love the sleek purple packaging, wide variety of colours, affordable.
✗ Cons: Not moisturizing enough, rose scent might put off some people.

As for TFS Crystal BR801, it is a nude-coloured lipstick with fine shimmery particles. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up that well in the photo. :( This one has a slightly gritty texture (maybe because of the shimmer? O_o) but it's more moisturizing than the Rimmel lipstick. Unfortunately the colour tends to make me look like a walking corpse -__-" so I usually apply it on top of another colour. I love the shimmer in it, but nude isn't really my colour so I'm going back to get another one in pink if the promo is still on. The Face Shop has promos all year round, different for each month, so it's worth checking out their outlets.

✓ Pros: Nice 'crystal' colour, moisturizing.
✗ Cons: Packaging is a bit awkward (wide top, narrow bottom), slightly pricey if non-promo price.

Burberry Lip Glow in No. 07 Cameo Pink

First of all, yes, this is the real Burberry Lip Gloss. I got it for RM25, and it was about 50% full. Normal price is RM88 for a full tube, so I'm really happy I managed to snap this up. :) You can check out the full range of products and prices at the Burberry online store.

The packaging for this lip gloss is simple yet elegant. 6ml of lip gloss is encased in a solid glass tube, while the cap is made of metal embossed with the signature Burberry pattern. Inside is a doe-foot applicator, which is pretty standard issue. Needless to say, this is one heavy tube of lip gloss that I don't mind carrying around just for the glam factor. :P

The lip gloss itself is an antique/vintage pink with shimmer. The texture is very smooth and non-sticky, which is great. Although it has shimmer in it, this is actually an opaque lip gloss, so you can use it by itself or on top of lipstick or lip liner. However, it has quite a lipstick-y scent (not unlike the D&G lip gloss I reviewed) so that might deter some people. This colour is perfect for me, and if I had the money I would definitely get the lipstick in this shade as well.

✓ Pros: Opaque lip gloss, nice subtle shimmer, smooth and non-sticky, gorgeous packaging.
✗ Cons: Strong lipstick scent, expensive.

Review: Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek and Stage Eyeliner

(All items reviewed were purchased using my own money, unless stated otherwise.)

Today I'll be reviewing two items that I've been using on a regular basis for the past couple of weeks. :)

This is the Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blusher in PK303 Strawberry Macaron (7g). This is a limited edition colour for the Puff de Cheek series.

The packaging for this blusher is inspired by macarons, hence the name and cute metal tin.

It comes with a puff applicator with a cute little bow on top, matching the colour of the tin. The puff is very soft and velvety, which makes application a breeze. Just a few pats on your cheek and you'll get a nice dolly pink blush. :)

Swatched on the back of my hand. The swatch on the left was done using a brush, while the one on the right was applied using the puff applicator. See how smooth and even the colour is using the puff? ^^

✓ Pros: Beautiful colour, not shimmery, buildable colour, super kawaii packaging.
✗ Cons: Expensive for drugstore brand, limited edition.

~ ❀~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~

Next is the Stage Cosmetics eyeliner in West End White. I got this during their sales for RM12. The original price is around RM45.

I use this just to line the waterline and tear duct area. This makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and more awake. :D

It is slightly hard and kind of waxy, but this eyeliner definitely has some staying power! It won't budge even if you rub it really hard; you'll have to remove it with makeup remover, preferably an oil-based one. I also have this eyeliner in gold, which I haven't used.

✓ Pros: Great staying power, creamy texture, blendable, nice classy packaging.
✗ Cons: Difficult to remove, texture can be slightly hard and waxy.

New Template!

Yup, I've just changed the template/layout for my blog here. ^^

I'm kinda sad at seeing the pink background go, but I love this one because it's much wider (so I can post all the photos in all their glory, muahahaha! *cough*) and it has flowers (well, roses to be exact)!

Hope you will like it, and continue supporting my little bloggie!

Blog Action Day 2011: Let's Talk About Food!

Warning: This post contains many images of (sometimes non-halal) food. Please do not read on an empty stomach. :)

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011 www.blogactionday.org

I love food, you love food, I think everybody loves food! Right?

This year's Blog Action Day coincides with World Food Day, so we're gonna be talking about food~ :D

Thanks to my dad, I have been trained to be a foodie since young. What kind of training? Well, besides the (obvious) fact of trying out all kinds of food wherever we went, we took it further by going all the way up North and down South just to have yummy food around Malaysia. Not only that, we also go over the causeway to have our favourite foods in Singapore!

My food journey from then till now has been nothing short of delicious. XD Of course, there were some misses along the way, with bad service and really awful cooking sometimes souring our appetites, but it has been an amazing experience, and one I hope will never end.

