Tying Up My Laces

♫ Shontelle - Say Hello To Goodbye

Or rather, typing up all my lace-related stuff into one post so the pics aren't cluttering up my desktop. *has desktop OCD*

Lately I've been slightly taken over by the lace craze.

Ultra-comfy Uniqlo laced tees.

My DIY black lace bracelet.

 The ALDO lace bracelet I got for a steal!

Well, those are the things I've got in my inventory. 

These here are the lacey things I've been drooling over a while now.

Lace peep-toe pumps.

Lace PG bag from Taiwan.

Honestly though, if I got the heels and the bag and matched them together with my tee and bracelets, that would totally be lace overkill. I still prefer the lacey items to be an accent rather than a theme, don't you think? ;)


chiwayu said...

That is DIY?????!!!!!!!!!!
so pretty OAO!!!!!

LauraLeia said...

I got the tutorial for it a few posts down. :D