Bliss Magazine UK (July 2011) GWP

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Bliss UK, July 2011 issue

I picked up the July issue of Bliss magazine (UK) when I was in Popular last Friday. I have to admit, I do enjoy browsing the "teen" foreign magazine section whenever I'm in Popular, MPH or Kinokuniya in the hopes of stumbling across some magazines with nice GWPs. Although not as nice as those in the Japanese magazines, some of them do come with some fun cosmetic items. Bliss magazine costs RM9.90 in Popular bookstores and the July issue comes with an eyes/lips colour palette.

The palette comes in 3 different style sets for summer:  
Beach Babe, Fashionista and English Rose

It came with a very flimsy brush which I threw away.
This shows the lipgloss colour in their pans more clearly.
Swatch done according to their places in the palette.
My favourites have got to be the dark red lip gloss (top row right) and the purple eyeshadow (bottom row middle). The Beach Babe combo does not show up at all on my skin. Yellow/gold-toned colours do not suit me at all. :(

All the lipglosses have some slight glitter in them and are very sheer, while the eyeshadows are shimmery. Of course, the Fashionista set is the one I love the most. :D


Nava K said...

Lovely color options available although not all will suit me.

LauraLeia said...

Yup. But I think at least there will be one set that will suit your skin tone, out of the three. :)

Anonymous said...

wuargh!!! I want that magazine!!! Why local mags only have shampoo, mouth gargle and kotex as free gift :(

LauraLeia said...

Yeah, our local mags GWP are so lame. >< And those with good stuff are limited to n number of customers only on first come first serve basis. :(

nicccchang said...

Omg! i want that too! the eyeshadow! :-/

LauraLeia said...

I saw a few copies left in Sunway Pyramid's Popular bookstore. :D