Timetable Tizzy

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Ah, the famous Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. So pretty, right?

Well, don't judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, a university by its freaking large campus (lake, hotel and commercial block included). If you live in the Klang Valley and haven't heard of it, I applaud you. It means you've really managed to evade the clutches of all known media in Malaysia.

By night.
Today marks the end of the second week of this semester, and the timetable for our course (and presumably the other Communications courses as well) is still in a major mess. We've had at least 4  revisions of the general timetable and it's still not finalized yet. Classroom clashes, grouping woes, confusing personal timetables and all-round chaos thanks to the fucked up schedule has been getting on everybody's nerves the past couple of weeks. Remember the 7-hour break I mentioned before? That's just the beginning of our long-standing frustration with the school and its administration troubles.

The only other thing worth mentioning about this place - besides the glaringly obvious lake - is the library. It's a nice place to chill, read books and hang out with your laptop, if you don't mind the subzero temperature inside. The only problem is finding one of the many elusive plug points during lunch hour, half of which are faulty and might electrocute anybody trying to plug in their electronic device. =/

Also, we have a cozy little sound recording studio. It's even more fun to hang out inside here, because it's private and soundproof and you can blast "Like A G6" however loud you want and have a party inside. Unfortunately, access to this room is quite strict, so if you haven't gotten a lecturer's permission or valid reason to use it, NO ENTRY, sorry.

Chatime @ Taylor's
The best thing that happened to the commercial block (a.k.a. Syops @ The Boardwalk) is the opening of Chatime. If you've been there, you're probably saying "But what about all those restaurants there?!". Let's just say that I've almost resorted to having a basket of potato wedges (RM4.20 w/ tax) for lunch because it's one of  the cheapest items there.

I'll be a nice person and break it down for you. Dear potential future students, if you're considering taking business or communications courses, by all means, JOIN US. See how effective their advertising is and how much business they're raking in. If you're interested in culinary arts, please take a look too. There are at least 4 restaurants operated by the university itself. Other courses... well, may the Force (and finance) be with you.

Okay, end of rant. Time to sleep.


 Sneak peek!
Stay tuned to catch these 2 cuties in my upcoming posts. :)


Jothi said...

Been there, went thru that! That's the thing with all these colleges, they lure you in with all the nice ads and professional counselors. Once there it's a bit like Hotel California. Cos not many of us want to switch colleges halfway.

Unknown said...

i jz went there last week for the industrial training day, it's a nice campus and I had the best experience in Old Town where they had the best service and the most efficient of all!

LauraLeia said...

Jothi: Exactly! Unless they closed down the course, then no choice.
Kelly: Hmm... The Old Town is okay, I guess. However, I still find the food isn't as tasty as their mall counterparts. The campus is nice, of course, they made it that way. XD Can't say the same for administration though.