theSkinTopic 1st Anniversary Event

 It's been awhile since I've been to any blogger events, so when I received the invitation to theSkintopic's 1st Anniversary event at Pavilion last Thursday, I was pretty excited.

theSkintopic store at Pavilion KL
While waiting for the event to start, we could take a look around the store and test their various products which were on display. Light refreshments were also provided, which included coffee/tea, orange juice, mini macarons, fruit tarts, vegetable quiche, sandwiches and red velvet cupcakes.

Pictures taken from theSkintopic Facebook page
There were quite a few people inside the store's display area, so I didn't really get to take a look at all the products, but what I did see of their Olive & Tebe range is quite extensive. They also have other lines which include Linden Leaves, Wild Ferns and Evolu.

Guests browsing through the products
Some products from the Olive & Tebe range
The event started with a short speech by Mr Frederick Loh, Executive Director of theSkintopic, and then it was time for the founder, Ms Brigit Blair to say a few words. She explained about the company and its goal to provide users with natural skincare products. After that, it was time for the highlight of the event - a demonstration of how the Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil are made/packed by the founder herself.

Materials prepared for the demonstration
Bottles getting ready to be filled :)
Dried lavender and big bottles of essential oils
Bouquet of dried roses
According to Ms Brigit Blair, all the materials (i.e. rose, lavender, strawberry, etc) are freeze dried to preserve their freshness. This means that when the flowers are immersed in the oil, they will 'bloom' again. Pretty, eh?

Demonstrating how it's done ;)

Measure, cut and tie the flowers together, then insert them into the bottle and pour in the essential oil. Pop in the cap, seal it with the sticker, and voila! A brand new bottle of Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil.

The finished product ^^
The flowers floating inside look so pretty~
After Ms Blair's demonstration, the guests were invited to try their hand at it too. I was standing in front but unfortunately did not manage to try it. T_T The lucky ladies who did so were able to bring back their very own bottle of body oil! 

I had a nice time at the event, especially because I got to meet other bloggers like Lizzie, Rane, Karen, Tammy, Kelly and Cindy. There were a lot of bloggers at the event, but these were the few that I managed to talk to/recognized, lol. *coughantisocialbloggercough*

A photo of myself with roses (my favourite!), taken by Lizzie. :D Also special thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invite! :D

Find out more about theSkintopic at:
theSkintopic website
theSkintopic Facebook


little miss smexy said...

Ah! Looks like you had fun there!!


Camy said...

the products seems very natural eh


I love the product ~

Life's like this ♥ said...

Hahahah hello Laura! Nice meeting you there :P

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Hihi cute Laura, nice meeting you too! The Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil really pretty and nice to use hor.