A Furry Tale

Alright, I admit I've had my eye on the fox fur tail trend in Japan since last year, but never really wanted to get one of them until today. It's pretty rare to find people sporting the fur tail fashion around here; I only saw it on a young woman's jeans/bag that one time on Christmas Eve in a cafe at Pavilion.

It probably started with Louis Vuitton's 2010 Spring/Summer collection, which featured colourful foxy fur tails on their bags. Then there were the spreads in Japanese magazines which showcased all the different types of accessorizing outfits with the fur tails.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a bunch of these fur tails in a wholesale mall in Klang! The ones sold in Minimaos were RM49 , while those sold in Muse by Alvin Tay (I saw them in Fahrenheit88) retail at RM99. Hmmph, daylight robbery!

My faux fox fur tail.

It measures approximately 30cm and is attached to a gold-tone carbine hook, which makes it easy to transfer to different bags. It's also super soft and fluffy! I don't think I can resist stroking it every few seconds if I hook it to my bag or shorts. >_< I also bought a smaller version (about 12cm) in a black-brown shade. It can double as a bag or handphone accessory, although knowing me, it'll be missing chunks of fur if I hook it to my phone. Better not risk it.

Up next: Charles Worthington launch party.


chiwayu said...

this was a very long ago fashion invented my ayumi though XDXD
pls wear it out when i have the chance to meet u~~~XDXD

LauraLeia said...

Hahahaha, yeah, I read that in one of the sites I looked through. 现在都流行“复古”嘛。 XD
I wear out you dun pull my 'tail' k? LOL