From roast pork noodles in Petaling Jaya...

..."lao shu fen" in Seremban...

...satay celup in Melaka...

...salted egg crabs in Batu Pahat, Johor....

...to black pepper crabs and satay bihun in Singapore...

...it's no wonder I am the size I am today! LOL As long as it is good food, we would not hesistate to travel long distances just to have a taste ourselves.

I am really thankful that I live in Malaysia, where good food is everywhere. We get to enjoy food from foreign countries and cultures, some which tantalise our tastebuds so much that we keep coming back for more. :)
For example....
Chinese dim sum
Taiwanese beef noodles
Western chicken and mushroom pie
Japanese sushi
Indian fish head curry
I mean, how awesome are these food, right?! We are so used to having these kind of food every single day that at times it is hard to decide what to eat! And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of all the yummylicious food found here in our sunny homeland.

Food is not only a necessity for us now; it has become a culture. Through food, we can have endless conversation topics, make new friends, discover new (and sometimes horrible) experiences, and generally enjoy the whole process.

(click image to enlarge)
Be it having a cuppa alone, sharing a luxurious dessert with a loved one, having a festive gathering with classmates or just having a few drinks with good friends, food heals our soul and brings us all together.

Let us take this opportunity to be thankful for the food that we enjoy every single day. Be it a simple breakfast in an old-fashioned kopitiam, or a fancy dinner in a high class restaurant, we are much more fortunate than 1.4billion people in the world, who live in hunger and poverty daily.  

So, next time you decide to order more than you can chew eat, take a moment to remember those less fortunate than us, and reduce food wastage, especially during buffets and all-you-can-eat steamboat meals. :)

For more info, visit the Blog Action Day 2011 website.


♫ EXILE - もっと強く

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been receiving samples of some products to try. It was all really simple: just "like" the product's page on Facebook, register/apply for the sample and wait for your sample to arrive. :) Online social media is very effective for promoting stuff.

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue multi-purpose solution
This is the Bausch + Lomb Biotrue multi-purpose solution for contact lenses. It's a 60ml bottle, which is quite generous. I am definitely taking this for a test run for trips, because it's the perfect size for travelling! Request for the sample here.

Esmeria Organics facial trial set
Here is the sample for Esmeria Organics' 3-step system for skin care. I requested the sample product for normal/combination skin and I got the Prickly Pear range. :) It says three-step but the sample provided was for the balancing cleansing gel and moisturiser. It smells  really good, even in the envelope! XD You can request for the sample here.

Mini Lipice in Strawberry
This is the sample for Lip Ice strawberry. I must say, this is the cutest mini lip balm ever! It's approximately 1.5 inches tall and smells like strawberry candy when opened. Perfect to put into those small little clutches for a quick boost of moisture on the go. However, I'm not a big fan of lip balms with menthol, so I probably won't buy the full-sized one. (Sorry, Lip Ice!) You can get a sample from their Facebook page under the Try Lipice tab.

Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip
This sample arrived yesterday, and it's the one I am most excited to try out. It's the Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip (18ml). I've been using the Bioré Cleansing Oil to remove makeup, and it's amazing! Hopefully this one will turn out just as good, especially in removing mascara (jeez I hate mascara...) lol. I requested for the sample from Bioré's Facebook page, but I think the request period is over by now.

The MPC Diaries: Seligi Pavillion

♫ 王力宏 - 依然爱你

Note: If you want to read more of my previous posts on the Malaysian Petroleum Club (MPC), they're HERE in my old blog. Also, this is a pic-heavy post. Click on the collages to view larger images. :)

So, two weeks back my dad decided to treat my newlywed cousin and some close relatives to have dinner at the MPC's Chinese restaurant. The last time I was there, I was totally hooked by the cod steamed in soy sauce, so this time I was really looking forward to it, as well as the tasty prawns in oats. :)

Nyehehehe round table photo (but blur pic T_T)
Everything was served on Noritake china. O_o
Clockwise from top left: prawns in oats, stir-fried kai-lan with crispy onion garnishing, steamed cod fish in soy sauce, claypot tofu, crispy boneless chicken in Thai sauce. 

Simple food, buy boy did it taste great! The cod fish was just as delicious as I remembered it, and even though the prawns were smaller, the amount they gave us more than made up for the size. The kai-lan was fresh and crisp, which went really well with the prawns. The chicken was nice and crispy, with the Thai chilli sauce giving it a spicy, tangy flavour, while the tofu was served with a generous amount seafood and gravy.

