Review: Rimmel Lipstick, The Face Shop Lipstick and Burberry Lip Glow

(All items reviewed were purchased using my own money, unless stated otherwise.)

Phew, that's a long title. This time I'll be doing a quick review of 3 lip colour products - two lipsticks and one lip gloss.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick and The Face Shop "Face & It" All About Lipstick (Crystal)

Yup, another mouthful just for the product name. Anyway, I wanted to get a red lipstick because my Revlon one broke T_T (*cough*excuse to shop*cough*). I'd read quite a few reviews on the Rimmel London lipsticks, so I decided to get one. :) As for the TFS lipstick, I wasn't intending to get anything from there when I walked in, but it was on promotion so I got one in a shimmery nude shade.

I just realized both tubes are purple. O_o

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 160 Rose Passion 4g (RM24 after 10% discount); made in England
The Face Shop "Face & It" All About Lipstick in Crystal BR801 3.5g (RM20 promo price); made in Korea

The Rimmel lipstick comes in a reflective purple tube, which stands out from the crowd and looks really awesome, especially if you're a purple-lover like me. The TFS lipstick is packaged in a transparent plastic tube that is more of a violet-blue shade rather than purple.

As you can see from the swatch above, Rimmel Rose Passion is quite a bold red shade. One swipe is enough to give your lips a pop of bright colour, so I suggest you go easy with it. :P I really like it because it has a slight scent of roses, but some people might not like it. Not as moisturizing as the name suggests; I normally apply it after lip balm. The colour payoff is amazing though, so I'm not complaining. I'm going to get another one in Vintage Pink, which is a soft pink shade and apparently quite popular among reviewers. ^^

✓ Pros: Great colour payoff, love the sleek purple packaging, wide variety of colours, affordable.
✗ Cons: Not moisturizing enough, rose scent might put off some people.

As for TFS Crystal BR801, it is a nude-coloured lipstick with fine shimmery particles. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up that well in the photo. :( This one has a slightly gritty texture (maybe because of the shimmer? O_o) but it's more moisturizing than the Rimmel lipstick. Unfortunately the colour tends to make me look like a walking corpse -__-" so I usually apply it on top of another colour. I love the shimmer in it, but nude isn't really my colour so I'm going back to get another one in pink if the promo is still on. The Face Shop has promos all year round, different for each month, so it's worth checking out their outlets.

✓ Pros: Nice 'crystal' colour, moisturizing.
✗ Cons: Packaging is a bit awkward (wide top, narrow bottom), slightly pricey if non-promo price.

Burberry Lip Glow in No. 07 Cameo Pink

First of all, yes, this is the real Burberry Lip Gloss. I got it for RM25, and it was about 50% full. Normal price is RM88 for a full tube, so I'm really happy I managed to snap this up. :) You can check out the full range of products and prices at the Burberry online store.

The packaging for this lip gloss is simple yet elegant. 6ml of lip gloss is encased in a solid glass tube, while the cap is made of metal embossed with the signature Burberry pattern. Inside is a doe-foot applicator, which is pretty standard issue. Needless to say, this is one heavy tube of lip gloss that I don't mind carrying around just for the glam factor. :P

The lip gloss itself is an antique/vintage pink with shimmer. The texture is very smooth and non-sticky, which is great. Although it has shimmer in it, this is actually an opaque lip gloss, so you can use it by itself or on top of lipstick or lip liner. However, it has quite a lipstick-y scent (not unlike the D&G lip gloss I reviewed) so that might deter some people. This colour is perfect for me, and if I had the money I would definitely get the lipstick in this shade as well.

✓ Pros: Opaque lip gloss, nice subtle shimmer, smooth and non-sticky, gorgeous packaging.
✗ Cons: Strong lipstick scent, expensive.


Veronica Foon said...

Hello, I suggest you use the items on your lips rather than just on hand. Colours turn on different on hand and lips.

Just a suggestion =)

LauraLeia said...

Thanks Veronica. :)
Yes, I know lip products will look different on the hands, but do you really want to use testers on your lips? I don't. lol

Blackswan said...

Laura, lovely reviews on the products! I like the Burberry lip gloss best :) Thks again for the vote!

Nava Krishnan said...

worth the price you got the Burberry lip gloss and I quite like the tint, plus the real lipstick from Rimmel.

Meitzeu said...

Aww~~ the lip gloss colour look nice. I like pink with shimmer though. :)


Diana Diane Teo said...

I never knew that Burberry has lip gloss. All this while I thought Burberry only famous for handbag, cloth and perfume :P

LauraLeia said...

Blackswan: Thanks, and you're welcome ^^
Nava K: Hehe yeah, it really was a steal. You should definitely try out the Rimmel Lipstick!
Meitzeu: Me too! Shimmer is <3. The lip gloss has a bit of shimmer, but it's not very noticeable.
Diana: Burberry released its cosmetics line earlier this year, I think. :D I love their items but too expensive le. T___T

Unknown said...

Burberry <3 I have been wanting a Burberry lipstick for a very long time. The lip gloss is so pretty!

Emily said...

I am loving the Rose Passion!

Merryn said...

Love the colours esp Crystal!

Unknown said...

ok frankly...i still dun get the point of lipsicks...haha

LauraLeia said...

Nancy: You should give it a try! I bet it's much cheaper over there compared to here, haha.
Emy: Thanks! :)
Merryn: You like nude/neutral colours? Then it'll be great for you. :D
Eric: You don't have to get the point. :P Just leave it to the girls! *wink*

Zhia said...


hi laura