Burnetie Hot Pink Spiked Sneakers

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Okay, so the actual 'full' name of these amazeballs sneakers is Burnetie Ox 'Born To Be Bold' in Pink. I saw them on MySale one night, and it was practically love at first sight. Pink, leather and studs? Come to me, baby! Ψ(`▽´)♡
Pics from MySale
Pics from MySale
I had a hard time choosing between pink, purple, white and black, but in the end I chose pink because it's my favourite colour. (。◕‿◕。) I was hoping for them to arrive before my Singapore trip, but since it had to be shipped from the USA, I figured it wouldn't arrive in time. As my luck would have it, they were delivered to my doorstep the day after I returned from SG. ( ̄~ ̄;)

The first thing I noticed (besides the lack of a box) was that the shoelaces were pink instead of white. Sure, they matched the colour of the sneakers perfectly, but somehow it just didn't look right. Other than that, the shoes were exactly the same as illustrated and described.

Love the spiky studs!
The leather felt sturdy yet soft, and the spikes were firmly attached to the shoes, so I'm not worried about them falling off. The shoes were slightly heavy due to the rubber soles, but that's to be expected. According to the tags (and the Burnetie site), the soles are made from pre-consumer recycled rubber.

Eco friendly
Anyway, I didn't like the pink shoelaces at all, so I bought some white ones from Bata. Then I went to Daiso and saw these super awesome pastel rainbow laces, so I bought those too. Guess which one I ended up using?
See the difference a shoelace makes :3
The pastel rainbow ones, of course! (Also because the Bata ones were slightly too short fml)

Now these are officially the most perfect pair of sneakers for me (for now). This is basically me in footwear form: pink, spikes and pastel rainbow. (◡‿◡✿)

Can't wait to wear them out this weekend! Should I do an OOTD post with them? Let me know in the comments! (≧∇≦)


lashesandstrokes said...

HAHAHA! You so cute lah xD
I can imagine your excitement when you blogged about this. NAIS SHOES!
I can't wait to get my hands on a forest green/burgundy with gold spikes/studs ahoes :3

LauraLeia said...

Sarah: HAHAHA indeed! I think you're the only person who can understand my love for these shoes lmao. Hope you'll find your dream pair soon. Or maybe you can DIY them yourself! XD

Nicole Yie said...

OMG so nice! And I love the rainbow coloured lace soooo much!!! Gonna get myself one soon ;D

1 said...

Nice shoes! They look like they'll walk with you for a long time~

Rikajue said...

Great shoes! And you make it look better with those rainbow coloured lace.

Jane Fong said...

Wow, nice sneakers! I love them at first sight too :D Not to forget, the rainbow lace very cute too >u<
Btw, I just followed your blog! :D


Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

Pink is still the nicest colour out of the 3 colour.. Nice choice girl.. Remember to show us an ootd of it as well Kay

Xue Ren said...

omg pink studded sneakers!!! so striking and neon!! love it! :D