Sales Season!

♫ 郭静 - 陪着我的时候想着她

Temptation comes in many forms. This is one of them.

The TANGS Anniversary Sale is from 30th September - 30th October 2011, but cardmembers had a special closed-door preview one day before, with breakfast for the first 100 cardmembers on that day. The Isetan Anniversary Sale is the same, from 7th October (one day for members only) until 20th October 2011.

First, the TANGS sale. To be honest, I'm not so fond of this sale because there are only 2 TANGS outlets in the Klang Valley, and both are pretty small compared to other departmental stores. This time, only the Pavilion outlet was open, due to the unfortunate incident at Empire Gallery. Anyway, we (mum, dad and I) got there really early, so we had free breakfast at Island Cafe *coughnasilemakcough* before starting our shopping. :D

Onitsuka Tiger - Moppet ♥
Sequin red evening clutch (90% off!)
Nerd glasses (yes, kinda pointless, but fun!)
*insert picture of purple dress here*
Also managed to find a nice dress for cuzzie's wedding dinner, and it was 60% (or 70%) off. Sorry for the non-pic, I couldn't find a nice place to take a photo and it looks kinda plain on the rack but pretty nice when worn. :) Mum also got a couple of items there, a wallet for bro and a red handbag for herself.

Next is the Isetan sales. I love Isetan, not only because of the large variety of choices for everything from clothes to food, but also because their sales prices are really awesome. I am still going gaga over the military-style jacket I got from their last sales for RM38; it was 80% off (for members) and it's seriously the coolest thing I have in my closet. So anyway, we went to the Lot 10 outlet on Friday after my lecture. Isetan Lot 10 is my favourite branch because it's the oldest Isetan in KL, it has a really cozy atmosphere the ones in KLCC and Gardens lack (not as shiny bright + spanking new, lol), and best of all, it has the Lot 10 Hutong in the basement, where the best of KL's hawker om noms are gathered. :D

White blouses from Iora (I love this brand!) @ 60% off
Shorts from SEED (70% off)
Hairbands from Isetan Shoten (70% off)
Sanrio Hello Kitty makeup pouch (50% off)
Mum bought a paint-it-yourself painting, lol. Pretty surprised, but I guess it'll help her pass some time. Can't wait to see how the finished work will look like, haha! ;) Also bought half a dozen bottles of fruit juice, couple packets of cheese and oats from the Foodmarket, because those are our staples and they were having some really cheap promos.

Since I'm really on a roll now, let me show you some other items I've been loving recently.

Cute bow ring bought in Sunway Pyramid (RM10)
Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blushes. Aren't they adorable?
These blushes have been tempting me ever since I saw them in Watsons quite a while ago, but they were kinda expensive so I tried very hard to ignore them. Then lately I've been seeing them around the beauty blogs, and my resistance just... melted. AND THEN I saw that they have a 10% discount right now, so I grabbed the peach macaron (PK301) because they didn't have the strawberry macaron (PK303), which is limited edition. I still wasn't satisfied so I emailed Watsons' customer service to ask if any other outlets still had it. Thank goodness it was still available in the Sg Wang branch, so I popped over after the Isetan sales and grabbed it. I'll probably keep the peach macaron for a present or blog swap or something.

So yup, that's about it for today. Hope you liked the pics! >:D


Veronica Foon said...

I love sales! Are they still going on?

LauraLeia said...

Yup! The TANGS one is until 30th and the Isetan is until 20th. :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Woots, nice loots! :D

Unknown said...

10% off? Awesome! I bought the Peach one and the Apricot one a while back. They are just soo cute ;)

Henry Tan said...

90% off? WOW!

LauraLeia said...

Hilda: Yup! :D
Nancy: IKR. Actually when i first saw them I didn't really think about macarons, i just thought they were really cute. XD And even with 10% off they're still pretty expensive. T_T
Henry: Yeah! I can only see this 90% off tag in TANGS, lol.

Anonymous said...

yay cuteness overload!
and 90% discount?? Dang, i never thought 90%discount is possible LOL.. great deal?
I agree 10% discount for majorlica, still quite expensive.. i dont have any majorlica products though =(

Nava Krishnan said...

That red bag is nice, my kind, fantastic for an evening outing.

Looks like you had a great time in retail therapy.

Blur Pei said...

wow.. u got all the good bargains!! *envy envy*

Kelvin said...

Girls have no immunity for the word "sale" XD

Nana Eddy said...

My guilty pleasure is books rather than this (which I will post about soon. But sometimes, I do treat myself to nice things like this too! Yes, temptation IS the right word! hehe

Emeryn said...

wow... such great temptation! at leats also got 50%!!!

LauraLeia said...

Diane: Haha, yeah! Before TANGS I'd never seen 90% discount tags before, haha
Nava K.: Yup. :) But i haven't had the chance to use it yet.
Blur Pei: You have to look out for sales to get these kinda bargains. :D
Kelvin: Umm.. Maybe? XD
Nana: I also love books, but there's not much sales for books around, lol.
Emeryn: Yup. :) I try to look for those with 50% and above.