I Caught A Lightning Bolt!

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I wanted to put "Pottermania" as my post title, but then I decided I want to use it for my real, honest-to-goodness, all about Harry Potter blog post. It'll be up after 1) I've watched the movie and 2) taken inventory of the insane amount (to me, anyway) of stuff I have which are related to The Boy Who Lived.

So basically this is just a shopping item post. lol *is whacked because of unrelated blog post title* It's true, though. Kinda. I mean, I did manage to 'catch' a lightning bolt while shopping today. :P

See, see! I wasn't kidding when I said I 'caught' a lightning bolt!

I got this long necklace with a lightning bolt pendant at Metrojaya, The Curve for only RM5! It was the last one hanging on the display, so I grabbed it quick. Even though it was a teeny bit tarnished, I figured I could go home and clean it up. Viola! It's now bright and shiny. Although I'm kinda baffled at the small little Vivienne Westwood-ish charm hanging next to the lightning bolt. O_o

Photo of an original Vivienne Westwood logo pendant. See what I mean?
Besides the lightning bolt necklace, I also got a double-chain long necklace with cute little bow pendants.

Both necklaces at RM5 each.
Both the necklaces are from Ruscoe & Co. and priced at RM5 each. They also have many other types of long necklaces priced at RM5 on the two displays, as well as pretty earrings, beads-and-lace scrunchies, bracelets, bangles and much more ranging from RM5 to RM 20 (those on sale, I mean).

Of course, for me, a trip to The Curve/Ikano/IKEA is never complete without a trip to Daiso! :) I dislike going there on weekends though; it's way too crowded and stupid parents people tend to push their baby strollers into the store, making it even more congested. Don't get me started about the sheer amount of kids running around everywhere. So glaringly obvious that I am not a kid-loving person lllorz

The actual colours look much sweeter, and you can see the shiny gold thread(s) in it!

This is like the cutest bow hair tie ever! I don't normally tie my hair into a ponytail, so I intend to wear it as a bracelet, lol.

In conclusion. XD

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