Review: Charmé Mesmerize Grey contact lenses

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"Because I'm shadow, shadow, shadow..."
I kinda have that song stuck in my head now.

Anyway, back to today's post. I'll be showing you another pair of Charmé Mesmerize contact lenses, this time in grey. I'd previously reviewed the violet, and loved it so much that I decided to try out the grey ones this time around. Did I mention that I love grey contact lenses? (◑‿◐)

Charmé contact lenses
Details of the lens on the side
The contact lenses come in a small box with details of the contact lens printed on the box. I really appreciate how my contact lens orders from always came with a cute little contact lens case, although others have remarked that they did not receive it. (⌒_⌒;)

Blister packaging
Blister packaging for contact lenses always get a thumbs up from me, because they're easier (and safer) to remove. No need to struggle with small glass vials (where the lens might stick to the bottom) or stubborn aluminum seal caps that might cut you (or break a nail).

Charmé Mesmerize Grey
Similar to the violet, these grey ones have swirly pattern with a darker (black) outer ring. I find that the outer ring for the grey ones is lighter than the violet.

With and without lenses
The lenses claim to be 14.1mm, which is considered normal-sized lenses and don't help in enlarging your irises, but I find that my eyes do look noticeably larger when worn. (Or maybe I just naturally have very small eyes fml.) It looks pretty natural when seen from afar or under low light conditions, but the design shows up nicely in good/bright lighting.

Click for larger image
I can't emphasize enough on how much I like grey lenses. They're not over the top like blue/green/purple, but are unique enough to add interest to any look. Plus, they go really well with practically any eye makeup, especially smokey eyes. (◕‿◕✿)

The Charmé Mesmerize contact lenses are my current favourites, and for good reason. They're comfortable, look natural yet unique on the eyes, and affordable (from

I just have one slight gripe with them, and that is at the end of the day, if your eyes are feeling slightly dry and you don't wet them with some eye drops, the lenses tend to fold into half and stick together after you remove them. A little wash with solution does the trick, but it's better to use some eye drops before removing them if your eyes feel a tad dry.

*I chose this item from from a giveaway I won from Facebook. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.

Review: Peripera My Color Lips in 06 Cherry Pink

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I recently hauled another couple of Peripera My Color Lips lipsticks from Gmarket via Ceebery, and now I'm here to share my love for them once again!

My ♥
The shade I'll be sharing with you today is #06 Cherry Pink 체리핑크.

As per usual, the lipsticks are packaged in a pretty metallic light pink paper box with floral designs, with the shade number and name printed on a sticker seal at the top of the box. The lipstick itself is super pretty (I can't say this enough wtflol) - a pink plastic cover with intricate silver floral prints, and a pale metallic pink lipstick bullet with a cookie-shaped bottom with the Peripera logo. Excuse me while I take a minute to caress this little beauty. (⊙‿⊙✿)

#06 Cherry Pink 체리핑크 is an intense pink shade that leans red. I'm not really good at describing colours, and there doesn't seem to be an official shade description from Peripera, so my best attempt would be saying it's something between crimson and carmine red. It is slightly redder than the photo below.
#06 Cherry Pink 체리핑크
Below are some swatches.
Swatched on hand
Swatched on paper
Despite its colour in the tube, the lipstick applies more pink than red, and a very vibrant cherry pink at that. It is definitely one of the brightest shades in the range, and very pigmented. You can swipe 1 layer and blend it for a subtle everyday look, or build 2-3 layers for full opacity and intensity.

Lip swatches of Peripera My Colour Lips #06 Cherry Pink
Of course, the main selling points (besides the awesomely stunning packaging) of this lipstick for me is that it has a faint rose scent and has good moisturizing properties. They don't dry out my lips and are pretty long-lasting, especially the darker/brighter shades which will leave a slight tint even after food and drink.

The Peripera My Color Lips lipsticks (3.5g) retail for 15,000 KRW (price may vary on Gmarket) in Korea, S$19.90 in Singapore and US$21.00 in the US. Peripera lip tints, nail polishes, and other products are now available in selected Watsons outlets in Malaysia, but the My Color Lips range have yet to be brought in.

✓ Pros: Gorgeous packaging, great colour payoff, lovely rose scent, moisturizing formula, generous amount of product (3.5g), wide variety of colours, good lasting power.
✗ Cons: Packaging is bulky, higher price point, not easily available outside of Korea, colour will settle into lines on dry lips.