For dessert we had lotus paste "wo beng" (a type of crispy pastry) as well as sea coconut with longan and a hint of lemon. These two desserts complimented each other perfectly, and made a fitting ending to our lovely dinner.

After dinner, mum and I hung around the lounge area outside the restaurant while dad brought the others to take a look inside the Japanese restaurant. Took some snapshots while sitting around. Did I mention that I really love the night scenery from up here? :D

We went down one floor to the Bayan Bar to sit down and have coffee. Of course, before that, a visit to the luxurious study room. :)

Need directions?
Study room.
The area around the Bayan Bar and Dulang Suite was occupied by another function that evening, so we waited until the guests had mostly dispersed before going in. In the meantime, everybody relaxed in the relative privacy of the study room.

Leftovers from the other function's cocktail party, lol.
Part of the interior of Bayan Bar.
As the name suggests, it's a bar, so technically only those aged 21 years and above are allowed in. Hey, I'm completely legal this year okay? :P

Coffee with a stick (literally!) of sugar.
The coffee came with a cute little sugar stick, where sugar crystals were sort of melted around the base of a wooden stirrer. I think it's pretty cool. This way, the sugar won't make a mess if you accidentally spill it (like if you pour it out of a packet), and you can control how sweet you want your coffee. Not to mention it makes for a really good presentation. :)

That's all for today. Till then, have a good weekend, everyone! ♥

Sales Season!

♫ 郭静 - 陪着我的时候想着她

Temptation comes in many forms. This is one of them.

The TANGS Anniversary Sale is from 30th September - 30th October 2011, but cardmembers had a special closed-door preview one day before, with breakfast for the first 100 cardmembers on that day. The Isetan Anniversary Sale is the same, from 7th October (one day for members only) until 20th October 2011.

First, the TANGS sale. To be honest, I'm not so fond of this sale because there are only 2 TANGS outlets in the Klang Valley, and both are pretty small compared to other departmental stores. This time, only the Pavilion outlet was open, due to the unfortunate incident at Empire Gallery. Anyway, we (mum, dad and I) got there really early, so we had free breakfast at Island Cafe *coughnasilemakcough* before starting our shopping. :D

Onitsuka Tiger - Moppet ♥
Sequin red evening clutch (90% off!)
Nerd glasses (yes, kinda pointless, but fun!)
*insert picture of purple dress here*
Also managed to find a nice dress for cuzzie's wedding dinner, and it was 60% (or 70%) off. Sorry for the non-pic, I couldn't find a nice place to take a photo and it looks kinda plain on the rack but pretty nice when worn. :) Mum also got a couple of items there, a wallet for bro and a red handbag for herself.

Next is the Isetan sales. I love Isetan, not only because of the large variety of choices for everything from clothes to food, but also because their sales prices are really awesome. I am still going gaga over the military-style jacket I got from their last sales for RM38; it was 80% off (for members) and it's seriously the coolest thing I have in my closet. So anyway, we went to the Lot 10 outlet on Friday after my lecture. Isetan Lot 10 is my favourite branch because it's the oldest Isetan in KL, it has a really cozy atmosphere the ones in KLCC and Gardens lack (not as shiny bright + spanking new, lol), and best of all, it has the Lot 10 Hutong in the basement, where the best of KL's hawker om noms are gathered. :D

White blouses from Iora (I love this brand!) @ 60% off
Shorts from SEED (70% off)
Hairbands from Isetan Shoten (70% off)
Sanrio Hello Kitty makeup pouch (50% off)
Mum bought a paint-it-yourself painting, lol. Pretty surprised, but I guess it'll help her pass some time. Can't wait to see how the finished work will look like, haha! ;) Also bought half a dozen bottles of fruit juice, couple packets of cheese and oats from the Foodmarket, because those are our staples and they were having some really cheap promos.

Since I'm really on a roll now, let me show you some other items I've been loving recently.

Cute bow ring bought in Sunway Pyramid (RM10)
Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blushes. Aren't they adorable?
These blushes have been tempting me ever since I saw them in Watsons quite a while ago, but they were kinda expensive so I tried very hard to ignore them. Then lately I've been seeing them around the beauty blogs, and my resistance just... melted. AND THEN I saw that they have a 10% discount right now, so I grabbed the peach macaron (PK301) because they didn't have the strawberry macaron (PK303), which is limited edition. I still wasn't satisfied so I emailed Watsons' customer service to ask if any other outlets still had it. Thank goodness it was still available in the Sg Wang branch, so I popped over after the Isetan sales and grabbed it. I'll probably keep the peach macaron for a present or blog swap or something.

So yup, that's about it for today. Hope you liked the pics! >:D