Happy Halloween!

♫ My Chemical Romance - Helena

Hey, it's the end of October already, so I'd like to wish all my readers......

For some reason, besides the usual bats and ghouls, Halloween always reminds me of My Chemical Romance, especially their music videos "Helena", "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "I Don't Love You". Now that I think about it, "Welcome to the Black Parade" probably started my love for young men with cropped white hair military jackets.

Yup, this was it.
Am I going off tangent there? Anyway, since I'm not really the partying type, I decided to clean out some stuff in my room and managed to dig out some costume headbands from past years.

It's all a mix of Halloween, Christmas, and anime convention hairbands I've collected over the years. My favourites are definitely the cat ears and angel wings, because they are pretty unique and remind me of the good times I had while attending the conventions. :)

This pair of kitty ears and matching bracelet cost me a bomb, but they're totally worth it! I got these from Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX) last year, and they are really well-made, from the soft white (synthetic) fur to the intricate golden bells, which really do ring and can be slightly annoying, I might add. ^^"

As for these angel wing  hairbands, they were bought from Comic Fiesta 2008 (left) and Comic Fiesta 2009 (right) respectively. The girl who sold these hand-made them herself, so it was slightly expensive. Nevertheless, they are really cute!

Had some free time before going for the wedding function, so I used them to take camho pics put a couple of them to good use. :P

Suddenly noticed that the two photos above are like total opposites, for some reason. Maybe because of the dark/light difference? O_o

Oh well. Even though it's not a festival we celebrate here in Malaysia, I'm sure many people will be out partying and having fun playing dress up. To those who are, make sure to trick your friends, or better yet, scare them silly! :P As for those of us who prefer to stay at home, we'll just treat ourselves to some scary movies and lots of candy, aye? ;)

Once again, Happy Halloween, everybody!


Anonymous said...

They are sooooo cute!:)

Jothi said...

Ohhh I see someone's got some pretty interesting headgear.....nice, nice:) Happy Halloween Laura!

Camy said...

Happy Halloween to you!

Unknown said...

Haha, MCR is very much like Halloween. I saw MCR a couple weeks ago, and sadly the signer no longer has his beautiful white hair. He dyed it red T_T I love the vide "Helena"!
I love your headbands too!!

LauraLeia said...

Atenyana: Hehe, thanks! :D
Jothi: Yeah, I plan to collect more cute/unique ones. Happy Halloween to you too! :)
Camy: Same to you, Camy! ^^
Nancy: OMG You saw them?! I'm so envious. :D I really love how Gerard Way looks with white hair but he keeps changing his hair style and colour though. >_<

Anonymous said...

love them all.. so cuute.. especially you!!!
happy halloween sweetie!

Meitzeu said...

Yerr! I love your animated hairband! And I have so much collection of hairband but I dont have those!!