To be honest, even I'm surprised by the depth of my love for these lipsticks. They are definitely my HG lipsticks, and would buy the entire range if I could. For now, I'll be content with the five that I currently own (although I am eyeing a few more for my next order), so stay tuned for another review soon! (✿◠‿◠)

My precious...... (✿ ♥‿♥)
In the meantime, why not check out my reviews of the other Peripera My Color Lips colours? (¬‿¬)

Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show feat. Pink KLCC Twin Towers

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Just a short little update on my recent weekend adventure before I go off on one of my erratic hiatuses again this week (with some social media stalking on the sidelines).

Friday was a chilly day, without much sunshine. It started raining really heavily on the way to KLCC, resulting in the Petronas Twin Towers being barely visible due to the rain and mist. This is the first time I've ever seen them 'disappear' from view, lol.

Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show
Yes, I admit, we were on the way to KLCC on a rainy Friday afternoon to watch the Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show because mum and I managed to get a pair of free tickets each from Maxis. I know, it's for kids BUT I DON'T CARE *crosses arms* Also because I felt cheated all my childhood because dad never took me to Disneyland despite telling me he would. *pouts*

Soft shell crab spaghetti @ Ben's
Anyway, we managed to reach there despite the Friday peak hour traffic jam, find parking and collect the tickets with a little over an hour to spare, so I stuck to the plan and brought the folks to have dinner at Ben's. As usual, there was a slight wait for tables but luckily we didn't have to wait too long. Ordered fried calamari rings to share, spaghetti carbonara for mum, shared the soft shell crab spaghetti with aunt, and dad finished off a whole lasagna. He loves lasagna. (*≧▽≦)ノ

Hey, Mickey! :)
The show was at Plenary Hall over at the convention center side, so we walked there after dinner and went in to take our seats. One thing was for sure - KIDS. KIDS EVERYWHERE. (」゜ロ゜)」

One of the merchandise booths
Another merchandise/drinks booth
There were several booths selling Disney Live! merchandise. I almost bought the cotton candy with the wizard Mickey hat (RM 35) but decided against it because I won't wear it anyway. There was also popcorn buckets, character drinks cups, collectible dolls, lightsticks, toy swords, etc. All very cute and expensive. (⌒_⌒;)

Waiting for the show to start
Photography and filming were not allowed during the show so this is all I took when waiting for the show to begin. Some people ignored the 'no photography' advice and took photos throughout the show - with a DSLR that went 'clack clack clack' with every shot, no less.  
Srsly people? Way to set an example for your kids. (;¬_¬)

Minnie headband as souvenir! :D
We all enjoyed the show (even though it's really for kids, lol) and were pretty impressed by the performance, as well as the amazing stage setup. I really didn't want to go back without buying something, so I decided to get this super cute Minnie Mouse headband (RM 45) as a souvenir, since I collect cute/unique headbands anyway. It even has lights at the edges of the ears that light up with the press of a button! (。✪‿✪。)

KLCC lighted up in pink
Friday was also Breast Cancer Awareness Day (it's Pink October, fyi) so the Petronas Twin Towers were lighted up in pink instead of the usual white lights.

Here's a selca with my Minnie headband after the show to end the post. (◕‿◕✿)

October Nail Polish Haul + Swatches

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- the state of being obsessed with someone or something.
Beauty13 Expo purchases
That's the relationship between me and nail polish. If you've noticed my Instagram posts, this month alone I've bought more nail polishes than the past few months put together, and October's only halfway through!
(;¬д¬) Anyway, these are my collective hauls from MySale, Beauty13 Expo and various other places.

Canmake Colorful Nails
  • #10 Lavender Milk: A gentle, sweet lavender like the Little Mermaid.
  • #13 (No name or official description): A light, pastel blue shade. 
  • #09 Baby Pink: A soft, bright, whitish pastel pink with a bluish tinge.
  • #07 (No name or official description): A bright red jelly with silver micro-shimmer particles.
Canmake nail polish swatch
My favourite from the lot is definitely the red, which gives a nice shimmery jelly finish while being very opaque (as much as a jelly polish can). Next would be the blue, which is a very cute, sweet pastel shade. All 3 pastel polishes required 3 coats to be fully opaque, and dried to a glossy finish.

Essence nail polish
  • Cool and the Gang: Electric blue jelly
  • Replay: Pastel mint creme
  • Out Of My Mind: Sheer turquoise duochrome
Essence nail polish swatches
I just couldn't help adding another mint shade (Replay) to my nail polish collection, lol. Cool and the Gang dried to an extremely glossy finish, but still wasn't completely opaque with 3 coats. Out Of My Mind is very sheer, even with 3 coats. You can use a white base to make it opaque, but it causes the colour to lean slightly blue.

