Review: Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek and Stage Eyeliner

(All items reviewed were purchased using my own money, unless stated otherwise.)

Today I'll be reviewing two items that I've been using on a regular basis for the past couple of weeks. :)

This is the Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blusher in PK303 Strawberry Macaron (7g). This is a limited edition colour for the Puff de Cheek series.

The packaging for this blusher is inspired by macarons, hence the name and cute metal tin.

It comes with a puff applicator with a cute little bow on top, matching the colour of the tin. The puff is very soft and velvety, which makes application a breeze. Just a few pats on your cheek and you'll get a nice dolly pink blush. :)

Swatched on the back of my hand. The swatch on the left was done using a brush, while the one on the right was applied using the puff applicator. See how smooth and even the colour is using the puff? ^^

✓ Pros: Beautiful colour, not shimmery, buildable colour, super kawaii packaging.
✗ Cons: Expensive for drugstore brand, limited edition.

~ ❀~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~

Next is the Stage Cosmetics eyeliner in West End White. I got this during their sales for RM12. The original price is around RM45.

I use this just to line the waterline and tear duct area. This makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and more awake. :D

It is slightly hard and kind of waxy, but this eyeliner definitely has some staying power! It won't budge even if you rub it really hard; you'll have to remove it with makeup remover, preferably an oil-based one. I also have this eyeliner in gold, which I haven't used.

✓ Pros: Great staying power, creamy texture, blendable, nice classy packaging.
✗ Cons: Difficult to remove, texture can be slightly hard and waxy.


Nava K said...

I use the white liner most of the time, it opens my tired looking eyes since I have serious sleeping problem though I have not tried this brand before.

A thin line is the best as a thicker one makes it look so odd, like something too prominent protruding around the eye area.

LauraLeia said...

Yup. :D I always try to blend it after i draw, but this eyeliner can be a bit hard to blend.

little miss smexy said...

NOOO you got it for RM12!?? CHEAP MAX! Haha, man I hate black pencil eyeliner, it smudges so easily, I'll look like a zombie end of the day >.<

LauraLeia said...

Yea, I got it during their crazy clearance sale! I also dislike pencil eyeliners, that's why i've been using liquid pen ones since I started doing makeup. :D