October Nail Polish Haul + Swatches

♫ K.Will - 이러지마 제발 (Please Don`t...)
- the state of being obsessed with someone or something.
Beauty13 Expo purchases
That's the relationship between me and nail polish. If you've noticed my Instagram posts, this month alone I've bought more nail polishes than the past few months put together, and October's only halfway through!
(;¬д¬) Anyway, these are my collective hauls from MySale, Beauty13 Expo and various other places.

Canmake Colorful Nails
  • #10 Lavender Milk: A gentle, sweet lavender like the Little Mermaid.
  • #13 (No name or official description): A light, pastel blue shade. 
  • #09 Baby Pink: A soft, bright, whitish pastel pink with a bluish tinge.
  • #07 (No name or official description): A bright red jelly with silver micro-shimmer particles.
Canmake nail polish swatch
My favourite from the lot is definitely the red, which gives a nice shimmery jelly finish while being very opaque (as much as a jelly polish can). Next would be the blue, which is a very cute, sweet pastel shade. All 3 pastel polishes required 3 coats to be fully opaque, and dried to a glossy finish.

Essence nail polish
  • Cool and the Gang: Electric blue jelly
  • Replay: Pastel mint creme
  • Out Of My Mind: Sheer turquoise duochrome
Essence nail polish swatches
I just couldn't help adding another mint shade (Replay) to my nail polish collection, lol. Cool and the Gang dried to an extremely glossy finish, but still wasn't completely opaque with 3 coats. Out Of My Mind is very sheer, even with 3 coats. You can use a white base to make it opaque, but it causes the colour to lean slightly blue.

Revlon nail polishes
  • Chroma Chameleon 'Tanzanite':  Royal purple duochrome
  • Matte Suede "Powder Puff": Soft white pearl shimmer 
  • Top Speed "Emerald": Rich, evergreen creme
The duochrome in Tanzanite looks so pretty in the bottle
Revlon nail polish swatches
Unfortunately, the duochrome in Tanzanite isn't very noticeable when applied on the nails. Emerald was the perfect green creme though, and needed only 1 coat for opacity, although I did 2 out of habit. Powder Puff is a semi-sheer off-white polish with subtle pearl shimmer that dries satin matte.

I did a simple green cloud layer manicure using Emerald, Powder Puff and Replay a few days back.
Green cloud layer manicure
I also purchased China Glaze "United" and Essence "Break Through" from Isetan and Watsons respectively. Base coat and top coat were bought during Beauty13 Expo.
Top: China Glaze 'United' & Essence 'Break Through'
I used "United" as an accent nail in my pink cloud layer manicure last week. :) I'm seriously in love with this cloud layer nail art because it's so easy and pretty!
Pink cloud layer manicure
Took some syok sendiri selfies today because it felt like I haven't dolled up for ages. I actually used more than 3 different eyeshadow colours in addition to top and bottom eyeliner OMG ACHIEVEMENT LOLWUT
Also to show off my cute little red bow headband, lol.

Until next time, stay pretty and polished, peeps! (◕‿◕✿)


Unknown said...

I love 'Tanzanite', the colour is sooo unique! I'm happy I've a friend who has obsession with nail polish as I do xDDD But I love your bow headband! cuteee <3

Carolyn Tay said...

Pink cloud one FTW !! Hahaha Biased to pink colour >.<

Leimun said...

Lol 同好! I glad I found another nail polish addictic

Bijin Blair said...

You still have two weeks to add to your October haul!! ;D

Unknown said...

omggg you're so good in painting the nail, I love pink cloud and green cloud the most! Tutorial please!

Ps: I am a fan of anime too, I like Kaname but I love Kiryu Zero. xD

LauraLeia said...

Angeline: *high 5!* :D I'm so glad to know so many nail polish addicts like me through blogging, hahah!

Carolyn: Heheh thank you! I still like the multi-colour one though. XD

Leimun: We should so totally hang out and do manicures for each other one day, lol.

Blair: Nuuuu don't tempt me T__T

Kharn Yee: Thank you~^^ I've actually done a tutorial for it before, you can check out my previous posts for it. :) I've stopped watching/reading VK but Kaname will always be my bias. :P