Retail Therapy


That's exactly what happened. Retail therapy between final assignments. I swear, communications students in my school are the most relaxed people I've ever had the honour to know.

After having our brains well and thoroughly squeezed dry by the stress of handing in 3 assignments on Friday and the imminent doom of one last research essay on Monday, Ruth (who was staying over at my house) and I went to Pavilion-Fahrenheit88-KLCC to get some retail therapy.  

Didn't really buy anything in Pavilion  except some food to munch on. Window shopped a while around Tangs, then we headed to the entrance to cross the road to Fahrenheit88 - except that we were temporarily distracted by the DC Comics roadshow.

They even changed the carpet to green for The Green Lantern, lol.
Everybody's favourite hero and villian.

Next stop was Uniqlo in Fahrenheit88, where I wanted to get my hands on the limited offer cotton blouse(s). After searching high and low (well, ground and first floor), I finally found them! 

The two (above) I grabbed were the last ones in size S in the pile! :O

I know, I know, I'm still kinda shocked at the sizing. Let's just say that I am a large L I can't fit into a normal size S to save my life in normal situations. Makes me wonder what the S-sizers/petites would wear. XS? XXS? O_o Anyway, I was really delighted to get them, because the lace detail on the bust and sleeves are lovely, the material is super comfortable, and they were only RM24.90 each!

Syiok sendiri pic in the fitting room. Pardon the Hello Kitty censored face.

Ruth managed to haul more than me there. She bought a really cool grey hat with zipper details, sunglasses from Uniqlo and a brown hairband from Muse Accessories. Stopped by Sephora Starhill, picked up the Baviphat lip scrub then put it back again. Decisions, decisions.
We then went back to Pavilion and walked to KLCC. First thing we saw when we emerged from the 'tunnel' - SEPHORA! So damn happy I tell you. I zoomed right in, and the both of us went around testing and criticizing the products there before heading to the cashier with my Baviphat apple lip scrub and our deliciously scented bath cubes.

Sephora's house brand bath & body collection is so colourful, and comes in a variety of heavenly scents!
Sephora is in Malaysia!
Left: Baviphat apple lip scrub; right: Cranberry-Lychee and Chocolate bath cubes.

So after that, we were pretty tired and decided it was time to go home. After retail therapy, we need sleep therapy to recharge for the final assignment of the semester.

Review of the Baviphat apple lip scrub coming up soon! (Psst... I got to know about it from Wileen's blog. She always buys awesome stuff and does great reviews!)


Lim Kai Shin said...

OMG SHEPHORA IS IN M'SIA? I am sooo gonna go there! Thanks for sharing!

LauraLeia said...

Haha, glad to share the news. :) It's been open for about a month now, I think? Have fun in Sephora!

Che-Cheh said...

Just had my retail therapy over the weekend. Nothing beats it. Haha

Good luck on the assignment. After that merdeka?

LauraLeia said...

I know right? Retail therapy soothes my soul XD
Thanks for wishing me luck! I've actually finished my assignments, now fingers crossed that I (at least) pass every subject. :D MERDEKAx7 woohoo~!