Tokyo Street & Neway CEO

♫ I.M.C. - 星の在処

Once again, I'm on a 7-hour break between classes on Monday. Taylor's, if you're seeing this, I (and the rest of my coursemates) am saying this is absolutely ridiculous!

That aside, since there's nothing much to do, I shall blog about the usual mundane stuff I did over the weekend. Well, Saturday, to be exact. Which basically consists of walking around the newly-opened Tokyo Street in Pavilion KL and hanging out in the super blinged-out Neway CEO karaoke lounge.

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL (Level 6)

It's a pretty cute place, with stereotypical Japanese style mini shops and decorations. One side consists of all the food and beverage outlets, while the rest is a mix of snacks, beauty and miscellaneous shops. The end of the 'street' is dominated by a huge Daiso. Which isn't large at all when you walk into it. -__-"

Bumped into some friends there! :)
Cafe Takahashi - one of the Japanese style cafes in Tokyo Street.
I was the first to arrive, so I was walking around when I bumped into Yee Ching and her sister, who were meeting up with Yvonne. Decided to have a bite with them first, since the others were going to be late. I ordered a banana chocolate parfait because we were supposed to meet up for lunch later.

Oyaki by The Loaf
I'd heard about the oyaki sold in Tokyo Street, so I bought some back to eat. They were having a promo, 6 for the price of 5. Oyaki is essentially a Japanese dumpling made from fermented buckwheat dough wrapped around a stuffing of Japanese vegetables, fruit, or anko bean paste and then roasted on an iron pan. (Sorry, I got that from Wikipedia. XD)

Then we (this time meaning WH, Carina and I) walked over to Neway CEO which was located opposite in Fahrenheit88. Supposed to have more people joining us but they FFK us couldn't make it, so the 3 of us went ahead and used the RM50 cash voucher. :P

Lobby of Neway CEO.
I was almost blinded when I stepped out of the lift. The lobby itself was just... bling. Bling everywhere. Glittery floor, reflective walls, huge glittery chandeliers, bling decorations... This place could put those sparkly vampires to shame. Well, it's supposed to be fancy, hence the name, lol.

Very bling yet very TRON at the same time. O__o
Freaking huge party room.
So while waiting for our room to be cleaned prepared, they gave us this room as a waiting room of sorts. It's one of the super big rooms meant for big parties, and the inside was super plush! See that humongous chandelier and the velvet sofa? O__O

Our box room. Why do I keep seeing TRON references here...
Our room was tiny in comparison, lol. We took the tea-time buffet session which is one drink each + buffet, so there was lots of food. Looked more like lunch to me. The food was quite good, and there was a large selection, from salads, mains, cold dishes and dessert. 3pm to 7pm, enough for us to eat for 1 hour+ and sing to our heart's content.

Teresa Teng song. Our parents would be so proud. :P
Would I go back there for another k-session? Absolutely! It's more expensive than the normal Neway or RedBox rates, but with such a buffet spread and awesome decor, it's definitely worth the price.


Nava K said...

wow, what a great experience it must been.

Ken Wooi said...

shall visit tokyo street one day :)

a said...

Wooow. That looks extremely classy and SO fun! I wish we had places like that in Norway! I've always wanted to go to karaoke but I don't know of any places.. Seems like you had a pretty good time!

LauraLeia said...

Nava.K: Yup, it was fun! :)
ken: It's one of the new hotspots for DSLR shooters. XD They're having lots of opening promos, you should def go and check the place out. :D
Ceci: Do you have any karaoke places in Norway? It's quite fun, but it can be pretty embarrassing when you sing out of tune in front of people, lol

Nikel Khor said...

This one look very nice..