New Template!

Yup, I've just changed the template/layout for my blog here. ^^

I'm kinda sad at seeing the pink background go, but I love this one because it's much wider (so I can post all the photos in all their glory, muahahaha! *cough*) and it has flowers (well, roses to be exact)!

Hope you will like it, and continue supporting my little bloggie!


Nava K said...

nice for a change Laura and you can still change it next time around for another different look.

LauraLeia said...

Thanks, Nava! Yeah, it's much easier to change the Blogger layout now, especially the part to save the widgets. :)

Jothi said...

Nice template Laura, looks very fresh and pastel. I know what you mean about having a wider background, when its too narrow, everything looks so crammed up.