Revlon nail polishes
  • Chroma Chameleon 'Tanzanite':  Royal purple duochrome
  • Matte Suede "Powder Puff": Soft white pearl shimmer 
  • Top Speed "Emerald": Rich, evergreen creme
The duochrome in Tanzanite looks so pretty in the bottle
Revlon nail polish swatches
Unfortunately, the duochrome in Tanzanite isn't very noticeable when applied on the nails. Emerald was the perfect green creme though, and needed only 1 coat for opacity, although I did 2 out of habit. Powder Puff is a semi-sheer off-white polish with subtle pearl shimmer that dries satin matte.

I did a simple green cloud layer manicure using Emerald, Powder Puff and Replay a few days back.
Green cloud layer manicure
I also purchased China Glaze "United" and Essence "Break Through" from Isetan and Watsons respectively. Base coat and top coat were bought during Beauty13 Expo.
Top: China Glaze 'United' & Essence 'Break Through'
I used "United" as an accent nail in my pink cloud layer manicure last week. :) I'm seriously in love with this cloud layer nail art because it's so easy and pretty!
Pink cloud layer manicure
Took some syok sendiri selfies today because it felt like I haven't dolled up for ages. I actually used more than 3 different eyeshadow colours in addition to top and bottom eyeliner OMG ACHIEVEMENT LOLWUT
Also to show off my cute little red bow headband, lol.

Until next time, stay pretty and polished, peeps! (◕‿◕✿)

Review: Beauty Clinic Mediheal Acaiberry ADE Mask

♫ SHINee - Everybody

Hello, hello! It seems like ages ago since my last post/review, but no worries, they are back! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Sheet masks provide us with a much-needed moisture boost, not to mention a great way to relax and unwind after a long stressful week. That's why I'm super glad to have received this Beauty Clinic Mediheal Acaiberry ADE Mask from HiShop to try! 。◕‿◕。

Beauty Clinic Mediheal Acaiberry ADE Mask
The Mediheal ADE Mask series come in the typical plastic packaging, with a cute smoothie cup design showing the 'flavour' of the mask inside. There are 6 variants of the ADE masks: pomegranate, pumpkin, kiwi apple, cacao, lemon lime and acaiberry. The acaiberry variant is purple.

Back of the mask packet
The back of the packet shows information about the sheet mask, but most of it is in Korean so I couldn't understand a word of it, lol. Luckily, there is an English version of the ingredients list, and also a list of functions. The checked options relates to the particular variant of mask inside. The mask is made in Korea.

✓ Energize; ✓ Tone
The functions of the Acaiberry ADE mask is to energize and tone your skin.

There is a generous amount of essence (25ml, to be exact) soaked into the mask - you can see it from the picture above. It also has a swirly, DNA-like design on it that fascinated me for a while, lol. I have no idea what acaiberry smells like, but the scent of the essence is quite nice. I can't quite describe it, but it's neither flowery not fruity.

"Experience the benefits of fresh Acaiberry and blueberry nutrients to tone-up your skin. Produces a moist, lively and clear effect. Prevents aging and boosts skin elasticity."

Directions for use:
1. After cleansing, prep skin with toner.
2. Remove mask from package and place onto face.
3. Rest comfortably for 10-20 minutes and remove.
4. Pat remaining essence into the skin lightly until fully absorbed.

Start by cleansing your face and apply toner to prep your skin.

Place mask on face and relax for 15-20 minutes. (Or in this case, take photos.) (⌒_⌒;)

Remove mask and massage remaining essence into skin.
Profit!  Revel in energized, moisturized and toned skin.

At RM 4.50 per sheet, I'd say the Mediheal ADE masks (25ml) are pretty affordable and worth a second (and third) usage. The mask is thin and is wide enough to fit most face shapes (both women and men), plus there are several different types to choose from. The cacao one sounds delicious. (≧∇≦)

You can purchase the Mediheal ADE masks from HiShop here.

*This item was sent to me by HiShop Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.
Experience the benefits of fresh Acaiberry and blueberry nutrients to tone-up your skin. Produces a moist, lively and clear effect.
Prevents aging and boosts skin elasticity. - See more at:
Experience the benefits of fresh Acaiberry and blueberry nutrients to tone-up your skin. Produces a moist, lively and clear effect.
Prevents aging and boosts skin elasticity. - See more at:
Directions for use:
1. After cleansing, prep skin with toner
2. Remove mask from package and place onto face
3. Rest comfortably for 10-20 minutes and remove
4. Pat remaining essence into the skin lightly until fully absorbed - See more at: