What Time Is It?

"Hey. It's 9.23 p.m. where I am now. What time is it for you over there?"

Do you ever wonder if there's a person out there, somewhere in the world, who is doing the same thing as you, thinking similar thoughts, right at that very moment?

Maybe I have too much time to think idle thoughts. Perhaps I feel bored without having anything to focus on, be it an activity, problem or rhetorical question. Most likely it's because I lack the capacity to get riled-up over an issue for long, at which point I go back to scrolling endlessly through my news feed and bookmarks looking for new things to catch my interest.

I don't hate; I seldom love. If I do, then please, take it as a compliment. Being a silent spectator is my forte; it doesn't mean I am snobbish or not paying attention. I am simply too shy to speak out, or waiting for my turn to talk. If you want to steal the show, go ahead, I won't stop you. I will forgive, but I don't often forget.

All that sounds so morbid, doesn't it? I hope you understand that there's also a lighter side to me. Laughter is my best friend. They tell me I have a weird sense of humour, although I don't think it's particularly weird. It's not hard to make me smile, or laugh. Pull out all the stops when telling a joke or funny story, and I guarantee you'll have (one of) the best audience in me. Pardon me if my funny bone is hot-wired to my sarcasm glands. I do try to reduce the dosage when actually talking to people.

I have a weak spot for cute stuff, although 'cute' is subjective. I love pink, but I wear black and white. I dislike most stuffed toys, but more than half a dozen share my single bed. Mary, Mary, Laura, Laura, quite contrary, where did your train of thought go?

Lost, that's where. In the middle of Nowhere.


Ken Wooi said...

i wish i can write as good as you.. haha.. anyway, yeah - laughter is fun :)

LauraLeia said...

Thanks ken. Trying to get back my writing mojo. :D

chiwayu said...

I like the way u mention about urself, duno how to describe it but feel very nice n true XD

LauraLeia said...

Thanks wayu~~ ^♥^ I try to make it sound more interesting, lol