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♫ GD & TOP - Baby Good Night

I feel like I haven't posted anything new lately, and I'm super lazy to type a lot, so I guess I'll just let my photos and captions do the talking. All these are from my 1st July weekend with high school friends. ♥

Highlight was definitely the Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 Preview held at Taylors' Lakeside campus.

Karaoke with WH at RedBox Sunway before going for the concert.
Open air stage next to the lake.
Tickets included snacks + a drink.
Sausage in pastry, french fries and iced peach tea.
Opening performance by Taylors Symphony Orchestra.
Intermission: Sakae Sushi mini dance contest. The frog mascot is so cute!
Followed by Paddy Keenan (guy in the middle) from Ireland.
The evening ended with the Victor Valdez Trio of Mexico.
The best performance was definitely the last one. These guys just had so much energy, and the music they played was so lively! This is the first time we've seen a real mariachi band. =) They came complete with sombreros. Must've been really hot in those outfits, but they really wow-ed the crowd.

The lifts at Viva Home are good for photos. :P

We woke up around noon the next day and then went for brunch. Lazed around until quite late then went to Viva Home, then had dinner at Sakae Sushi. The dinner was.... gross. After that we went to Look Out Point to enjoy the scenery. :P

KL city spread out before us.
Found a small ladder to use as a camera stand, lol
I spent one more night at WH's house before going home the next day. Her dad treated my parents and I to dim sum when they came to fetch me. Thank you, uncle! :)

These arrived on Monday. I had been expecting them since Friday when the seller informed me they had arrived and sent out.

Color Club Wicked Sweet collection and China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat.


hasmardy said...

nice template...

Nava K said...

You sure must have had a great time. I went for one some time back at Miri.

LauraLeia said...

Really?! That must've been a great experience. My friends tell me the one in East Malaysia is amazing; 3 whole days of fun and music! (The real Rainforest World Music Festival, i mean.) Hehe~ ^^

Jothi said...

Yup your friends are right, I went for it a few years ago....awesome :) You should go! Usually held around July I think...

✿Rox✿ said...

How's that nail product?
Are they nice??

LauraLeia said...

The brights are from Color Club's Wicked Sweet Summer 2011 collection. :) They're a bright neon colour so they're pretty darn bright, haha! The colours are okay, but the solution is kinda watery though, so you'll need about 3 coats to eliminate VNL. I dislike the brushes though; they're too slim. >< I also use the matte topcoat to make them less bright. :)