The MPC Diaries: Seligi Pavillion

♫ 王力宏 - 依然爱你

Note: If you want to read more of my previous posts on the Malaysian Petroleum Club (MPC), they're HERE in my old blog. Also, this is a pic-heavy post. Click on the collages to view larger images. :)

So, two weeks back my dad decided to treat my newlywed cousin and some close relatives to have dinner at the MPC's Chinese restaurant. The last time I was there, I was totally hooked by the cod steamed in soy sauce, so this time I was really looking forward to it, as well as the tasty prawns in oats. :)

Nyehehehe round table photo (but blur pic T_T)
Everything was served on Noritake china. O_o
Clockwise from top left: prawns in oats, stir-fried kai-lan with crispy onion garnishing, steamed cod fish in soy sauce, claypot tofu, crispy boneless chicken in Thai sauce. 

Simple food, buy boy did it taste great! The cod fish was just as delicious as I remembered it, and even though the prawns were smaller, the amount they gave us more than made up for the size. The kai-lan was fresh and crisp, which went really well with the prawns. The chicken was nice and crispy, with the Thai chilli sauce giving it a spicy, tangy flavour, while the tofu was served with a generous amount seafood and gravy.

For dessert we had lotus paste "wo beng" (a type of crispy pastry) as well as sea coconut with longan and a hint of lemon. These two desserts complimented each other perfectly, and made a fitting ending to our lovely dinner.

After dinner, mum and I hung around the lounge area outside the restaurant while dad brought the others to take a look inside the Japanese restaurant. Took some snapshots while sitting around. Did I mention that I really love the night scenery from up here? :D

We went down one floor to the Bayan Bar to sit down and have coffee. Of course, before that, a visit to the luxurious study room. :)

Need directions?
Study room.
The area around the Bayan Bar and Dulang Suite was occupied by another function that evening, so we waited until the guests had mostly dispersed before going in. In the meantime, everybody relaxed in the relative privacy of the study room.

Leftovers from the other function's cocktail party, lol.
Part of the interior of Bayan Bar.
As the name suggests, it's a bar, so technically only those aged 21 years and above are allowed in. Hey, I'm completely legal this year okay? :P

Coffee with a stick (literally!) of sugar.
The coffee came with a cute little sugar stick, where sugar crystals were sort of melted around the base of a wooden stirrer. I think it's pretty cool. This way, the sugar won't make a mess if you accidentally spill it (like if you pour it out of a packet), and you can control how sweet you want your coffee. Not to mention it makes for a really good presentation. :)

That's all for today. Till then, have a good weekend, everyone! ♥


Nava K said...

the fish dish is so tempting and the lotus paste dessert is something I always look forward to at Chinese wedding and dinners.

Isaac Tan said...

hello there! that looks like a really nice dinner you had there!

LauraLeia said...

Nava K: Me too! I love cod but it's expensive, don't have the chance to eat it that often.
Isaac: It was! I feel hungry just looking at the pics and thinking of the food, haha!