Eye of the Day: Pur-pink!

♫ Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

I've probably been listening to a little too much of Big Bang's new songs, especially Fantastic Baby, which always brings bright vivid colours to mind. I mean, just take a look at their outfits (and GD's hair wtf). Also, I cannot get "boom shakalaka" out of my head.

Music playlist repetition aside, I seriously love the combination of pink and purple. Add to that my current obsession with the various shades of mint/turquoise, and you get this "Eye of the Day" look, which I've named Pur-Pink (I know, not very original, but... meh). :P

I wouldn't dare to wear a combination of such bold colours out in public, so I only experiment with them at home. I usually keep my eyeshadow makeup neutral and toned down, unless it's for special occasions.

The colours I used are all from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette. The eyeshadows are a dream to work with - they're so pigmented and buttery smooth! I was really attracted by the bright pink and purple eyeshadows in the palette at first, but after purchasing it, I found myself using more of the brown and gold shades instead.

Super love the sturdy metal packaging! ♥
Here are the colours I used in this look:

Clockwise from top left: Tainted, Junkshow, Deep End & Omen

With the exception of Blackout, which is matte black, all the other colours in this palette are shimmery. Normally I dislike shimmery/glittery eyeshadows, but these babies are just perfect! They apply with a nice sheen that isn't over-the-top.

A diagram because I'm too lazy to describe it, and I know people would prefer to see pictures. :P That dark purplish line on the upper lash line is actually black eyeliner; I applied the eyeshadows over it, that's why it looks purple. ^^" Hey, it doesn't look that bad, right? :D

The finished look. :)
I've been sporting candy pastel nails for the past few days. The weather has been pretty gloomy lately, so the bright colours always cheer me up.

Oh, and the pair of "kiddy shoes for adults" I've been wanting and then waiting for like forever finally arrived! ("Kiddy shoes" because they're straps instead of laces, lol ~_~) Couldn't decide between blue, green and pink, but in the end I decided that the blue was nicer. Yay for lazy peeps like me who can't be bothered to tie shoelaces. XD


Unknown said...

I love this look...I can't pull off anything pinkish :O(

Those shoes are adorable...I think I want, lol

Charlie said...

love your nails and shoes

caro xin said...

i cnt put on pink colour eye shadow coz my skin tone kinda dark :( but nice on you

Shanny said...

Love those pastel colors on your nails.

Stella Lee said...

omg the colors of your make up and nails are so sweet and perfect for spring!!! thumbs up!

saltvinegar said...

omg your pastel nails are so cute!I never can actually paint smooth pastel nails ever though..

little miss smexy said...

Ahh!! Pretty pretty pretty!!!!!!! :P

FiSh said...

purple and pink :) love it during a bright day!

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LauraLeia said...

Jenna: Thanks dear! :) I think it's pretty hard to find (adult) shoes with straps these days, such a pity. >_<

Nath: Thank you~ ^^

caro: Hehe, thank you! :) I think anybody can rock pink, just depends on the type of pink, lol

Shanny: Thanks! Pastels are totally in right now, since it's spring/summer. XD

stella: Thanks! I've visited your blog quite a number of times, and I always think you're so pretty~ ^^

saltvinegar: Thank you~ :D Practice makes perfect, i guess? And they're not actually as smooth as they look, haha!

Nicole: Arigatou nicole-chan~! ^_^

FiSh: Hehe, they're such cheerful colours aye? :)

Phuong said...

beautiful eye make-up!

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Joey said...

The pink is bright, but I like it. Gives your eyes a pop of colour. I LOVE your nails! So prettyyy. I like to paint each nail a different pastel colour, too

LauraLeia said...

Phuong: Thank you :)

Joey: Spring and summer is definitely the season for lots of colour! :D Thanks for the compliment~ ^^

Merryn said...

Ooo LOVE the eyes and the nails!

LauraLeia said...

Thank you, Merryn! :)

Taufulou said...

i have always love adidas shoes in straps..just that don have my size..i have big feet. . .:(

Charmaine Pua said...

The colors look awesome on you!
I don't dare to try it on me though LOL

LauraLeia said...

Taufulou: It's really super hard to find strap shoes that aren't school shoes these days! :( Good luck finding your perfect pair; I'm sure you can find them someday, haha~ Thanks for dropping by!

Charmaine: Thank you~ ^^ I also don't dare to wear such bright colours out leh! XD