Polishing Up The Collection

Color Club Wicked Sweet collection + China Glaze matte topcoat

I've been letting my nails have a breather since last night, so today I decided to clean up my nail polish collection. I'm a major nail polish junkie so I have dozens of nail polish, along with nail art stickers and some other miscellaneous nail art-related items. 

This is what it looked like when I dumped everything on the floor. (Of course I had to put newspaper in case of any accidental spillage.) I knew my nail polish collection wasn't small, but never realized it was quite this scary. -_-"

Armed with a damp cloth, a dry rag, a bottle of nail polish remover and several transparent storage boxes, I went to work. The aforementioned 'work' includes:
  • Wiping the storage boxes clean.
  • Wiping all the bottles clean.
  • Arranging nail polish according to brand and height.
  • Cleaning the ones with nail polish crusted at the top using the dry rag and nail polish remover.
  • Adding thinner to the ones with thicker consistency.
  • Sorting out the ones I wanna keep or throw.
I threw away the oldest ones from my collection. Some of them had been around since 2007 (I think), would you believe it?! I have HOARDER written all over my forehead.

Saying goodbye to these.
Everything nice and tidy! :)
It feels so nice to see everything arranged all neat and tidy in the boxes. Also makes it easier for me to pick and store them before and after I paint my nails. :) At least I feel that I've accomplished something today! Now I just need to clear out my wardrobe..... *gulp*

(Click for larger image)


Kiki's Land said...

wow....a huge collection of nails colour...btw..i like your nail color

LauraLeia said...

Thanks, kiki. :) I love the colours too, but sometimes it can be quite distracting, lol.

little miss smexy said...

zomg, my mom would kill me if I have lots of nail polishes. LOL... she hates the smell. ANyway, where did you get China Glaze?????

LauraLeia said...

I got the China Glaze and Color Club from a nail polish spree. :D Have to wait a few weeks to a month, but quite worth it if you can wait.

pinky_liscious said...

nice 1.... :)

Anonymous said...

wow that's a lot. thanks for dropping by my blog. don't forget to follow! and definitely follow you back if you want to..

LauraLeia said...

Thanks for dropping by! :) I've been following your blog for a while now, love your reviews, hehe~

Anonymous said...

Thank you! i just followed you! keep in touch deary! Tune in.. for my upcoming giveaway! you will love it.

Jothi said...

I used to be quite the nail polish junkie during my college days. Looking at your collection is an inspiration for me to start again! Especially love the first pic on your post, used to love doing my nails like that.

LauraLeia said...

Really? That's good to know! XD

Liz said...

WHOA. That is a HUGE collection! xD I should show my boyfriend the pictures of your nail polish collection and maybe he'll shut up about mine! :P *teehee* Anyway, all the best with your wardrobe clean-up! It usually sounds scarier than it is. Once you get started, it'll be fineeeeee :D

LauraLeia said...

Hahaha, thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, you should show him, then you can use it as an excuse to buy more. :P

a said...

Whoaaa! That's an impressive collection of nail polish! I don't even have one! I'll start buying though, my nails are so boring, hehehe. Takes a lot of discipline to do such a major clean up! Good girl :'D

LauraLeia said...

It was necessary! lol
I started out with safe colours like pale pink and clear glitter. :D Now i like bright bold colours, hehe

Anonymous said...

OMG! you nails look awesome! What colors are that?????

LauraLeia said...

They're my Color Club collection! :)

Pink: Raspberry Rush
Blue: Wicked Sweet
Orange: I Always Get My Man-darin
Green: The Lime Starts Here
Purple: Gimme A Grape Big Kiss

All covered in a top coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. :D

Saw them from here (http://www.scrangie.com/2011/04/color-club-wicked-sweet-collection.html) and i just HAD to get my hands on them!